Blind Fury Movie (1990)

When I first watched this movie back in the late 1990s I didn’t really grasp the concept and thought it was just an entertaining guy with a sword cutting people up while being blind. Now I watch it again and see the hidden gem it is. One of the scariest things in life would be to lose your eye sight. Your hearing, your speech and your limbs are all very important but if you lose your ability to see you are forced to rely on every other sense to survive. This is true for this Vietnam War Veteran who loses his eye sight during war and wanders into a Vietnamese camp assumed to have been dead but where he learns the ways of the sword. I think one of the cool parts of this movie is how so many people try to take advantage of him for being blind yet he out smarts them with patience and attention to detail. This is an old early 90’s movie so you spot some cool vintage attire as well as cool pre-ban guns throughout the action scenes. I think the story is moving and you still have some good surprise scenes for how old it is with oddly relevant situations. Great throw back Reno Nevada scenes to see and the character build up doesn’t disappoint at all for the action scenes delivered.

The Good Son Movie (1993)

This movie was released after Culkin already did Home Alone 1 and 2 thus framing him as the nice kid growing up in a big family with clever skills to avoid burglars. However the Good Son is a story entirely different than Home Alone. Macaulay Culkin was also born into a large family in real life and supposedly had some rough patches. I think The Good Son shows an alter ego of who this kid could have been OR what he was feeling inside. Without going deep into that topic the reason to watch this movie besides that it was a classic about a young sociopath who has the entire cast fooled except Elijah Wood who was suppose to stay with Culkin during his Dad’s business trip. Some critics felt Culkin couldn’t pull off this role and wasn’t believable. I disagree. One of the scenes that is among favorites is when Culkin surprises Wood with his actions, then he turns to Wood and says how he came across a revelation that he could do anything he wants in life and he could even fly if wanted, he looks sternly into Wood’s eyes and says “Don’t be afraid to fly” as wood just stares back scared as fuck. Some of the moments captured make us all wonder what we would do in these situations or if we put into a situation where we had to make tough choices. Watch the movie and you will see what I mean. It’s a great story that has very few slow parts in it and you see what early signs of what a sociopath looks like. You watch it thinking how could a kid do any of these things living with such a good and loving family. Yet as the pain gets revealed you can see how easily young kids are impressionable with thoughts that they don’t know how to express. What’s worse is when those kids are too smart for their own good and rather use those revelations for bad. The Good Son stars Macaulay Culkin with a smaller role of Quinn Culkin (his real sister) playing his sister in the movie. Culkin comes from a family of actors but none of them ever gained the notoriety he did in the business. This is a look at Culkin in the only time he played a character like this during an era when Home Alone casted such a shadow that it didn’t get the exposure it deserved.

My ” Skoob Tube ” Available on PODCAST apps Now; Spotify, Apple , Buzzsprout, etc (2021)

I have been doing this blogging thing for a couple years now aka not very long but I guess I enjoy opening up to the internet personally to the anonymously. I use to make tape recorded skits with my buddies way before even the rich kids had video recorders. Basically just recording quotes from movies that we thought were funny. Back then even if you had the dough for a video recorder how the hell could you do more than record and maybe watch the video playback on the main tube TV in the living room? Once the world allowed more advanced video formatting tools making videos to be sent and saved across any device it was a game changer for theatrical videos. Soon the editing tools to the every day consumer could be within anyone with a cellular phone. I am no expert in video editing than I am in blogging but I think it’s a fun outlet of expressing yourself. So this post is about my new Podcast I uploaded recently which will be part of a series each week. So far the podcast is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, BuzzSprout, Deezer, and other various podcast listening apps. I will change the episode topic at random for whatever I feel but it will have some general episode outlines of; All things West Seattle, Wholesale Real Estate and Sales strategies, hobbies like Cars & motorcycles, music, movies and local events, and of course some politics, opinions and general freedom of speech. I included my Trailer to the podcast for you to see here in case you wanted to subscribe to my YouTube Channel where all the video action happens. Probably because I am sort of going for that Howard Stern, Meets Joe Rogen Meets Video Killed the Radio star with a strong sprinkle of Rage Against the Machine inspiration. Hope you check it out and have some fun with me.

Trypanophobia / Fear of Needles & Angiolipoma (2021)

If you are like me, this picture makes you uneasy even despite the cartoon esq form of the death poke device you see. Just kidding but I have what Harborview Medical calls “The most intense needle phobia they have ever seen” -2004. Since then I slowly tried to get over my fear but when do humans really need their blood drawn? Usually it’s never but on top of that, “they” claim to be sending rovers to Mars but we still haven’t figured out a less sneaky pokey way of getting your blood for related symptoms in healthcare. As of now you need to do blood work for most things medical and a needle seems to be here to stay for now. I have always been very afraid of needles, partly because my Father was but also my own developed fear of not wanting to be poked or inserted into like that. Like all fears they just fester when they go unattended or confronted. I had no choice but to go under the needle recently and what I have noticed is that if you can find someone you feel comfortable with it makes worlds of difference. I really just encourage you to explain your complete situation without any fear of embarrassment. For me I don’t like to hold my arms out straight, I hate thinking of the vein punctured and typing that makes me squirm and lose composure just thinking of it. So if your fear is as intense or close to mine, here are a couple things I have done. Once you really connect with someone they always can work with you and your fear because sometimes going under the needle means life or death so don’t ignore it please. For standard blood draws I had been going to the Indian Health Board in Seattle, WA to se Mary-Jane who I trust with everything needles but that doesn’t mean she will be there for surgeries. The technique she first used with me was sitting in a position in front of me in sort of a tandem approach and the best way she could access was with me behind her and my arm wrapped in front. Sort of like we were spooning without touching at all as I was slightly to her corner to reach my arm around. This blocked my vision of what was going on and enabled her to hold me still for a moment so I stopped flexing and relaxed. I told her to put the baby gloves on (meaning be nice) but also take control as needed, which is a balance. I stared at her eyes as she swabbed the area to clean, which is the indication it’s “go time” soon. As I started to freak out she calmed me by asking what I was going to do for the weekend which I explained but in a panic I just asked her if she had green eyes which she did. I told her around 2% of the worlds population have green eyes and they are cool because they change color. She says, oh well I did not know that in sort of way that sounded impressed but how you would tell a small child. Then she says “you’re all done” and I gasped for air from tensing up and hugged her immediately with relief. I told her she saved my life and I couldn’t remember the last time I ever let anyone near my arm with a needle like that. Even though it was all in my head we went on to future visits to be slightly more comfortable and I could sit in the chair like normal the next times which was a huge step for me. Flash forward I have been living with what’s called a Angiolipoma which is a rare fucking annoying little fatty tissue wrapped in nerves that sits under your skin in either the arm or in my case the lower back which apparently is more of a rare location. It’s benign and won’t kill you but feels like someone poking you with a thumb tac if anything touches it or anything comes in contact with it. Just imagine all the times your lower back could come into contact with something like that just siting down. 2021 I made the decision to rip this annoying painful button out of my lower back just above my crack to the left side. I looked online and apparently Angiolipoma is semi rare but even more rare to have in the location I had. In fact a 2017 study indicated that less than 200 cases confirmed having this annoyance in this location on the lower back. Maybe many people just don’t even know what they have. The first discovery of this was while working out about 12 years and laying on my back for the bench press was all it took to make me jump right out of my skin like a thumb tac was laying on the bench. Ouch. I met with Darlene Barr at the Swedish medical center to schedule a time for the following day to cut it out. Even not seeing the needle bothers the shit out of me but let me tell you, Dr Barr has skills! Even if I told you what she did you won’t feel her do it, and she wins. I laid down face down with my huggies slightly pulled down. I threw in earbuds and blasted Rage Against the Machine “Know your enemy” as if I was storming an enemy fortress fearless of all needles. I started to sweat like a mutherfucker as I bear hugged the medical chair/bed thing. I breathed heavy and flexed hard. I felt her clean the area aka “permission to launch!” but then something different happened next. She pinched the skin with her fingers and poked in between thus causing my senses to focus on the pinch! Genius! The thought of the needle not going into a vein and just merely numbing me from contact mixed with the pinching to confuse my sensations helped drastically. I squirmed a bit imaging the numbing formula working through but she returns for business after it takes effect. She touched in places that made me feel like she was verifying the area was numb and it was, but I sure as hell wouldn’t tell her if it wasn’t! Just get it over with was my thoughts and each touch just felt like someone petting your skin. My music moves onto a Marilyn Manson song on my playlist as I could only head bang in my scared little mind. I started to become unable to ignore the situation and prayed to god to please make it over and be gone. I shit you not, about 20-30 tops minutes later she taps me and says, “you are all done and good news, it’s not a Pilonidal cyst, it’s actually a Angiolipoma and they usually hurt like a son of a gun”. She offers to let me see this piece of fat that has bothered me well over a decade. I take a quick look at this little blob of fat and think, damn, we were stuck together for over a decade and now you are gone, I hate you but I want a picture to marvel in how something so small can bother a human. So again, you don’t have to attempt to trust every doctor but find one you do and you both can make magic together. This little fatty fuck was my only physical weakness, and now it’s gone. I owe this joy all to Doctor Barr so look her up if you are in Seattle, WA as she has other procedures she does. Anyone else out there with the same fear, you are not alone but just pop in some Rage Against the Machine and yell FREEEEEDOM!! (Rage voice) & (only in your head)

A Paradox and Manifest Destiny seizing the moment(2021)

This by far was one the strangest nights in my life. If you read anything I write or know anything about me you would know that is saying a lot. This is not a good story by any means although it’s not a terrible story either. While you let your noodle smoke on that contradicting thought take for an example a time you get burned in your life yet in some way you also learn a valuable lesson. Similar concept is to say that what if when something happens to you there is this paradox of a thing where as by definition it just means an absurd situation could have some odd truth to it. So now that you are strapped in like a canoe about to go directly downward on one of those wild waves water slides with no bottom. I wanted to create the very best Birthday for someone important in my life. In doing this I felt the best strategy was to plan a trip that was both familiar to us and new at the same time. Why not a tropical Island flying first class at a very manageable time in travel and a simple game plan. Once I checked that idea of the long list of amazing things I want to do for this person I thought it would be great to add the traditional “secretly invite this persons friends to a location and surprise ” for the VIP person thing. Though the surprise birthday party idea has been around since the beginning of birthdays I wanted to toss it in the pot of awesome for the birthday memory section. When everyone showed up and the night was an entire success I eventually make it back to my house accompanied but a small handful of people that I consider very close to me. Of these people included a mixture of family and pseudo family, intertwined with others who are greatly significant in our lives. The group anticipatedly should have night, right? Kind of. I knew the more I dragged my feet the VIP person was going to tapped out on energy and most likely going to call the early night. I don’t care because if I had to make sweet amazing love to a corpse I was down for the get down. Anyway. VIP went into the West Seattle Cabana where a family member joined to go deep conversation with each other. Meanwhile in the kitchen, myself and two other close friend / family friends are having intelligent conversations at first. This goes way south as one of these said friends starts to go full cross fade on continuous shots and high amounts of Milligrams in edibles. It’s to the point where even though this person was having several enlightening moments, he was also having several animated moments that was like the excitement of a topic was so explosive to say out loud that this whacky dude probably felt like these great thoughts were coming in so fast his brain caused his tongue to turn into a fire hose filled with cinder blocks. This fire hose filled with cinderblocks thing makes regular words impossible to articulate. This made that human kitchen person go more indifferent. Not in an angry or violent way but more of like it was Christmas time and they couldn’t open any gifts while others opened theirs. Also at the exact same time I was talking about money moves that could be in such life changing way that it felt like manifest destiny wanted to get in one of those capsules the shoot by me like the old school deposit and withdrawal tubes in early banking days. Let me tell you about manifest destiny in truth cinema or cinema verte (google those film techniques if you hadn’t heard of those and then jump back in these sentences. The thing with manifest destiny is the only way to capture the opportunity or the destruction is to see it a mile a way and act. Meaning , if you know you know that dropping an item typically allows gravity to carry it down to the ground unless you jump to the next lily-pad or move,. So why not a how-to as in a way to prepare for your landing? Just try to apply that to this scenario is to say that I walked right past manifest destiny in a few now current time profitable miss shots or opportunity yet still alive and well enough to capture 1 or 5 future great ideas that could change my life in positive ways. None of this is in a scary way so don’t wig out on me. What I am really saying is the person and I were talking some important ass shit in the kitchen and I wanted to limit all distractions around me and talk about how we are gonna to make some money. As these strategies of harvesting dead presidents was happening, I noticed before my eye sockets that my other friend was 3 sheets to the whacky wind and was having rolling brown outs of revaluations every 5-10 minutes. Some of these thoughts were half genius and half cryptic. While some of the shit made no sense and was making others in the house uncomfortable for sure. So as the night goes on the dunk group faded into the night-party started to re visit saddening thoughts and cries out at the ceiling to morn a dead family member. So now the conversation I was having with the other close person needs to change energy towards the 3rd conversation kitchen mate who is now crying and screaming to bring someone back that will never come back. It was heartbreaking in every way you can imagine and this was coming from my perspective of roughly 48 funerals I have attended. I sometimes so go so numb to death that I look for was to bolster my emotions with death that I almost kill it’s darkness with kindness. Because you get more bees with honey so why not respect the grim reaper. I do. That being said, when my homie is trying to rip a soul back to life by clenching their mind and squeezing their battle cry…it just never comes. I am use to that. Back on the freeway and so as I explain this story my friend just needs someone there to not be a warrior for under 10 minutes and express pain for another fallen soldier dear to him. We both sort of do the “there there” it’s gonna be ok man, life finds a way to reveal it’s purpose. You know, saying the nice shit you say to help anyone find some understanding. Once the tears disappear this home slice starts telling me that about 20 minutes ago when he was asking me to film the conversation in the kitchen, which at the time was just us arguing that I was too lazy to film anything and I could duplicate my words and even that moment at any moment thus in my way doing a flip on a paradox or contradicting prediction. Now if I didn’t lose you speed limit thinkers what I am actually saying is that if a paradox a completely and utterly bizarre truth that defies some type of basic logic…then what if I can take that same contracting idea and make it energize like a fucking battery positive and negative. To put it even simpler is that the person in the kitchen wigging out about filming the monumental kitchen conversation about deep world affairs. that this cross faded person felt it was so gold it couldn’t be duplicated and the Christmas present just remained unopened. See but this is not the case, yes I was late to the pony show on filming what I say and how I say things to people in some of the best Narrated movie esq style. I would agree in not even an arrogant way that sometimes I just have watched so many films in my life that sort of pour my own emptions out using structure and basis from movies I have seen. So again, this talent of mine didn’t matter to cross faded homie because he felt if he didn’t film that moment it would never come around in that type of authentic cinema verte capture. Again, I….saying this in the squarest yet honest voice. I am a straight up Gangster about my film or movie production elements that I can recreate anything. I just literally feel confident that whatever golden moment he saw of me and wanted to film. just keep watching me because I am passionately animated every day. This is not a rare time this a pattern. HAHA makes me laugh out loud thinking that even need to type this part of it. So to get back up to speed this whacky cross fade homie is border line yelling at me mixed with crying about death in his family which was very confusing. Eventually it all tapers off into this conversation of how capturing film of deep conversations and great story telling. So I agree with him and truly did. I even help create a code word to signal when one or both of us should camera roll on each other to capture something profound. I was with that. So that part of it was positive but yet this VIP person had now been unattended for in the West Seattle Militia Cabana. So like having a high performance sports car waxed to perfection waiting in the garage to burn rubber, I wanted to put the petal to the metal. As this thought comes racing towards me I notice that cross faded homie is severely making others feel uncomfortable to a way that potentially could be irreversible. Basically this homie was appearing to be “that” guy even though he actually wasn’t that guy at all. Simply put he was coming off as a creepy weirdo but he was actually just very oddly nice and compassionate to a degree that was confusing to some. Either way the night had to get cut short so people could retire themselves to those sports car garages and bang rev limiter. Now the VIP Cabana was left undefended for entry and no cover charge no problem, my plan gets derailed temporarily. One of the close humans exits the VIP room she gets semi offended by a comment from the whacky cross faded homie. However it was innocent and all in good fun to make fun of a spill mark on the person. Sometimes when people spill liquids from drinks on themselves others find it endearing to tease and make light hearted jokes about those spill marks being bodily liquids. The whacky cross fade once again was in a paradoxal situation (yep made that word up I think) The whacky seemingly dude just felt like at this point it was agreed that we were all straight up family and he could make crude or soft core dirty jokes within the circle. I agree 100% he should feel ok doing that and I even encourage it at times. However this other little bunny rabbit with soft delicate fur was upset about it. Now, of course the bunny rabbit hopped by saying that it wasn’t upset at all and just wanted to hop through the forest, yet it was clear as gravity she was annoyed with the whacky cross faded homie at various moments in the night. It’s in my opinion they were very rock solid titanium misunderstandings. Point blank, because to know this whacky cross faded crying intense homie, you would know the cloth he is cut from they just don’t make anymore. Who cares though because the bunny needed Easter eggs upstairs to who knows what and the intellectual pseudo family member already confirmed I am fully operational and aware. He basically had that one off brand hard to find part for your project, and like the last piece to the puzzle this dude just drops it in like when you rack an AK47 back to chamber a round. The shit was intense with soundtrack music level. Anyway again, as that all happens two people go to another wing in my mini mansion as the whacky space cadet has now went from innovative homie to can’t find his pants that he hide from himself somewhere in the house. Meanwhile my sports car is in the other room losing battery power from a stereo I wired directly to the battery which thus causes a slight power draw on the beauty. Back in the main quarters the whacky cross faded homie is searching the entire house for the pants that have his car keys in them. It’s at this point I am now in the paradox of misconception (<–So weird I wrote that last part but didn’t think it) Back on the freeway for last time in this story to the ending. In the end the two other people in the mini mansion are happy and totally fine no issues and even had a great night with the group. Even the money ideas that were shared like notes were still going to blossom like a fuckin tree. So when you see a tree that has a logo promising money to give to the needy, you need to first ask yourself do you want to be the hammer or the nail? Do you want to be the person borrowing or do you want to be the person lending as a service for hire. That has always been clear to me I just typically have taken risks with good average but some ideas are just slow at making flight. Average is also not where I want to be and will enjoy the journey to where I belong. However at what cost, was I so selfish to bang the rev limiter and hear those sport car pistons rage undisturbed by more whacky yet true revelations? Could this homie get into a car crash due to his cross faded night. Keep in mind the VIP person is the nicest person I have ever met next to my lovely Grandmother I mom Dad’s side. This VIP is not only bright red, full of healthy power, it’s reliable like someone built this car out of elements mixed with unicorn dust. Still the car loses battery power the longer I entertain this homie thus compromising finishing the night off perfectly like well orchestrated symphony of redemption. Some might try to write this off as a simple choice between wanting one thing an risking another. This is point where if this scene was in a movie I would grab your head and you would flash quickly through all I my thoughts like a data transfer between two computers for a mili-second like forced induction in a turbo. My whacky friends is one of the most talented drivers I know that can do shit even myself with 25yrs of motorcycle riding, and 26 or of custom car scene culture , I still find this cross faded real one a real ninja behind the wheel. Now this appears like choice that I am just confident he will drive home safe relying on his skills to guide him home. When instead I am actually saying that even if he stays and drives home in the morning to be on the safe side, the more dominate fact is that Mr.Cross fades wants to continue to go deep space elleventeen drinking and eating more edibles. Moments like the whacky homie pouring sprite into a cup at distance with one hand as the 2 liter wobbles and slightly spills around the cup. Whacky homie just giggling and laughing at the mess he is making all by himself. As I look at him in astonishment to his ability to time travel back to when he was a child, I make the quick judgement call to assist pouring but was quickly derailed by his already fragile grip on the 2 liter. When I reached for the Scottie Pippen assistance the 2 liter spilled more and went to launch from his giggle fingers. Once this happened it caused me to squeeze down in a frantic which resulted in massive disaster across the counter. He laughs and asks why I squeezed the bottle and spilled everywhere. Hw was Convinced that dribbling the spite into the cup like a toddler boy with one hand creating spillage, was basically the normal thing and squeezing the bottle trying to help stop him from spilling a slow puddle death was totally at fault. Hilarious but back to the point. I knew if I kept the OG at my house he would have just got more twisted into a oblivion and drove regardless what anyone would have told him. So instead I sent him off as the warrior I originally said he was and that he wouldn’t do anything stupid and if people knew how tight him and i rolled on the razors edge in our lives, well then that would mean you would know we pull shit that sometimes defies traditional logic. For instances click-it-or-ticket came out as an effort to get people safe wearing their damn seatbelt. However the fines for disobeying the meant a traffic ticket which fines go to the city. How odd when all they would have needed to do is make newer vehicles not start unless the seatbelt is clicked in place. Boom, mic drop. They didn’t do it and collecting money in a round about way was a more lucrative idea and/or maybe a necessary strategy. However go back 20-30 years you could drink and drive with minimal consequences. The people didn’t change the risks didn’t change. It was more of how people adapted to the surroundings and as the population grew that ever person in the world is going to be a musician. To the people that had a inner calling, sometimes feel entitled to make that judgement call for better or for worse. Put simply, if you see something that defies gravity, or logic or reason, but when it lands on it’s feet or you just have a feeling it’s going to work out. My whacky ass homie text me he made it home and I truly believe if he reads this he will second guess every move he makes moving forward. That is the story of a night that was trippy to me. petal to the metal as the credits roll.

Monsters of man (2020)

This movie was a complete shock to me in a good way. I always like to watch movies and then read the reviews after and bash the shit out of them for bashing the movie. So for starters it’s long run time was excellent because this is an action / sci-fi / horror film with tons of realistic gore. So if you can’t get enough of people getting blown up, shot, sliced and robots crushing human bones with vicious close ups, look no further. So, there is that point to you fuck sticks online saying it was too long, nope give us a sequel. Next people reviewed on rotten tomato’s or somewhere that the movie had holes in the plot with other grey areas. Nope again you nerd wallets! First off, yes, many of the characters have you confused in the beginning as to where they place roles in the film when it starts but just have the faith they all get explained as it goes on. Meaning some of their character build ups or backgrounds really don’t fuck’n matter when the movie is about military AI and how dangerous it could be. Not to give anything away but it follows a few different character stories converging into one story of Robots on a test mission under a potential government contract deal to sell Military Robots somewhere or mass produce them worldwide. These robots are heavily armored and can problem solve on their on. Problem is, where is the problem with that? You shall see. Another thing was someone with a granola bar stuck up his or hers ass named “Kalis Adventures” needs to take an adventure on sharp blade of knowledge. Here is why. Kalis posts online claiming the movie had bad acting. I disagree you waste of post space! Ly Ty plays the child in a hostile environment, new actor unheard of and KILLS IT. We don’t know any of these actors so it’s hard to really say who was good or bad because you don’t know what they are capable of. When you see an actor you see all the time you have a margin with each one that tells you what is believable and what is not. For an example you wouldn’t cast Jim Carey in a movie like this but Bruce Willis maybe. So with entire cast of newbie actors/actresses you have to allow them to fall into who they can act as. So that makes the viewer not sure if they can believe them or not. Let me just say that the kid Ly Ty deserves some type of rookie of the year award. This bad ass kid never misses. The lead character Brett Tutor builds his stage presence and you believe him. The bad guy is played by a corrupt agent, (Jose Rosete) and seems like a guy you don’t want to fuck with. Rosete is ruthless and has scenes you wish you would have wrote. That being said many of the plot helps close back doors. Which means that most sci-fi action films with gore always make us question what we would do in reality or what appears real on screen compared to real life. It’s in my opinion a great display of how the Military has weaponized Artificial Intelligence far beyond what we can imagine and usually if it’s already on screen they are already implementing it and we are behind. You learned that same lesson when you heard about GME in the stock market, so same applies to movies of technology. Back on track. This film never disappoints all the way to the end even into the credits. Make sure to watch through the credits because this is one of those films that encourages you to watch till the screen goes black or starts the movie over again, not many movies can do that. The robotics appears very realistic because that level of tech means things move fast and the old style of oil and gears and pistons moving is a thing of the past. More of the form and movement along with detailed visuals is what we need in the 2020+. The story has emotions to it and of course when you are yearning for the machines to have some type of soul tied to the movie, they do it. Not in a corny way where you think some editor watched too many Sci-Fi straight to VHS type movies , no, it was thought out and believable when you understand a little about AI. That whole what if…..what if machines became self aware of what they are or are not and what if they were built for the military how dangerous could that be. This movie is a real underdog that compares to all the greats in robotic sci-fi so watch it yourself and feel free to post what you think but don’t lead spastics like the mentioned sway your opinion. Check stuff out on your own and support these up and coming directors for better or for worse.

The Story of the Datsun 510 (1989 – 2020)

Have you ever seen the 1983 Classic film by John Carpenter called “Christine” which was about this old classic red car that came alive to kill people? Well, this isn’t really that same story of killing people and instead a personification/story of a small sedan vehicle that never wanted to hurt anything except competition. Regardless if you have seen that classic movie or not this car has a story in my life that later semi resonated as such. When I was growing up my Father had a Datsun 510 and back then there was a limited amount of options for motor swaps and his was a L18 he put in. Back then you could upgrade your 510 with parts variations from Datsun 240Zs which was the more sporty roadster version. The Datsun 510 was very popular because of the basic design and affordable introduction. Many would consider the 510 as the very first Japanese Import Tuner racer car. This was also in a time when only nicer cars like the BMW came with Rear Wheel Drive and Independent suspension accompanied by sports car chassis design. The Datsun 510 was the anomaly that created some of the early terminology of calling a sports car a “sleeper” which is a term for a daily grocery courier car in disguise because it’s sports car skeleton underneath was hidden by the base model shell and hiding an engine that can perform at the touch of the throttle. Now that you know what these little 21xxlb one-step-above a clown car/race cars history is, let me explain why I think they are so cool. As mentioned my Dad who was a teenage parent that had a 510 along with his friends. Even to this day West Seattle car scene people still tell stories of “The flat Black 510 boys” which was when large groups of 510 owners, now called Generation X age groups would race 510s around WS. They all spray painted their 510’s flat black to avoid cops being able to decipher who was who when they would scatter from neighborhood races. Kid stuff, but kids having fun stuff. My Dad wasn’t apart of those groups and not super into 510’s he just happened to have one briefly amongst other friends but still the 510s had this special place in my heart to me as I remember seeing them and pointing them out to my Dad. I would grow up into my teenage years always seeing 510’s at car shows or local import tuner magazines in the local 7-11s. As kids we all knew of the history and importance of the Datsun 510 as a small sleeper race car. The US versions of these debuted 1968-1973 which only the 1968′ being a 1 year out of the series meaning that in 1968 certain features only came on that one specific year of production while the rest all had exactly the same options and ALL were same body style. Back in 1998 I acquired a poop brown Datsun 510 I found from some internet website back when you had to type the entire web address into the old school dial up computers search engine. Thus I located this crusty 510 in Portland Oregon and with the help of my Grandfather I got this relic history piece back to West Seattle. It never would stay running very well and was missing many important crucial interior parts. The floors were rusted out and surface rust was around the entire car. The engine would smoke and sputter bad when it would only run for maybe 10 mins total. The brakes barely worked and the metal sounded zip tied together as it would rattle when I would attempt to drive it around the block only to push it back home. Glad it was such a light car. I loved it and dreamed of rebuilding it to do massive burnouts and race my friends down California Ave. I envisioned lots of work done with my own hands to restore that little poop crusty 510 back to life. However as fate would have it it died one too many times and sat in my Grandparents driveway for weeks into months. Soon my Uncle Jim bought my Grandparents house and moved them into assisted living apartments. My Uncle Jim was one of the uncles that actually had a 510 himself amongst my Dad and his friends back in the late 1980’s. Either way he didn’t understand my dedication to that poop crust bucket and had asked me to move the car to the street and off his newly owned property so it could not be an eye sore. My uncle Jim was doing extensive remodeling to the house and I understand the space was needed. Jim was very mechanically inclined but after a couple attempts on the rusty 510 I think he just gave up interest in a car and probably felt I should have sold it. I pushed the car out front of the driveway onto the street. I would still visit the 510 after school and ride my BMX bike over to it. I couldn’t get it running due to my lack of knowledge at the time which was around 9th grade of high school. I did however wire up a CD player inside and would listen to music in the car until the windows fogged up. Eventually I came to work on it and it was gone. Apparently someone possibly one of the neighbors had it towed since it was looking like a heap of wasted childhood dreams. I remember the impound fees were too much and I already lost faith in being a 510 owner so I just turned in the title to GT Towing on Harbor Ave signing over all interest to the tow company. Many years would pass and many cars would pass in my possession. Classics to imports to motorcycles to modern new stuff. I would even consider myself a collector now as I have 4 classic car insurance policies with Hagerty. As the years passed since my high school 510 dreams were shattered I decided to look for these little fuckers again off and on for almost two decades. Finally in 2020 I just told myself if I really wanted one why don’t I really hunt one down. Initially I wanted a classic Datsun Orange 4 door 510. The Orange is liked by some but the 4 door isn’t the favorite for most 510 enthusiast as they prefer 2 doors for being lightest and MORE sporty versions. The wagon option was also available but that was more for a specific taste group. I probably viewed and lost out on maybe 5 different “good deal” 510’s throughout the 2020 search. I searched on the local websites and apps all the way across west coast. I was starting to think these things just slipped by my radar and even started to look at Lexus IS300s, and the BMW 3 series for other small rear wheel drive cars I could build. I reached out to a guy that I missed another good 510 deal on just to see if he knew of any sellers. This guy basically tells me that his buddy’s Dad owns one he is on the fence selling and it’s semi under construction with motor swap that isn’t completed but he will sell it as-is. The pictures he sent was of a baby blue 4 door 510 in solid shape but some minor surface rust in various places. All trim intact and body exclaimed it’s original paint. Original paint is always a very cool thing to have because classic vehicles are only original just once. This 510 was also a 1968 making it a 1 year car as mentioned before it has small details like suicide style windshield wipers and various trim differences. The paint showed flaws and the interior was weathered and displaying it’s age with some interior panels withered away. I went to go see the guy who owned it way out in Everett WA in the freezing cold. When I walked in to see it in person it was in a pop-up tent area with shop-style 2 post lift underneath where the 510 sat nestled about 2 feet from the ground. The owner was a football field wide dude with catchers MITs for hands, no neck and chest the size of 2 massive home plates. He spoke with a deep voice almost with the intensity of Randy Macho Man Savage a former WWF Wrestler which was a deep and raspy voice. You wondered how he fit his giant bear hands in between the tight places in the engine bay but he sure did. This specific 510 looked light baby blue and seasoned interior but under the hood was a SR20DE Fuel Injected motor that came from a Japanese vehicle that wasn’t available in the US markets. Japanese or JDM engines are desirable even today because they usually out perform US versions with more horsepower and better reliability with their performance. Apparently this 510 changed hands between Bear hands guy and also his two sons who first bought the car from Portland Oregon that they claim was from the 2nd owner. In PDX it was sitting on a street owned by an old lady who let it sit in the rain out front. These Datsun 510s were made of very thin sheet metal so they rusted out easily if left in the elements too long. I did a tour around this Baby Blue 510 not really wanting to like it even despite the Motor Swap because it wasn’t an orange one. The motor swap wouldn’t make the car scary fast but it would be able to get off it’s ass and spin the tires at any given moment. I came back to see this car two more times trying to gauge what I could offer him and what he would take for it. He shows me the work that was done to make that motor fit as well as what it needed to actually run and drive down the road. I make the deal with him and he tows the car to my house. The Christine movie reference all starts at this point in the story. The previous owner/Man Bear guy unhooks the 510 off the tow-dolly and starts it up. The 510 was missing it’s muffler with just a straight pipe so it was loud as a fuck. He inches it to my garage door quickly because at this time no radiator was inside it either. It rasped loud with each throttle response coming to silence when it was shut off. Almost immediately after the guy took the last of the cash he was owed for the car he switched moods. He first apologized for being such an asshole during the process and that he was really burnt out on working on the car to finish it. I told him I would call with questions and he made a look like he would rather not have that call. I did in fact have questions on what parts were installed and what specs they had so I would know where to buy parts as needed to finish the car. This basic text questions angered him because he said he was burnt out on the car and he soon stopped responding all together even when I offered to buy spare parts for it. The 510 had it’s issues but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with some time and patience. With the help from a friend who also use to own a neighborhood auto shop helped me re-wire the entire car. This was to avoid any wiring complications with lights, electrical gauges, readings and computer ECU connections. I later discovered I had the matching JDM transmission and a Subaru LSD rear end which in simple terms means I have good gear ratios and posi-trac making burnouts and donut slides much easier. The 510 already had 4 wheel disc brakes and coil over suspension. The wheels are JDM HERO’s that were professional re-surfaced to give an alloy shine. I covered the middle flog lights with yellow film and bright yellow bulbs for the classic rally look. The exhaust is all hooked up with a turbo muffler giving it the same rasp with a tamed low RPM cruising curve. I tightened and had a friend re-weld the driver motor mount restoring it’s reliability. Basic tune up and new radiator with dual electric fans wired to their own relays and switch. The speedo is very hard to hook up given the 68′ 510 cluster and the modern 90’s transmission matchup. So a cool alternative was a GPS digital speedo that is the size of an iPhone 4 that I horizontally mounted to the right of the OE speedometer. RPMs are also very important so I mounted the tachometer to the column for quick monitoring. I tossed the weird front seat out and cleaned up the Original back seats best I could. I used shiny silver KilMat across all of the floor and ceiling. which is sound deadening to reduce road noise. I decided to leave the ceiling and pillars exposed of the ultra shiny silver matte. So when you look inside it looks like a space shuttle. I put new black carpet down with custom diamond plate floor mats that appear like the floor is all diamond plate. I installed some interior matching grey 1994 Nissan SE-R racing cloth bucket seats in that look period correct. The interior pedals are all silver metal to match the bullet proof interior theme. The shift knob is of a pretty lady waiting for me to shift her around by her head. I put a few expressive stickers on it but nothing to obstruct it’s already factory beauty. The license plate frame was purchased from a company called “Stealth Plates” which specializes in flipper plates like the James Bond 007 movies. So from a push of a button my License Plate flips to a bogus plate that says WS King on it. Perfect toll booths or evading a Smokey burnout patch. After I got the car all dialed in my friends had been stopping by drinking beers and hangin out in the garage as I worked on it. So one night I decided to pick them up and go for a first time cruise since I got it all road worthy. This was one of the best times in a vehicle I have ever had. Before I left the house I shined the car up before leaving, spending extra time spot waxing the entire car and cleaning each corner as if it had Barrett Jackson level paint on it. The 510 almost seemed to respond and shine more than ever. So much so that people asked if I clear coated over the flawed original paint. I said no but they were sure it was at least buffed before me from it’s intense gloss shine that it had. We all piled inside the 4 door drift machine. We all instantly started laughing because we felt like we all got into a cool little fast clown car. Someone in the back seat even mentioned how Mario Kart he felt inside. We took off fast avoiding bumps and dips in the road yet hugging corners on rails. Shifting to second gear from stop lights made the cars tires chirp because the left over power would transfer hard into the next gear. We all felt like we were experiencing different childhood memories of first discovering why the 510s were such cool cars. I talked about what good drift cars they make and then immediately I said hey fuck it let’s spin this little cock sucker right now. So right before I pulled into my driveway I spun the 510 into a fast donut that sounded deep throated and quick like the revolutions that a street bike can make with the sound that power produces. As the car broke free from grip and everyone tossed from various directions inside the cab I could feel the 510 proving itself. I switched the other direction mid donut tossing the passengers to the other direction while still keeping steady throttle spins. The headlights with yellow high beams on lit up every houses as the car spun around inside a cloud of smoke. As I decided the 510 proved itself enough, I gently left the track of circles I created and crawled the 510 pass some pot holes leading to my bat cave where I keep it. Everyone could not stop laughing from excitement including myself. Everyone who rode in the car had videos from different angles and posted clips on various platforms. One of the best compliments I read was “Damn, that 510 has some heart!”. That really resonated with me when I was cleaning the car up. In conclusion it’s a fun car and my own favorite compliment about the 510 is for it’s appearance and functionality and I would say this 1968 Datsun 510 is Honest and surprising.

The day I saw the end of the world if true (2021)

It’s clear as night because soon that’s all we will see, if we even see that. Living in West Seattle I never experienced drastic changes of the affects of other weather in other states or counties but I have a basic grasp that the weather varies from area to area. Which when you think about it is a drastic change every few states given how large we think the world is. With out getting off track, back to my point of the end and a dark blackout. It’s become very obvious why the politics meant so much more this year than it did than any other year in history. The reason is around as simple as seeing the cities crumbling is exactly where it’s headed. Let me explain my rambling. Currently California is experiencing rolling blackouts because of power outages which is being due to severe weather conditions, wind and wild fires and such. This is reported to be directly due to global climate changes related to pollution that is causing severe weather changes that will continue to damage the earth at an exponential rate. Apparently the things we are told that ruin the earth are things we all know and have been taught such as; , burning gasoline cars and fuel based things as well consumption of eating meat and other various machinery that hurts O-Zone damaging things as well as the machines it takes run various operations. They have ideas to fix these problems before the world completely roasts in a dark blackout of power. Ideas like “The Green New Deal” has a plan to run our biggest resources into mining the earth for rare metals and silvers to create solar energy and battery powered utopias on earth. Maybe you didn’t here me but our government is convinced that taking away anything that uses fossil fuels will help is out. The idea would not only replace almost all means of gasoline operated things on such a wide scale that it may even be illegal to own an old car. Next is the equality issues we see on the media which Biden already signed an order to hire a task force specifically to investigate any racially motived crimes. The fires in California were previously reported as angry protestors when global climate change could be the direct reason. Current 2021 videos show CA without power and rolling blackouts of internet, phones and basic needs are being cut off. Apparently they are purposely cutting their power because the city simply cannot sustain all the power usage of all the people at home. Solar doesn’t work when everyone is stuck locked down at home running juice all night and day. They simply can’t handle that much power usage even in one of the most richest cities. Only the very wealthy can survive at this very moment. The Earth seems to have given up on us but the scary part has nothing to do with naturally disasters. Eventually we might see the power being out for so long in California that the local businesses all flee from one of the largest and most technologically advanced states in our country. Once we lose all substantial amount of our basic services, deliveries, shipments, gasoline, groceries we become a 3rd world or as Trump said “A 9th world country”. Once this happens the domino effect happens with lightening speed. You might just simply ask yourself why don’t we just switch the electric power and be fine -well ask yourself how many businesses losing fossil fuels would be killed. Even though the new green deal plan offers tons of jobs for energy efficient green technology, it’s actually highly unlikely it will ever match efficiency. NOT TO MENTION, the only way to achieve lowering the Earth’s consumption is to cut back drastically on luxuries as well as anything fossil fuels that hurts the environment. No one will own anything and you will rent everything you use which aligns from the same agenda. I know what some of you hippies are thinking…hell yea! As you snap into a Granola bar. Well listen up you sick fucks…When our current economic environment cannot sustain a 1905 era of low energy living on candle light and driving horses and buggies and all that shit…well there is no going back. Another way our leaders in charge intend to save the environment is to dig up every square inch of our earth for resources to build tons of shit to make tons of solar powered equipment. The problem is that even then it won’t save us at all because for multiple solar or electric machines they must work over time to match Natural Gas technology. Let’s also remind ourselves that the last places we haven’t dug for resources like oil and special shit to keep the lights on is it involves going to other hostile countries for those things. So if those places have more energy and power they become superior than the other countries. This has created wars over history. So has that theory continues in our minds I think the end is coming because it doesn’t matter one way or another if the world is headed to natural disasters or not. Because the war on our technology has already weakened us and next is our complete destruction of money and last is our freedom removed. The reason why any of this is important is because as our economy and natural resources diminish, our leaders in charge were down to just two realistic plans to save the damn world. One of the plans is to go to solar energy and invest in ways to end all oppressions to create some type of peace which in this deal would basically help our energy and social issues on each side. Plus the UBI or universal basic income set by the government keeps people at a set income excited to tell each other about stimulus bonus days. The other plan was to keep on as we were going and cut back as necessary and let technology possibly advance enough to figure out a problem when we get closer to more issues. Basically open back up and toss a coin in the air really. It’s no mystery there are dozens of problems in the world right now with racism, homelessness, unemployment, social distancing, social unrest, government control and conspiracy theories galore. One thing is for sure, even speculating the power outages in CA and multiple agendas in the media you can’t deny that this Green New Deal they purpose will not only flatten the economy out like cookie dough. It will introduce communism on steroids’ that will monitor where you go, what you do, how much you spend, what you get, what you are worth to society based off your social score and monitor your every move. Money known as the fiat currency in the USA is being destroyed with every stimulus and bail out they print and print. Not to mention next to zero percent interest rates promoting Americans to take on more debt and leverage their money. Plus if you can’t pay your mortgage or rent they are offering more time leaving owners in financial devastation. Racism was resurrected to the point of violence and destructive events. Censorship is so heavy that people are often worried about what they say and who hears it or where they typed it. The internet use to be a vast gateway of knowledge and answers or solutions to life’s problems. Now it’s just a wasteland of lies and misinformation but what’s even worse is that much of it is catered to specific audiences. This means like a volume button “they” are able to control how much they feed you and how much they take away. The Energy crisis along side the unemployment rate breeding desperation, neighboring civil unrest and antigovernmental Militias is starting to surface. California is being taxed out of the state with debt price tags following them, look that up. Even if we were to speculate the causes of these wild fires or power outages in other states/countries that’s fine and of course electric cars and Jetsons style lifestyles sound great. However it wasn’t as realistic as we thought. With all of these issues the United States is having we run the risk of having another country happen to use a cyber attack to our power grid? This is the Grid that literally powers our country. If attacked we lose everything and it’s cave man era vulnerable to attack by anyone with a flashlight and weapon already pointed at us. Let’s not forget we are blaming China for something with the virus, Russia has never been our best friend and communist countries having a long history of not liking us. Who cares about an attack some might think? In our most poorest time in history and media working against us it doesn’t set us up very well to fight anything. Power outages in more cities that potentially could be on the way means chaos in our cities. I mean chaos across the country not just on the West Coast. So if we don’t experience an attack from another country we will lose our poor minds in the dark fighting each other over bullshit in our cities. This is the time that sticking together is literally the only thing we can do to survive as the inevitable conclusion that ” Survival of the Fittest” wasn’t world wide accepted by the lazy mutherfuckers and our destruction to the Earth is going to cause restrictions that challenge our every day of living so quickly that revolt will be the only answer to billions of different personalities. Money, guns, power and strength in numbers to protect our basic elements to survive. Like I said, two different ways to look at it is save the planet and restrict the fuck out of us. OR, go on living life like normal and see what wins the race for a remedy to the global warming. We as a country had to face the music which is that to create the exact energy sources we use with Fossil fuels and carbon foot prints/emissions etc to duplicate that power it would mean that by comparison the biggest battery factory that Tesla has made in NV would actually take hundreds of years of development to battery power to power the entire US for just 1 single day. Meaning we can’t leave fossil fuels just like that which also means the left and right of politics was on each of the fence arguing this issue. So living the good life like before would lead to destruction of the world due to fossil fuel “Gangdam” style “normal” living. You can choose whether to die with a granola bar saving the planet OR die with a piece of what you had before 2020 in your life. Choose to be the nail or the hammer. WS 4 Life even in a blackout.

The untrue man show (1/15/2021)

                              I had this weird feeling earlier, Sometimes you notice what you say or do seems to leave a long term AI connection footprinted into digital platforms.. Many of us use search engines daily that are collecting our personal data as we go along.. Of course we already knew Google, Amazon, Ebay and several others track and capture our every move…Even Youtube can populate videos that are so catered to your specific liking and taste that it is almost creepy. I first tried to chalk it up like it was no big deal. Suddenly I felt this eerie feeling like what if something was watching me, like that Jim Carey movie “The Trueman Show”. Sometimes it’s just difficult to see the entire USA crumble. We are all forced to ask questions and think outside the box on what levels of surveillance is really watching us and for what purpose. I can’t even describe the feeling I mentioned earlier but it was such a strong feeling that it made me step back from the whacked-out battle of perspectives currently in the world. I started to notice all the holes in the media stories very quickly but now more than ever. As I type this there is literally a communist style commercial coming on. The commercial is all about equality and allocating the job market in certain ways and to rely on more help from the government. This current modello19 life situation is comparable to something having a short circuit or even a glitch, that few even notice. When you have a short circuit a few things happen.; Problem one is that you don’t get the full potential out of yourselves when restricted. Problem two that happens with a glitch is you spark and work half the time but do not work in the most needed times. Also with short circuits you can ruin other things around it almost like electronics having an upset day. I remember when 2020 hit the world it was like the entire globe became zombies and we find ourselves observing what people say and do to determine what side they are on. For a simplistic example; we currently have certain triggers (or ways to find out) for people and who they might have voted for or if they are social distancing. I also don’t really think actual mind control isn’t out of the ordinary as repeating things over and over like “stay safe” “stay safe” “please social distance” that plays over and over grocery stores and mainstream media means something. All of these thoughts overwhelmed me with this giant cloud of doubt in many things including basic freedoms and other things our current world is showing us they can confiscate from us at any moment. I feel like we are all just ants on an art farm or files in a digital archive cabinet. The government likes stirring us around from time to time just to see what happens next. Like someone’s pet who is supposed to do what they are told to do. This revelation was so energized in me that I started doing unrealistic things in this moment… things like telling my computer the “watcher” I shall call it out and was telling “it” it needs to pay me money otherwise I will try to expose the truth. However as I was speaking out loud I mentioned that if paid I would delete everything I was thinking and continue on this current life living in the modello19 fake sickness. Basically, I was willing to sell out and roll over instead of defiance against what the government is actually doing to us. Long story short I asked for 20Million (HAHA) to shut my mouth and never bring up one of the biggest secrets in human history. Keep in mind I asked my computer for that money out loud (HAHA x2) All of this hilarious talking to computers shit is under the idea that the government can track every digital move we make as well as see out of any camera; laptops, cameras, phones or hear from any wired microphone we have. It also dawned on me how people often have this fear of government watch and yet we already have chips installed in the our drivers license. Most of us never leave home without our wallet/drivers license. The newer drivers licenses ALL of have chips already in them. With GPS tracking signed sealed and delivered the phone would be a backup respource to track locations. All of these revelations and understandings makes me feel like not only could I be the person like in the TrueMan show, what if the entire population is a Trueman show for every household. Each show is all in there own world separately. Soon I imagine each household will be watching media or news coverage catered only to them. We have seen a lot of What happens when someone wants to get verification of facts and they use something common like Wikipedia. This website was initially what most people use to fact check something they can’t be certain of. Now you can’t believe anything you hear on TV and only less than half of what you see. Think about that for a minute. We are now in a time were the internet along side TV could be completely manipulating all of us individually and differently. Like a small dial to shift us from towards a direction with about 100 different ideas of what is going on. knowledge is power and money is a fair thing to trade for those uncovered facts.  That being said I think the 20M should be the amount the government can pay me to suppress my facts. That number 20M came out of pure thin air but who is to judge me when they/the government have been printing trillions of dollars WE/USA DONT HAVE. The people in charge also want to pump us with even higher ESD benefits, as well as create new rules for us. We are like a society on steroids that won’t be able to sustain. We are watched way more than we even know from how advanced technology is. You can’t report Automotive engines to have thousands of horsepower when they don’t have it. This is because back in the day you had to measure how much power you potentially had. You also can’t put false information in Wikipedia either because many use that as a way to see if something is real enough to be put out there like that. Now we are in a world where no one knows the difference anymore. So we can say whatever horsepower we want when we are selling something. That’s bullshit. I think the Government has it’s talons in us and about 80% of the population seems to be onboard with all this shit that’s going on out there. People say stay safe when you leave a store and I always reply, ….. NOPE, stay fearless!

To Whom it may concern 12/11/2020

I was thinking about changing my blog to a vlog since video editing seems more fun and I know I personally enjoy watching endless good videos on YouTube n such. So if I have any followers that were interested in these art projects of mine I just wanted to post this so they can be aware of why there wasn’t any new posts. I consider video editing an art form and making good video edits is like drawing or building something. Basically my plan was to start from my very first blog post and work my way upwards to present time. Of course some posts I might skip but for the most part I will capture the highlights into video stories or reviews. I think I will do a vlog style video thing for just about everything on here using all of these blog entries as templates or video outlines. I even plan to do a vlog on the Monastery post I made that seemed to get a lot of interest. So to anyone who reads this stuff check out my soon-to-be blogs on my current YouTube channel which is titled, you guessed it: “West Seattle King” and I will try to attach links to each blog entry in here as well. Thanks for reading, and West Seattle Militia !!!