Borat 2 Movie (2020)

WOW, I was completely shocked at the reviews of this movie. Sometimes if a movie has a big impact on me I will take some time before I actually type my review up to see others opinions of it. I may even watch or read other reviews online , and see interviews from directors and actors to get a full scope of the entire picture before writing my whole hearted honest review. That being said here is my read deal review as many were so many online reviews of this seemed impressed yet they missed something they felt only the original 2006 Borat could give them. However personally, I feel that this was a world-class class comedy movie for generations to remember. So the critics online argue that Borat 2’s political influences tied to this current 2020 years election will make it not as timeless as the original Borat being that in 2006 it was such a different time in our era. I think those critics are sadly mistaken for the explosiveness of this films exposure to the united states in such a funny way. This one displays how advanced yet idiotic yet confusingly funny our world is right now. Basically in my opinion Borat played by actor Sacha baron Cohen who is a Jewish actor who grew up in London. Cohen is a straight ninja at changing from any voice or accent at any given moment in his personal life, whether American to UK to anything. Take note that Sacha repeatedly takes attacks at his own Jewish culture with humor jabs the entire film even despite it’s his Cohen’s very culture himself. Yet in my opinion his jabs at himself are tasteful, artistic, , funny and a complete strength in his culture for persevering struggles themselves so why not laugh at themselves. Anyway, so Borat guts many past and current politicians and people of political influence. The movie is so hilarious that you will laugh out loud as you did in the first thinking, “How in the hell did he keep a straight face and how the in hell did they get that camera AND how in the hell did they get that person to sign a waiver to be in that scene?” …that has been called the “I gotcha!” genre in comedy movies. Either way this ones still has it all with the shock factor for the exact 2020 current time issues, struggles and ridiculous-ness of how life is the united states. The critics didn’t like this one as much because they felt some people felt this movie was way too fake in parts. Or felt staged and the people were way too willing to go along with what is going on. I guess I just think maybe that’s how fucked up our world is for the most parts, with some occasional fiction for effect. This is worth the watch because in my opinion it almost seems like someone took a jab at Cohen for something and he answered back with an attack at every political side or view or perspective in the funniest-comedy gold once again. Basically I think comedian Sacha Cohen made lightening strike twice on this one. Watch it rather quickly.

The Devils Double Movie (2011)

I have seen this movie years ago but at that time I didn’t have this blog site-thing so I wanted to re-watch it and cover a brief analysis of the film as well as a light touch up on my opinion of Saddam Hussein himself. Well, if this movie cover doesn’t simply entice you already, maybe this blog will. So this movie is semi controversial in the sense that it revolves around the story of Latif Yahia played by actor Dominic Cooper. This is a great English translated Scarface style of an Iraqi story even despite English not being a primary language in Iraq, the genius director makes it easy for American viewers to be engaged in this story. This is a story “based on shockingly true events” of body doubles used for leaders like Saddam Hussein and his son Uday Hussein. These body doubles were often found/located and forced into being their face and body to put out on the front lines during campaigns and public speaking. Even as extreme as forced facial structure and teeth changes. This also meant each person that was hand selected to be a body double inherited all of the riches and power of the actual leader they portrayed. They would receive all the power for the press appearance and posses all their clout with just minor restrictions. This was a tough choice to witness as the main character was removed from loved ones and his “normal life”. Once you are a body double you are owned like property but I think anyone could see how this choice would be a no brainer to save our families from tortured death. Basically if you refuse to be one of the Hussein body doubles, they kill your entire family slowly and then kill you last after you watch. Or, if you agree, you must vanish from your family with zero contact to them and live the rest of your life rich and famous as if you are Saddam OR Oday yourself. The problem is, the Hussein family is very strict and tend to kill people who oppose them and have infinite money and power. This was the world of Iraq through the late 1960’s into the 1990’s. Though there is controversy surrounding every exact detail of what was true or not in the movie…it really doesn’t matter because it’s great entertainment to watch a man rule his little toy box he we call Iraq with an Iron Fist. Things that support this movie’s theory in actual life inside Iraq are the fact that when Saddam was actually captured in real life, you can visually still see his actual hanging and his actual courtroom trial. This gives you the true events surrounding how the man reacted to certain death. All of the real videos of Saddam’s trial and execution are disturbing and not humane to even a gutter snake. Remember that the US under the BUSH admin sent troops into Iraq to search for weapons of mass destruction which they never found any. That is to say that, whatever we do in our own personal home is up to us? The US went into Saddam’s home of Iraq and kicked his cat and wrestled him into submission in a place he helped build. When you YouTube a slightly younger generation they hate Saddam and have stories of him killing their loved ones or punishing them. However the flip side is OG Iraqi people have interviews of looking at Saddam as a Revolutionary leader who had the guts to maintain order in a chaotic location. Saddam grew up poor and joined political parties where his street smarts and intelligence prevailed even despite his sick and twisted way of getting things done. In the movie you see his dedication to Iraq and it’s structure but they show nothing of his courtroom appearances in the film. In real life, there are video artifacts of Saddam in the court room after being captured shouting at the judge not because he was a baad mutherfucker with no regard for the law, but because they were giving him an unfair trial for political and personal reasons. Beating his attorneys, shielding witnesses behind curtains and not allowing him to speak after removing his attorney. It’s also reported later after his death that the media even silenced the broadcasts when Saddam would shout out his perspective on the case and/or defend himself. There is actual video footage of Saddam getting annoyed that his Defense attorney was beaten and removed while he was silenced and accused of things they couldn’t prove as well as WMD (Weapons of Mass destruction) that they never found. So Saddam continues to shout in the live court room, ” Long live the people, long live the nation, long live Iraq” and he stares mercilessly at the judge with not ounce of fear in his eyes. Even at some point one of his co-defendants came into he court room shouting and pushing off guards yelling in the name of Saddam Hussein as their savior and fearless leader. There has always been a huge divide in love hate for Saddam Hussein as well as his crazy son Oday who often would rape, kill and party in expensive settings to pass the time. Saddam’s son Oday was as like Tony Montana on crack. Oday was constantly avoiding assassination attempts and living it up like a party power house. His son Oday was killed in an 4-5 hour gun battle which lived up to the movie standards. Oday defended his mansion in Iraq while armed guards provided cover. His then son of 14yrs old continued battling even after everyone was killed and shot missiles into the house. The image of who he was as a young evil prince rings 100% true in real life. The movie captures probably the best example of Saddam Hussein judging from actual news footage of the leader. You see just how powerful this family was in it’s time. In truth, Saddam did twisted shit because he felt Iraq was already in a bad spot so he needed to fight evil with evil to make it all work. Even upon his actual capture he warns interrogators that removing him will only make Iraq much worse. He was right on the money as Iraq is one of the top conflict zones to this day with no order or discipline even now. Something the Hussein family constantly tried to enforce daily. When they executed Saddam he went out guns a blaze’n with no fear. Saddam argued he be executed by a firing squad which is where they just line you and shoot you down by like 5 people with machine guns. Yet they decided on a hanging him instead. Saddam in his final moments preparing to drop down on the noose and just looked at all of the watchers and said ‘Do you consider this manhood?!” clearly poking a hole in Iraq’s corrupt process against him. In true events, someone in the crowd is clearly heard screaming “go to hell!” and With a rope around Saddam’s neck preparing to exit the earth, It’s reported that he shouts back, “The HELL that is IRAQ?!” and then he begins to say prayers to Allah saying that god doesn’t exist but that he is basically at peace with his actions. As Saddam Hussein continues to repeat prayers and reinstate “power to his people, power to Iraq” he is cut off mid sentence from the release then drop that makes the rope instantly break his neck without struggle, he is dead. The people in the crowd watching start to stab his deceased body with knives after he is dead. in 2015 his Burial site was burned and trashed in which certain Iraqi people later transported his actual body to make sure it wasn’t compromised. Yes, the Hussein family was terrible and killed many people. However that was his own neighborhood where they were products of their environment like a Scarface movie. Only in Scarface that was a collection of drug lord stories rolled into one fictional story loosely based off real characters. This movie “The Devils Double” is a based off a true story of a man tough as nails who was a necessary evil to Iraq. The US made up a story to invade their country under the false pretense that Saddam wanted to harm the US which was not true. His medical labs, engineering plants, military, nuclear sites etc. were all combed through for investigation. Everyone displaying the same story of Saddam that there was no WMD plants to harm other countries. Now with Saddam gone, Iraq has constant civil wars from chaos and fear of their corrupt government just as Saddam predicted. Check this movie out for a fun theatrical look at something sinister yet relevant to the 2020 US government situation. What would you choose if you had no choice? Your entire family being erased OR the Hussein family honoring you as one of their own into a palace of privileged hell.

Thought of the day 10/10/2020

So I was reflecting on a story from back in the day and I think for some people certain music or songs prompt old memories and I had just one of those. So basically I heard this song come on and I had one of those flashback memories like a movie where someone goes through a tunnel at high speeds of slideshow memory clips. I remember I had this plan that I was headed out in full solute to lay down the hammer and make a point. Of course when people seek validation for anything they are often scrutinized for being insecure. However in most of my cases, my ego, validation seeking or even my confirmation of hard facts can be thrown in a pot like a recipe for greatness. That is to say that my ego makes me who I am. I blow it up so big that I have to chase down myself and live up to everything I claim. I always ring the bell at the end of my victory to celebrate my endurance. For an example, if Michael Jordan ever wanted to be conceded about his famous basketball skills we might have looked at him differently for not being humble, yet on the other hand MJ paid the cost to be the boss so he can act how ever he wants. Obviously because he has proven himself as a world class athlete. Before we fall off track I am just saying that usually we, as people, don’t question a person who has already proven themselves. Sometimes the fun part is proving ourselves or even just proving who we are and what we are good at. We as people have skills and hobbies that make up aspects of who we are and what arenas we excel in. Some can build houses, some are great chefs, some are great soldiers, while others are just good at whatever job they need to do. I consider myself a connoisseur of many arts that others don’t take the time to really appreciate. I like to give myself theme music for almost anything I can do well, sort of like a self motivation tactic where I imagine a certain song playing in my head like theme-music. It feels good to back up every word that I say whilst living up to the thick reputation I portray. It’s like pressing a bright red button that can cripple anyone to your will but then suddenly forcing a flower to go full bloom right through hard concrete. Once the flower opens up you can do what you want with it, and flowers represent beauty. Flowers and humans can be similar as they grow based on how we treat them. You need to water this flower and give it sunlight and who better to cut those sharp thorns off that flower than a man. Women can achieve this goal as well but nothing compares to a man preparing a bouquet of bright proportions, nor does anything compare to man rearranging your whole damn bouquet. Some flowers can be needy and require lots of water to stay happy. A rose is an interesting flower that starts as a seed that you bury deep in most fertile dirt but then grows into a bright colored flower, opening up full bloom for someone to enjoy. There is some caution to be aware of due to the sharp thorns leading up to to pretty arrangement. If that flower gives away too many petals the thorns tend to take over. So we should be nice to our flowers and respect each petal that still hangs on. Refractory is a cool word, it can be ambiguous in nature, sometimes resistant to heat or stubborn to elements by definition. Removing this word from the equation can be good or bad depending on the oppositions threshold. If I lost you, good. Proving myself is just entertainment for me and you really would have be there to truly know what I am capable of. Stay pretty all you bright red rose flowers out there but just keep in mind to only give petals to those who deserve them. Otherwise all that is left is thorns. If you end up with only thorns, I can still strip them off and make the flowers bloom again, that’s my skill and why I consider myself a connoisseur of the arts. I am not just a mere participant because I pay attention to every detail. Turning everything I ever did into a menu of explosive options to indulge in. Like a space shuttle being armed with switches, lights and buttons being turned on with only one ultimate goal of lift off into space. Exploration into a blackout trip you will come back to next time with a bigger overnight bag. You might even pack a lunch or a king size bottle of water for this trip because whatever leaves the body has to be replenished. Or think about when someone uses a hammer to drive a steel nail into wood. Each swing gets better and better but when you come across me, it’s more like a nail gun with an infinite PSI compressor powering it. No matter where my nails hit, I am going straight through something. I’m like a race car running on high octane gasoline yet you could still use pump gas with me at the regular station to get the job done. Enjoy every day, because every day above ground is a good day.

Advantageous Movie (2015)

What a trippy sci fi movie. This one is a deep story about a woman who will do anything to give her daughter the best life which includes financial security. Basically even if it could also be a 50/50 for disaster . She takes the risk. Although you hear the mother give some really solid advice to her daughter at the same time. Also in turn the daughter answers back with exploits her intelligence at such a young age. The mother intends to volunteer herself for this risky procedure because she is promised to be able to take care of daughter through this procedure because of a job loss. At times the movie is hard to follow as it has sort of Mind bending visuals with odd camera switches that have you asking yourself where you are at in the movie. Either way it builds up as expected and gets more twisted as it unravels towards the end. I think there is a level of fear for the main character in some scenes which keeps you on your toes. Just be sure to pay attention to flashback memories to blend into current time. Gives you that “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” style of a film. This one challenges future tools that may have benefits if used properly yet obstacles are always soon to follow technology advancements. For sure check this one out to expand your sci fi mind a bit. 

Goodbye to Facebook 1/31/2008 – 9/5/2020

Don’t let the above picture fool you, this is a blog entry of semi mourning the death. My dead Facebook account that is! I have been to several funerals in my life and when I just typed that I thought of how sometimes people would wear T-Shirts to memorialize the fallen around the time someone passes away. So with that thought I just literally loud laughed out loud while thinking of me wearing a screen printed shirt that would read: FB in loving memory: Sunrise – 1/31/2008 and Sunset 9/5/2020. HAHA! Sorry, that’s just my humor. So that is to say this is meant to be a dramedy story or whatever they call it but also a true story from start to finish my Facebook journey has been. Also the reason I refuse to ever create a new Facebook after Facebook disabled my personal account this year without any reasoning sent to me. So let’s start off with why social media was created in the first place. Typically the idea was to connect one another in vast majorities to help speed up the process of communication and existence. I personally came from the era of internet forums and calling people on the phone before text messaging even existed. Which doesn’t make me a super old mutherfucker, just means I am a Xennial which I identify right in the middle between young and old souls. Facebook was supposedly the new and best way to connect with friends and family over the Internet while being able to post pictures of each other so it was like everyone was there in spirits. You could even make comments on those pictures to expand your social network whether introvert or extrovert could co-mingle. You could extend more connections of these said networks of humans and “tag” photos of each other creating an internet footprint. Those comments would bubble into larger networks to become friends in common. This was soon to be the future but not everyone knew it in the early 2000’s or at least I didn’t fully grasp it all till now. So back to the start of my Facebook comedian career. I was in this Subway in West Seattle around 2008 and I see this beautiful mixed with Egyptian ethnicity gal in line scoring herself a mighty foot long. I quickly overheard another onlooker of her beauty ask her ethnicity in which she responded so I knew right from the gate to move to a better question. Thus, in a foot race, it would have put my body 2 car lengths past the competition to get her phone number. (<HAHA) Long story short her and I exchange contact info including email as we both worked in the area there with access to the computer during work hours etc. After we exchanged emails she got herself a Facebook account which automatically sent emails to all her email contacts to join Facebook like she did. Genius Suckerberg! So naturally I ditch the myspace like a kid drops his toys and grabs a motorcycle type way. Back 10-12 years ago Facebook was basic person to person picture and light video connections. Occasional DM slides for the most OG, “dusts shoulder real vigorously”. Also 10-12 years ago there was no pop up ads that appeared in your FB “news brainwash” feed that could magically appear there just when you talked amongst your friends. Basically it never popped up advertisements for exactly what you just talked about out loud. Nope, this was early days shortly after you had those unmentionable Top 8’s and theme music for your page era entrance. This was when FB was used mainly to connect with people you knew personally. Although soon after a bear shits directly in the woods like a 2 second mud storm…Myself and others figured out it was better than any dating platform ever to be created. Because not only could you connect with the opposite sex like you already had their phone number from simply via FB friend = FB messenger…you could then, also see profile pictures, general location, who they hang out with, what places they frequent, videos of them, age, employment and of course the male favorite, friends in common. Basically you could be more informed of any given woman, than all of their stalker ex boyfriends combined into one mega toxic brain. (<JK HAHA kindof) Yes, my friends I never ever downloaded one dating app because I never needed to when Mark sneaked one into all of our electronics so silently that some people actually use it to communicate over standard texting. Crafty. Regardless, le (fancy voice)Facebook was like hunting with a fucking machine gun to locate women. One minute you are happy to connect with that old flame from high school on FB and the next thing you know you are flirting comments with a high class stripper (Bikini Barista) from the dirty south end. Who probably misses her Daddy a bunch. Or maybe sliding in the DM’s of some hot Microsoft freak who goes with you to family shit but undercover wants to soak her business attire in the juice of West Seattle. Keep in mind this “DM Slides” is a term which was coined by the millennials as sliding into someone’s direct message inbox. As mentioned before I myself identify as an “Xennial” which means I grew up playing outside and had pagers n shit as oppossed to how many likes get to the center of the EDM, pop! So yep, Xennial, google that shit. Anyway, so the FB thing soon became very quickly a place to meet anyone you wanted, conduct business, date strangers, cause fights on comments that equal fights in real life. Social media has calculated easier ways’ people can catch someone cheating on them. Or social media can be the way people conceal their cheating. Social will always be basically the cause of and solution to everyone’s problems. No hate on social medial at all, I gained best friends from it. I dated awesome chicks from it’s connection gateways. I have helped people who were in need which also went vise versa. I used it to communicate with my family on the Canadian Squamish Rez, fist up for my Native Americans! (said in Randy savage voice) When you have family or friends in other countries Facebook for sure made it much cheaper to stay constantly connected with everyone. One of the downfalls of having Suckerberg jack your Facebook away like this. Oh well Dun Dun (dramaedy quick drama part haha). Also I think writing this reminds me of feeling like a real OG participants to the Fake book era. Because when Facebook really seemed to be everyone was the ignition of smart phones. That’s when social media and apps really hit. Because anyone who was anyone had a Facebook app directly on their phone as soon as you unpackage it. We were no longer logging in at home or at a desktop like some “hot or not days” after scrolling the with your AT&T Razor phone on the counter. Now on our phones we are constantly manually checking in, posting pictures, making comments, arguing with opposing opinions. This tool of communication was not only at our fingertips, but anywhere you go when your phone is on your person. Something most never left home without. In present time it wouldn’t even phase a senior citizen glance at both male and female humans sitting on their phone at any given moment. Just zombies manipulated into mental stimulation. Trust me I can zone out on my phone at times too. Just interesting to drive down the road and see human people at bus bus stops glued to their phones or even our acquaintances spotted visually scrolling during various times of the day. Someone could post their feelings on FB at any moment and even include pictures or other website links, GIFS, EMOJI’s or otherwise early days MEMES, in an effort to help promote their thoughts and theories. Another common weak point of the average Jane Doe, was always the mistake of the good ol’ fashioned cry for help FB-posts that are strategically masked by a side boob image or angled down selfie shoot conveniently in the gym or public bathroom. Facebook had has now evolved even further to the point where if you don’t have it, you are considered an outsider social media. You are closed off to view political jargon shared amongst friends, or relationship sob posts to soak comment threads in thirsty pillows. Facebook allows pictures of others to profess personal memories to store online, or cross into self fake or real status wars. because in the end, any publicity, is good publicity if image is the goal. Without facebook some actually are more productive without detouring in a distraction ruled by Zuckerberg. Looks like not having a FB can also close you off from drama. However just like crack probably is a terrible buddy to invite over and I’m sure very bad for you, plus costs money. It also might give some people a kick ass high. Hopefully people don’t go ending under interstate 5 with your social media iphone pipes. Instead let it be the last resort you scroll when you are waiting to die in the Dept of Licensing waiting line! Facebook and social media really is equivalent to that special someone who gives us all those toxic coasters. You know the ones where your real human Ex of yours has that ability to be shitty at certain things but stellar at a couple things. Both skill avenues tend to just fuck with your world ever so slightly ways. Facebook my friend, can do just that and even make you ashamed when you miss it. So as many might know, I was pretty fucking funny on my Facebook page. I have always had a fascination with anything technology, internet whatever shit and on my Facebook I would post cool cars, awesome motorcycle stunt videos, pretty women and groups of friends hangin out smiling yet also networking within a circle of real dudes in real life. Nothing negative or hateful on my Facebook page and for sure never any inappropriate nudity or weirdo shit on there. Just classic night outs with friends or pictures of legendary memories Never much profanity than what comes natural. Less swear words goes a long way to getting your point across and I consider myself silky smooth and pixelated but digitally enhanced radio worthy in my communication electronic deliveries(that said in robotic pimp voice). So basically as my Internet rep built on the Fake Book machine it’s usually meaning that all good things must come to an end. So after 12 loyal long and firmly hard years with Suckerberg’s blue and white internet canoe, they decided to disabled my FB account for no reason. Meaning, they did not send me any email or even a warning in my FB instant messenger. Many who don’t have Facebook accounts would think this situation is hilarious and doesn’t matter at all. Which I can see why they would say that about the matter. However, you non FB people who never had a Facebook account can’t ever tell the story of how they reconnected with a loved one via FB. Or got connected for a high paying job through a post they saw on FB. People who never had Facebook couldn’t talk about pictures they shared with someone who unfortunately died but all that’s left of their rich memory is to their Facebook pictures and videos. Maybe special internet data you two shared in real life, yet documented on the internet for safe keeping. Often people these days and comfortably tell stories of meeting their husband or wife by connecting through Facebook in some type of way. Others even talk of mutual friends becoming larger friend groups. Facebook participants can even share stories of organizing events and birthday parties via Facebook pages to help make memories more memorable. I distinctly remember getting prompted live music invites in my FB notifications based off recent venues I FB checked in at. Once Facebook grew up before all of us we it quickly switched into Facebook’s being the parent. Now we are like FB children categorized by name and city with website tag. Once our profile uploaded we are visible to be watched, monitored and judged by anyone within our Facebook friend lists. Now a days FB friend lists consist of friends and family and mixtures of our own peers and acquittances. Trust me, it’s fun to post and comment pictures all day and get the latest news in the world of anything at a moments notice. Yet we might have went too far this time. Like building the atomic bomb, it was a great idea but what if it explodes and kills millions of people yet they built it anyway right. I tend to believe that Xennials in some ways actually fostered the internet into where it’s at in our 30’s today. True respect to Zuckerberg on a real serious note. That dude took an idea, made it better, then became a Billionaire. Can’t really hate on that. We gotta pay attention is all I’m saying. It was bad enough realizing our cell phones were becoming mobile audio/video tracking devices that we carry with us at all times yet we can find these said cell phone devices by GPS at any moment. After that conquest was completed Facebook made it possible to have large majorities of personal data to use any way they see fit. Even if that data had the power to sway opinions or views. The only purpose to mess with human minds like that is for psychological warfare. Maybe not that extreme HAHA! but you get the idea. Totally influencing people in subtle ways based off social media apps. This isn’t a conspiracy theory blog post or some attempt to prove aliens exist and the government is creating Wizards riding unicorns crap. No this blog post is just saying I can’t really tell you if Facebook honestly helped or hurt me in my life. If you have to question anything like that you probably don’t need it at all. Because in some ways it’s nice to glorify our lives on the interwebs. Although in other ways just being a local Legend off the grid in your own neighborhood primarily from word of mouth or reputation is hella filthy where I come from. West Seattle that is!! (said with my chest protruded wayyy out!) But seriously I won’t be making any real attempts to get my FB back. I sent the typical confirm your identity and google searched all the possible variables of why my account was disabled or deleted and basically I noticed how bat shit crazy we humans were. The deeper I searched for answers the deeper I noticed the dependency we all had to it. I started to remember an odd memory of a recent vacation that felt relevant to losing social media briefly. I was out in London and having real shitty cell service in most of the areas for whatever reason. I was having lots of fun despite that disconnection. I was just cruising around the city on a rented Jump Bike breezing through UK peeps. I just pegged that jump bike peddle to 100 thru the city and let the G Perico music blast my apple ear holes! I felt like I was in another word escaped from the internet world and free to meet whoever I want and be whoever I said I was without any social media additives to the equation. The bigger picture can be comical yet redundant and we don’t even see it! Like Zombie lemmings following each other off a cliff only to get a slow death. New technology can change relationships pathways with something as simple as the [Like] button. One minute the like button created a DM slide you wanted and next minute your girlfriend or millennial situation-ship, entanglement pal/friend thing is dumping you publicly for your mutual FB friend Tony who has all the great gym selfies. <HAHA, that shit is funny out loud. So in summary, after experiencing how much Facebook could help or hurt you was part of the mystery that kept you logging in each day. Welp, there is always Instagram and Snap Chat! HAHA! SuckerBerg!

#Alive Movie (2020)

Great Zombie flick for those like myself that love a good zombie movie whether good or bad they are still fun to watch. I should really review all my favorite Zombie films but this one is right at the top. It’s crazy because it’s entrance into the Zombie world was so epic and realistic that you have no idea what will come next. For my real Zombie movie enthusiasts you know the build up to figuring out everyone is zombies is one of the great highlights to a zombie movie. Even the opening credits are super gangster in this movie. A huge thing to really notice is how it really blends English with South Korean language barriers into a way both cultures can enjoy. Truly amazing to see that type of language mesh brought to us on film. Even though this is a crazy zombie thriller watch for the underlining deep drama in it. Most Zombie films have a very similar plot but I think viewers would be really surprised at how this story is told. This isn’t a shoot’em type zombie movie it’s more of when you get caught off guard with you pants down type of zombie movie. Very intense scenes and you really don’t ever know what to expect even till the end. There is a futuristic aspect to it but nothing over the top or difficult to keep up with. You get to see a scenario-movie where you think; what would you do in their shoes. Great Zombie movie and one of the best I have ever seen in a while, even despite being dubbed.

Hardcore Henry Movie (2015)

This movie is such a brave perspective on an action / love drama that is shot in a first person shooter video gamer camera angle. So one might think this movie would have the cheesy game scenes.. but oh you would be very very wrong. This movie is one of the goriest realistic shooter fighter action movies ever. Like Quentin Tarantino style on mega crack gore but way worse in an awesome way. You see close ups you almost don’t want to see and bodies thrown into shit like all stunts were performed by the actual actors themselves. The movie revolves the idea of having the ability to make and create cyborg humans with semi super strengths yet still able to be killed depending on the damage. This movie goes through some super futuristic esq scenes that feel like the year 2050 with an old school now flavor. You also see the scenes start to tell you more of whats happening to the lead character you are viewing through. However at the same time each turn in the story leads you in another direction yet your shot in the first person so its almost like the movies is about you. Not really you of course but more in a way that you want the lead character to succeed at all measures possible. Basically you just think of him like an avatar and you want him to fulfill the true ending. Then the audience can understand the films plot. The dude your camera angle is seen through has gnarly fight and battle skills so its also just plain fun feeling like you are playing a really cool simulator movie of some sort.

Seoul Searching Movie (2015)

This is an instant 1980’s classic remake of an actual true story of one summer at this camp. The twist is that it takes place in Korea sometime after the Korean War which separated the youth loosing much culture and knowledge about their home land. The narrative in the start of the film describes the Korean war as one of the worst things to happen to Korean people. The movie revolves around a government funded teen camp that only lasted a few years because they simply could not control the Korean teenagers in the 1980s. You get all of the music and outfits that authentic the 80’s vibe mixed in with the personality differences depending on where each kid grew up. Everyone in this camp was shipped in from all over the world. You had Korean’s from London, USA, Mexico, Korea, East Coast states and several others. They were all products of their environment trying to learn their culture, how to speak, write and communicate in Korean. Unfortunately they were already well into who they were and what they wanted to be. The comedy that follows with young breakfast club teens is hilarious in this. I think Superbad, Fast Times at Ridgemont high, Say Anything and several other nostalgic films all seem familiar when watching this. Yet it’s a Korean story in all English no subtitles which makes it easy for Americans to understand their story and have some laughs along the way to a serious message and true story. Check it out.

Thought of the day 8/29/2020

Love is the strangest feeling known to humans. Al Green knew a thing or two about love and he said “Love will make you come home early or stay out all night long” and it’s 100% true. Love can make you the best person in the world or the worst human to ever hoover across the lands. I think most humans are very fearful of love because it can cause you to be blinded by certain elements you would normally see if you didn’t have the love blinders on. This isn’t even only about love between someone you are intimate with. Love can play tricks on you even when you love a friend as a person you think you can trust. So imagine what humans go through when love decides to turn on them. In my opinion, love is traditionally seen as different love-languages. Most relate love to actions of some sort that determine or measure someones love for someone else. For an example; if someone cooks, cleans or provides for someone in some way is seen as a love language. While others might see fixing things, or finding solutions to problems a love language. Others might only relate affection or touch as a love language. Either way you look at it, usually words are often overlooked because they are so easily delivered through wet tongues or loose lips. Meaning that many do not see the words as the same importance as actions. I semi disagree because I think the words neatly placed on top of beautiful actions bring the whole love project together. When two partners collide their life experiences together and blend each ones knowledge of what the world has prepared them for…you get either a cosmic toxic explosion or a cute pattern fitting together like a puzzle. Not to say some people don’t fall into the happy mediums where the aren’t super sad or super happy but for the purpose of simplicity let’s generalize into love or hate sector. I think about this because I find myself as a blend between actions and words. I enjoy to be the problem solver in a relationship or friendship. I like to be the resourceful one who is knowledgeable about the task to be completed. Affection is very important mixed with the right timing for those actions. I think comic reliefs should be used strategically not just for deflecting. I believe that loyalty and trust should never be questioned or asked for since they are mandatory attributes of being someones friend. No one expects anyone to be perfect just that they exercise a level of integrity that proves ones character to be consistent with who they are. Humans are “forward thinking” brains which need to prepare for the future, which is literally the only reason humans have brains. Our brains are neatly placed in our domes to predict the future and what will happen next. If I touch the stove it’s hot and fire can burn me. If I don’t drive careful I might crash. If I find a partner I can be happy and if I don’t I might be sad. So we use these predictions as humans based off life experiences which love intertwines through this whole journey. The problem with love is that anyone I mean anyone can stop loving another person at any moment. So because of this many humans put up barriers without even knowing at times. You don’t see animals do this unless they have history of abuse. Humans can react just based of observations let alone life experiences. When it comes to love…I say, drop the barriers and be vulnerable. It’s human.

Safety Not Guaranteed Movie (2012)

What a cool fuck’n fictional movie of time travel. This movie is for fun, some comedy and romance and a few tech moments to keep your brain energized. Filmed in Seattle or at least the stories origination is in Seattle. This was a close look at a different Style of stories about some journalists covering a story for a popular Seattle magazine. The idea in the plot was these journalists were going to meet a guy who claims he built a time machine. So many great shots of West Seattle and Burien that you want to shout them out during the movie but instead you stay engaged in the story. There is a scene where the lead character gives the young, possibly, east Indian intern some advice about being young and chasing girls. He delivers probably the most truth in the transition into adult manhood that should be told to every young adult his age. In fact the advice to the young man probably should be sold not told. Very interesting series of events with a few twists in the story. The story line is about a guy posting an ad of craigslist about his time machine and needing one partner to go back to 2001 which he explains the importance of that year later. Stay tuned on that one. The build up is superb and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The story is the best part so keep watching till the end. One minute you think the inventor of this time machine is a crazy fuck with a hint of hilarious and then you start to think he is on to something. However he is sprinkled with his spaz-ness yet the guy is a bit of a bad ass and survivalist. Lots of great believable characters. The unapologetic realness of the senior journalist is perfect and even fucking hilarious at times so the whole drama comedy era brings you the real mix of drama meets comedy. The build up is worth it and the story line is legit, can’t believe I never heard of this movie before. Stay tuned for a potential West Seattle/Seattle/Burien -filmed -cult classic. PS: Aubrey Plaza is hot.