Borat 2 Movie (2020)

WOW, I was completely shocked at the reviews of this movie. Sometimes if a movie has a big impact on me I will take some time before I actually type my review up to see others opinions of it. I may even watch or read other reviews online , and see interviews from directors and […]

The Devils Double Movie (2011)

I have seen this movie years ago but at that time I didn’t have this blog site-thing so I wanted to re-watch it and cover a brief analysis of the film as well as a light touch up on my opinion of Saddam Hussein himself. Well, if this movie cover doesn’t simply entice you already, […]

Thought of the day 10/10/2020

So I was reflecting on a story from back in the day and I think for some people certain music or songs prompt old memories and I had just one of those. So basically I heard this song come on and I had one of those flashback memories like a movie where someone goes through […]

Advantageous Movie (2015)

What a trippy sci fi movie. This one is a deep story about a woman who will do anything to give her daughter the best life which includes financial security. Basically even if it could also be a 50/50 for disaster . She takes the risk. Although you hear the mother give some really solid […]

Goodbye to Facebook 1/31/2008 – 9/5/2020

Don’t let the above picture fool you, this is a blog entry of semi mourning the death. My dead Facebook account that is! I have been to several funerals in my life and when I just typed that I thought of how sometimes people would wear T-Shirts to memorialize the fallen around the time someone […]

#Alive Movie (2020)

Great Zombie flick for those like myself that love a good zombie movie whether good or bad they are still fun to watch. I should really review all my favorite Zombie films but this one is right at the top. It’s crazy because it’s entrance into the Zombie world was so epic and realistic that […]

Hardcore Henry Movie (2015)

This movie is such a brave perspective on an action / love drama that is shot in a first person shooter video gamer camera angle. So one might think this movie would have the cheesy game scenes.. but oh you would be very very wrong. This movie is one of the goriest realistic shooter fighter […]

Seoul Searching Movie (2015)

This is an instant 1980’s classic remake of an actual true story of one summer at this camp. The twist is that it takes place in Korea sometime after the Korean War which separated the youth loosing much culture and knowledge about their home land. The narrative in the start of the film describes the […]

Thought of the day 8/29/2020

Love is the strangest feeling known to humans. Al Green knew a thing or two about love and he said “Love will make you come home early or stay out all night long” and it’s 100% true. Love can make you the best person in the world or the worst human to ever hoover across […]

Safety Not Guaranteed Movie (2012)

What a cool fuck’n fictional movie of time travel. This movie is for fun, some comedy and romance and a few tech moments to keep your brain energized. Filmed in Seattle or at least the stories origination is in Seattle. This was a close look at a different Style of stories about some journalists covering […]