Thought of the day 3/27/20

Currently as of the above date we are on official lock-down for a couple weeks in a supposed effort to stop the spread of a deadly Corona virus that has claimed many lives of which people we don’t deserve to know who they are. The president himself hasn’t even been tested for this virus but […]

The Occupant Movie (2020)

Since we are all restricted to our homes for COVID19 I thought I would check this one out even despite the fact that it’s a dubbed film. Original filmed in Spanish so my advice is to not pay attention to the subtitles because it’s off on what the character actually says as well as what […]

Coronavirus COVID-19 (2020)

I would like to first apologize for not wanting to apologize if anyone was affected by this virus as it was your decision to remain quiet if you knew someone who personally died from this. So this shit is so fucking out there that just when you thought our country was dumb enough to elect […]

TroyBoi Live @Ministry of Sound 2/9/20

What an amazing trip to see this DJ. This venue was located in the United Kingdom and specifically in London. It took a 9hr flight to make it there and the flight was a breeze. This was my first trip to this magnitude and first ever time in London. I went with 2 friends and […]

Lane 8 Live @Showbox Sodo 2/21/20

Showbox Sodo is a great venue for electronic larger shows like this. Easy location to get to in Seattle with a small dive bar across the street to pre game before shows. This specific show had a line about a block long from the many people who wanted to see it. I was invited to […]

What Happened To Monday Movie (2017)

What an interesting Sci-Fi experience. So the plot is about a set of septuplets which consists of 7 identical sisters that were born in a world that outlaws any siblings. The reason for that is in this movie at the year 2043 the population is out of control and the food is diminishing. So in […]

Polar Movie (2019)

As most movie enthusiasts know, Siskel and Ebert are known as the holy grail of movie reviews. Well this particular film has many bad reviews everywhere including by the remaining critic Mr. Ebert. RIP to Siskle. Anyway so I think it’s only fair I send a RIP also to Ebert’s review on this film. I […]

Uncut Gems Movie (2019)

This fucking movie sucks balls! I would rather jump into a high velocity wood chipper! twice! Before ever sitting through this much of worthless movements on screen mixed with Adam Sandler’s semi Bob Cat with a hint of dirty old man rasp for 2hr and 15 miserable minutes ever again. There! , Now that I […]

Thought of the day 12/20/19

I watched a movie the other day that reminded of the freedoms of being young. I had this overwhelming sadness that came over me. Questions like, did I make the right choices, did I choose the right paths or would I change things if I had the chance to go back. I imagined running through […]