Archive Movie (2020)

I think this is the best “Artificial Intelligence” Sci-Fi movie I have ever seen so far. This blends into the AI so real and close to true human intelligence that not only do you see every real human emotion, such as fear, pain, and happiness, love and compassion. You also see the AI become fully […]

The Merchant of Death 3/6/2008

Normally this story could be the making of another film or continuation of the already classic movie “Lord of War” played by Nicolas Cage which was an in fact true story loosely based off the life of Viktor Bout, a Notorious Arms Dealer that spanned a timeline in arms trade through the late 1980s past the […]

Thought of the day 6/10/2020

you ever think about the government and humans as really only simplified to pimps and hoes? See, a pimp will beat a chick with a coat hanger and run her a bath right after to keep the balance on the jaded soul. She will become comforted and rely on this pimp and he will even […]

Technology & Singularity Thought of the Day 5/18/2020

Singularity defined as; ” The technological singularity—also, simply, the singularity—is a hypothetical point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization “. We all know how mathematics are can be a formula with an absolute one answer in which we respect. Science involves plenty of math and physics. […]

Mohawk Movie (2017)

What an intense horror film with just the right touch of drama to remind you there is a message in this. Mohawk is based around the War of 1812 involving countries such as french, United Kingdom, The United States, In the midst of all of this madness the Native America tribes such as “Mohawks” are […]

The Anarchist Cookbook (1971)

This book was published in 1971 and comprised of the viewpoints of a Teenager named William Powell. There is a documentary I recently watched on the book that was released in 2016 where Powell shows much remorse of the books creation as well as documented attempts to take it off the bookshelves across the world […]

Encino Man Movie (1992)

I grew up mimicking (in good fun) the “Weasel” as Pauly Shore did in this movie which his role set the pace for how he would always be remembered when hearing his name to this day. I recently re-watched this movie to get the nostalgia vibe back of a childhood movie. I saw so many […]

Battle In Seattle Movie (2008)

So I originally had been meaning to see this mostly because I remember this event in Seattle history very vividly with a dual purpose of watching it for it’s message and being from Seattle, WA myself. This video has some fiction added to it but mixed in with real actual protest events. They include actual […]

Eye for an Eye Movie (2019)

This is a very interesting movie. It’s dubbed so it’s best to leave out the subtitles since they don’t always match up with every word. What a fucked up tale of revenge that makes you almost wish the bad guy could get kill good guy. It gets confusing because a man who feels betrayed by […]

Thought of the day 3/27/20

Currently as of the above date we are on official lock-down for a couple weeks in a supposed effort to stop the spread of a deadly Corona virus that has claimed many lives of which people we don’t deserve to know who they are. The president himself hasn’t even been tested for this virus but […]