The untrue man show (1/15/2021)

                              I had this weird feeling earlier, Sometimes you notice what you say or do seems to leave a long term AI connection footprinted into digital platforms.. Many of us use search engines daily that are collecting our personal data as we go along.. Of course we already knew Google, Amazon, Ebay and several others track and capture our every move…Even Youtube can populate videos that are so catered to your specific liking and taste that it is almost creepy. I first tried to chalk it up like it was no big deal. Suddenly I felt this eerie feeling like what if something was watching me, like that Jim Carey movie “The Trueman Show”. Sometimes it’s just difficult to see the entire USA crumble. We are all forced to ask questions and think outside the box on what levels of surveillance is really watching us and for what purpose. I can’t even describe the feeling I mentioned earlier but it was such a strong feeling that it made me step back from the whacked-out battle of perspectives currently in the world. I started to notice all the holes in the media stories very quickly but now more than ever. As I type this there is literally a communist style commercial coming on. The commercial is all about equality and allocating the job market in certain ways and to rely on more help from the government. This current modello19 life situation is comparable to something having a short circuit or even a glitch, that few even notice. When you have a short circuit a few things happen.; Problem one is that you don’t get the full potential out of yourselves when restricted. Problem two that happens with a glitch is you spark and work half the time but do not work in the most needed times. Also with short circuits you can ruin other things around it almost like electronics having an upset day. I remember when 2020 hit the world it was like the entire globe became zombies and we find ourselves observing what people say and do to determine what side they are on. For a simplistic example; we currently have certain triggers (or ways to find out) for people and who they might have voted for or if they are social distancing. I also don’t really think actual mind control isn’t out of the ordinary as repeating things over and over like “stay safe” “stay safe” “please social distance” that plays over and over grocery stores and mainstream media means something. All of these thoughts overwhelmed me with this giant cloud of doubt in many things including basic freedoms and other things our current world is showing us they can confiscate from us at any moment. I feel like we are all just ants on an art farm or files in a digital archive cabinet. The government likes stirring us around from time to time just to see what happens next. Like someone’s pet who is supposed to do what they are told to do. This revelation was so energized in me that I started doing unrealistic things in this moment… things like telling my computer the “watcher” I shall call it out and was telling “it” it needs to pay me money otherwise I will try to expose the truth. However as I was speaking out loud I mentioned that if paid I would delete everything I was thinking and continue on this current life living in the modello19 fake sickness. Basically, I was willing to sell out and roll over instead of defiance against what the government is actually doing to us. Long story short I asked for 20Million (HAHA) to shut my mouth and never bring up one of the biggest secrets in human history. Keep in mind I asked my computer for that money out loud (HAHA x2) All of this hilarious talking to computers shit is under the idea that the government can track every digital move we make as well as see out of any camera; laptops, cameras, phones or hear from any wired microphone we have. It also dawned on me how people often have this fear of government watch and yet we already have chips installed in the our drivers license. Most of us never leave home without our wallet/drivers license. The newer drivers licenses ALL of have chips already in them. With GPS tracking signed sealed and delivered the phone would be a backup respource to track locations. All of these revelations and understandings makes me feel like not only could I be the person like in the TrueMan show, what if the entire population is a Trueman show for every household. Each show is all in there own world separately. Soon I imagine each household will be watching media or news coverage catered only to them. We have seen a lot of What happens when someone wants to get verification of facts and they use something common like Wikipedia. This website was initially what most people use to fact check something they can’t be certain of. Now you can’t believe anything you hear on TV and only less than half of what you see. Think about that for a minute. We are now in a time were the internet along side TV could be completely manipulating all of us individually and differently. Like a small dial to shift us from towards a direction with about 100 different ideas of what is going on. knowledge is power and money is a fair thing to trade for those uncovered facts.  That being said I think the 20M should be the amount the government can pay me to suppress my facts. That number 20M came out of pure thin air but who is to judge me when they/the government have been printing trillions of dollars WE/USA DONT HAVE. The people in charge also want to pump us with even higher ESD benefits, as well as create new rules for us. We are like a society on steroids that won’t be able to sustain. We are watched way more than we even know from how advanced technology is. You can’t report Automotive engines to have thousands of horsepower when they don’t have it. This is because back in the day you had to measure how much power you potentially had. You also can’t put false information in Wikipedia either because many use that as a way to see if something is real enough to be put out there like that. Now we are in a world where no one knows the difference anymore. So we can say whatever horsepower we want when we are selling something. That’s bullshit. I think the Government has it’s talons in us and about 80% of the population seems to be onboard with all this shit that’s going on out there. People say stay safe when you leave a store and I always reply, ….. NOPE, stay fearless!

To Whom it may concern 12/11/2020

I was thinking about changing my blog to a vlog since video editing seems more fun and I know I personally enjoy watching endless good videos on YouTube n such. So if I have any followers that were interested in these art projects of mine I just wanted to post this so they can be aware of why there wasn’t any new posts. I consider video editing an art form and making good video edits is like drawing or building something. Basically my plan was to start from my very first blog post and work my way upwards to present time. Of course some posts I might skip but for the most part I will capture the highlights into video stories or reviews. I think I will do a vlog style video thing for just about everything on here using all of these blog entries as templates or video outlines. I even plan to do a vlog on the Monastery post I made that seemed to get a lot of interest. So to anyone who reads this stuff check out my soon-to-be blogs on my current YouTube channel which is titled, you guessed it: “West Seattle King” and I will try to attach links to each blog entry in here as well. Thanks for reading, and West Seattle Militia !!!

Wayne on Netflix (2019)

The irony is that I made a joke that this show-series was not very interesting because I tend to avoid shows and ohhh did I eat my words. This is every authentic adolescent experience rolled into a retro clashed modern gold trophy. Probably painted on an Iroc! Well if you don’t know what that car is you will identify retro 80s & early 90’s attires and fixtures. Wayne and his co-stars grow up in a seemingly rough part of Brockton Massachusetts in a low income community. Wayne himself is a tough as nails kid that reminds you of that one gnarly kid that every kid remembers growing up with through the early teen years. Everyone knew at least one type of Wayne in school who just didn’t give a fuck. During a time kids are introduced to everything you can think of from drugs, to alcohol to sex you name it. Wayne is so awkwardly honest that you find him very unapologetic to who he is as a person. Everything you think you wish you could do Wayne has thought of and does better. Each time he or someone he cares about is done wrong Wayne answers back. Wayne can’t be broken in any way except he weak spot is for the cute girl he loves named Del. Who is his opposite but in a good way. She is everything he is not but together they make a great team as she has the other side of street smarts Wayne doesn’t always use. The scenes are meshed up into a great arrangement of the IFC feel yet modern imagery. Every character starts to gain their own notoriety as it continues on and worth every character perspective angle of the story to see other characters take over the show a bit. One of the things that’s really artistic about this series is that they know how to make a really funny joke scene and follow up with a serious aspect to the film then immediately break the ice with light humor. Not in a bad roller coaster way almost like that moment you almost want to feel sad but then laugh it off. Wayne is a hardcore guy but got a soft sport for helping people who need him. I have a cousin named Nigel who reminds me of Wayne and my cousin we call Gnarly Nigel due to his Wayne style attributes so enjoy this Netflix series as it just gets better and better with each episode.

Donald Trump Thought 11/23/20

It was actually difficult finding a decent picture of this guy since the internet seems to store mostly the ones with his prison lips protruding out. I felt this was a historical one of Biden walking by all masked up while Trump stands there without a mask almost like a historical statement. Plus his wife is hot as fuck had to include her. I made this post because I use to never care for Trump just because I thought he was a douche on the show apprentice and never really paid attention to him outside of that. Then the media really did a number on him the past years which I have to admit I drank that Kool-Aid. I admit I use to think he was a racist and heard the “Fuck Trump” in music lyrics as well as believed he was a bad guy. I watched all the YouTube videos and news clips wondering how the guy ever made it into office. Now with this Biden element I started to open my eyes a bit more and see bigger pictures. Not to mention it was clear as day the media censored and manipulated things to make Trump look terrible. I now realized that Trump was doing great things that I didn’t even pay attention to and the economy was moving along nicely while he was in office. Although I can’t get past his lips protruding out at every word when he speaks but I do feel that I finally understood I was wrong about him. We won’t get into my opinion on voting but I can proudly say that not voting gives me the damn fucking official right to complain about whoever makes it into the office. If I vote for one of them I don’t feel I should be able to complain about them after. So basically I just wanted to sort of apologize for believing all the media hype and directive of internet agendas. I think when Trump wanted to make American Great Again he wanted us to have a thriving country that other foreigners wanted to come to and prosper as we have. He wanted a wall to block out the MS-13 gang not all Mexicans or any other races. Yet I believed what the media was feeding us and what the rap stars/celebs were chanting. It’s too bad because I sort of feel bad for the guy now. We will see what happens next but I don’t think the Biden world is going to be a good one at all. So my fault for doubting you Trump, you still have prison lips, a terrible hair piece and a gnarly spray tan but I feel that you truly did want the best for this country. 2021 what will it be now?

Thought of the Day 11/13/2020

Ever since the era of; “video killed the radio star”, the human civilization has been chasing after a quicker and faster way to make connections in the world possible. Now the internet has become so fast that it’s starting to become a moving vehicle that is un-manned and willing to drive itself. Some folks think we as mankind need to revert to simpler analog times of more person to person interactions. While some rather relish in the futuristic utopia as it grows around them. If you were to ask me, just in light of how this current 2020 has been going, I say this. I don’t fear any technological advancements or social media apps. I don’t fear any of those things personally. I just fear the Weird Zombies that those said apps can produce. I guard up towards things not seemingly real or genuine. Almost like an animal sniffing to see if the treats are real before I indulge. The Internet is a complex living phenomenon that was truly inevitable. Mankind from it’s existence discovered fire only to shed light on the Internet. Just like how a young kid grows up to be a product of his or hers environment, I promise you….that 2021, is going to show us all -just how much social media and the internet has grown up to be. Stay Tuned muthafuckers.

Goodbye to Instagram 8/21/2013 – 11/5/2020

Looky Looky, here we are again. In the wee months to follow my unexpected Facebook account shutdown without any reason, I recently noticed now my Instagram was disabled by the app itself once again. I posted this blog with the birthdate that I created IG and once again the death. This headline showing the time I first acquired the app down to the very last day before the app was shut down without any warning to me. So once again, I didn’t post anything political or aggressive or anything inappropriate in any way shape or form. I did not bully or threaten or post nudity or do anything to violate there terms of us OR community standards. All I did was post pictures of cool cars, motorcycles and live concerts that I use to attend before Modello19. I digress…The reason I first downloaded the IG was because in the late part of 2012 I use to make random cell phone videos to send to friends that were about under a minute long. This would include motorcycle stunt videos or various comedy skits and sketches I would use from videos I had on my phone. So my biker friend Reid aka Stix, once said to me, ” Hey man, you should get an IG.” Because at that time you could upload a 30 second video into IG and edit or splice each video frame by frame until a mini edited clip was completed. This was a cool concept for a person who enjoyed brief edited movie clips. So I download the Instagram app and only ever uploaded hobbies of my life since it’s inception into my cell phone. However I felt since my IG was a public page that did not follow anyone and just posted things for me, I did not post faces in the IG app. I only had a few hundred posts, whilst never ever caring about the likes or the comments. Basically Instagram was my location to store pics and videos of my life and browse/click on other cool like minded peoples posts from time to time who pop up in my feed. That being said you don’t need to really follow anyone because your news feed will always populate things you clicked on or watched. So, as these many years of IG went on and posts and things happened I had no issues with my IG. My account stayed active like it always had and I never once ran into trouble with community standards or guidelines. That is until most recently I posted in this blog about Facebook randomly shutting down my account without reason and then shortly after this happens. Obviously we all understand that these a free services so they can do what they want. As I went through the basic prompts of trying to get my IG account back which was what I did when I lost my FB…I started to feel that familiar feeling like I once did googling how to get my FB back… the feeling like I was a tweaker trying to get my drugs and get my social media back. Suddenly I felt so free like an addict that broke through the chains of addiction. Shortly after this happened I coincidently watched a video by Jaron Lanier talking about people deleting their social media. Basically Lanier is this tech guru guy that had been there for the birth of companies like google and he created the early virtual reality platforms, so the guy is a smart dude for sure. The best way to describe this moment I am feeling is like when you are sick with some really bad illness but then the doctor gives you the medicine that actually heals the wounds in your brain stems. You start to feel it working as the detachment period goes longer from apps. You then start to give yourself different juices flowing through in a refreshing sense. I can recall slowly deleting the actual app on my phone while watching Lanier’s YouTube video. Not because I planned to delete every technological thing in my life like some weirdo in a basement covered with tin-foil on the windows. I don’t plan to hide out and never join the splendors of the Internet and other apps. I was just realizing certain things are un-needed and something needed to be altered in terms of priorities in my life. I feel great. I think the biggest thing I noticed is that losing both my FB and IG meant that I couldn’t have this false awesome or bad or indifferent life plugged into an internet app to be studied for reasons I am not told. Meaning you couldn’t view parts of my life in phones and would have to get to know me in person or possibly read my blog or watch my YouTube videos haha! Basically social media plays this give/take reward game, giving you something to look forward to every time you log in then taking away something at other times. We don’t notice it but tiny emotional triggers are being spoon feed to us with each scroll or like. Like most things addictive, social media can be fun and positive most of the time but also time consuming. After losing my accounts I think most people might have just opened up new accounts but I refuse to bow down to them. My ego overrides the brainwashing and tells me that if there is some reason the internet apps want to flush me out I should probably just stay in my lane because the universe could be helping me. Anyway, as soon as I first noticed my account was gone I followed the prompts on the IG app to attempt to recover my account and they even emailed me saying it was a mistake and they will be restoring my account yet it is still disabled last I checked. My accounts may reappear at some point or after this election madness ends but doubt I will notice after deleting the apps on my phone so I can focus on other projects. In some ways you feel like you slipped off the radar but in other ways you just feel a bit more connected to the earth. Besides, I have cool blogs and shit to post.

Borat 2 Movie (2020)

WOW, I was completely shocked at the reviews of this movie. Sometimes if a movie has a big impact on me I will take some time before I actually type my review up to see others opinions of it. I may even watch or read other reviews online , and see interviews from directors and actors to get a full scope of the entire picture before writing my whole hearted honest review. That being said here is my read deal review as many were so many online reviews of this seemed impressed yet they missed something they felt only the original 2006 Borat could give them. However personally, I feel that this was a world-class class comedy movie for generations to remember. So the critics online argue that Borat 2’s political influences tied to this current 2020 years election will make it not as timeless as the original Borat being that in 2006 it was such a different time in our era. I think those critics are sadly mistaken for the explosiveness of this films exposure to the united states in such a funny way. This one displays how advanced yet idiotic yet confusingly funny our world is right now. Basically in my opinion Borat played by actor Sacha baron Cohen who is a Jewish actor who grew up in London. Cohen is a straight ninja at changing from any voice or accent at any given moment in his personal life, whether American to UK to anything. Take note that Sacha repeatedly takes attacks at his own Jewish culture with humor jabs the entire film even despite it’s his Cohen’s very culture himself. Yet in my opinion his jabs at himself are tasteful, artistic, , funny and a complete strength in his culture for persevering struggles themselves so why not laugh at themselves. Anyway, so Borat guts many past and current politicians and people of political influence. The movie is so hilarious that you will laugh out loud as you did in the first thinking, “How in the hell did he keep a straight face and how the in hell did they get that camera AND how in the hell did they get that person to sign a waiver to be in that scene?” …that has been called the “I gotcha!” genre in comedy movies. Either way this ones still has it all with the shock factor for the exact 2020 current time issues, struggles and ridiculous-ness of how life is the united states. The critics didn’t like this one as much because they felt some people felt this movie was way too fake in parts. Or felt staged and the people were way too willing to go along with what is going on. I guess I just think maybe that’s how fucked up our world is for the most parts, with some occasional fiction for effect. This is worth the watch because in my opinion it almost seems like someone took a jab at Cohen for something and he answered back with an attack at every political side or view or perspective in the funniest-comedy gold once again. Basically I think comedian Sacha Cohen made lightening strike twice on this one. Watch it rather quickly.

The Devils Double Movie (2011)

I have seen this movie years ago but at that time I didn’t have this blog site-thing so I wanted to re-watch it and cover a brief analysis of the film as well as a light touch up on my opinion of Saddam Hussein himself. Well, if this movie cover doesn’t simply entice you already, maybe this blog will. So this movie is semi controversial in the sense that it revolves around the story of Latif Yahia played by actor Dominic Cooper. This is a great English translated Scarface style of an Iraqi story even despite English not being a primary language in Iraq, the genius director makes it easy for American viewers to be engaged in this story. This is a story “based on shockingly true events” of body doubles used for leaders like Saddam Hussein and his son Uday Hussein. These body doubles were often found/located and forced into being their face and body to put out on the front lines during campaigns and public speaking. Even as extreme as forced facial structure and teeth changes. This also meant each person that was hand selected to be a body double inherited all of the riches and power of the actual leader they portrayed. They would receive all the power for the press appearance and posses all their clout with just minor restrictions. This was a tough choice to witness as the main character was removed from loved ones and his “normal life”. Once you are a body double you are owned like property but I think anyone could see how this choice would be a no brainer to save our families from tortured death. Basically if you refuse to be one of the Hussein body doubles, they kill your entire family slowly and then kill you last after you watch. Or, if you agree, you must vanish from your family with zero contact to them and live the rest of your life rich and famous as if you are Saddam OR Oday yourself. The problem is, the Hussein family is very strict and tend to kill people who oppose them and have infinite money and power. This was the world of Iraq through the late 1960’s into the 1990’s. Though there is controversy surrounding every exact detail of what was true or not in the movie…it really doesn’t matter because it’s great entertainment to watch a man rule his little toy box he we call Iraq with an Iron Fist. Things that support this movie’s theory in actual life inside Iraq are the fact that when Saddam was actually captured in real life, you can visually still see his actual hanging and his actual courtroom trial. This gives you the true events surrounding how the man reacted to certain death. All of the real videos of Saddam’s trial and execution are disturbing and not humane to even a gutter snake. Remember that the US under the BUSH admin sent troops into Iraq to search for weapons of mass destruction which they never found any. That is to say that, whatever we do in our own personal home is up to us? The US went into Saddam’s home of Iraq and kicked his cat and wrestled him into submission in a place he helped build. When you YouTube a slightly younger generation they hate Saddam and have stories of him killing their loved ones or punishing them. However the flip side is OG Iraqi people have interviews of looking at Saddam as a Revolutionary leader who had the guts to maintain order in a chaotic location. Saddam grew up poor and joined political parties where his street smarts and intelligence prevailed even despite his sick and twisted way of getting things done. In the movie you see his dedication to Iraq and it’s structure but they show nothing of his courtroom appearances in the film. In real life, there are video artifacts of Saddam in the court room after being captured shouting at the judge not because he was a baad mutherfucker with no regard for the law, but because they were giving him an unfair trial for political and personal reasons. Beating his attorneys, shielding witnesses behind curtains and not allowing him to speak after removing his attorney. It’s also reported later after his death that the media even silenced the broadcasts when Saddam would shout out his perspective on the case and/or defend himself. There is actual video footage of Saddam getting annoyed that his Defense attorney was beaten and removed while he was silenced and accused of things they couldn’t prove as well as WMD (Weapons of Mass destruction) that they never found. So Saddam continues to shout in the live court room, ” Long live the people, long live the nation, long live Iraq” and he stares mercilessly at the judge with not ounce of fear in his eyes. Even at some point one of his co-defendants came into he court room shouting and pushing off guards yelling in the name of Saddam Hussein as their savior and fearless leader. There has always been a huge divide in love hate for Saddam Hussein as well as his crazy son Oday who often would rape, kill and party in expensive settings to pass the time. Saddam’s son Oday was as like Tony Montana on crack. Oday was constantly avoiding assassination attempts and living it up like a party power house. His son Oday was killed in an 4-5 hour gun battle which lived up to the movie standards. Oday defended his mansion in Iraq while armed guards provided cover. His then son of 14yrs old continued battling even after everyone was killed and shot missiles into the house. The image of who he was as a young evil prince rings 100% true in real life. The movie captures probably the best example of Saddam Hussein judging from actual news footage of the leader. You see just how powerful this family was in it’s time. In truth, Saddam did twisted shit because he felt Iraq was already in a bad spot so he needed to fight evil with evil to make it all work. Even upon his actual capture he warns interrogators that removing him will only make Iraq much worse. He was right on the money as Iraq is one of the top conflict zones to this day with no order or discipline even now. Something the Hussein family constantly tried to enforce daily. When they executed Saddam he went out guns a blaze’n with no fear. Saddam argued he be executed by a firing squad which is where they just line you and shoot you down by like 5 people with machine guns. Yet they decided on a hanging him instead. Saddam in his final moments preparing to drop down on the noose and just looked at all of the watchers and said ‘Do you consider this manhood?!” clearly poking a hole in Iraq’s corrupt process against him. In true events, someone in the crowd is clearly heard screaming “go to hell!” and With a rope around Saddam’s neck preparing to exit the earth, It’s reported that he shouts back, “The HELL that is IRAQ?!” and then he begins to say prayers to Allah saying that god doesn’t exist but that he is basically at peace with his actions. As Saddam Hussein continues to repeat prayers and reinstate “power to his people, power to Iraq” he is cut off mid sentence from the release then drop that makes the rope instantly break his neck without struggle, he is dead. The people in the crowd watching start to stab his deceased body with knives after he is dead. in 2015 his Burial site was burned and trashed in which certain Iraqi people later transported his actual body to make sure it wasn’t compromised. Yes, the Hussein family was terrible and killed many people. However that was his own neighborhood where they were products of their environment like a Scarface movie. Only in Scarface that was a collection of drug lord stories rolled into one fictional story loosely based off real characters. This movie “The Devils Double” is a based off a true story of a man tough as nails who was a necessary evil to Iraq. The US made up a story to invade their country under the false pretense that Saddam wanted to harm the US which was not true. His medical labs, engineering plants, military, nuclear sites etc. were all combed through for investigation. Everyone displaying the same story of Saddam that there was no WMD plants to harm other countries. Now with Saddam gone, Iraq has constant civil wars from chaos and fear of their corrupt government just as Saddam predicted. Check this movie out for a fun theatrical look at something sinister yet relevant to the 2020 US government situation. What would you choose if you had no choice? Your entire family being erased OR the Hussein family honoring you as one of their own into a palace of privileged hell.

Thought of the day 10/10/2020

So I was reflecting on a story from back in the day and I think for some people certain music or songs prompt old memories and I had just one of those. So basically I heard this song come on and I had one of those flashback memories like a movie where someone goes through a tunnel at high speeds of slideshow memory clips. I remember I had this plan that I was headed out in full solute to lay down the hammer and make a point. Of course when people seek validation for anything they are often scrutinized for being insecure. However in most of my cases, my ego, validation seeking or even my confirmation of hard facts can be thrown in a pot like a recipe for greatness. That is to say that my ego makes me who I am. I blow it up so big that I have to chase down myself and live up to everything I claim. I always ring the bell at the end of my victory to celebrate my endurance. For an example, if Michael Jordan ever wanted to be conceded about his famous basketball skills we might have looked at him differently for not being humble, yet on the other hand MJ paid the cost to be the boss so he can act how ever he wants. Obviously because he has proven himself as a world class athlete. Before we fall off track I am just saying that usually we, as people, don’t question a person who has already proven themselves. Sometimes the fun part is proving ourselves or even just proving who we are and what we are good at. We as people have skills and hobbies that make up aspects of who we are and what arenas we excel in. Some can build houses, some are great chefs, some are great soldiers, while others are just good at whatever job they need to do. I consider myself a connoisseur of many arts that others don’t take the time to really appreciate. I like to give myself theme music for almost anything I can do well, sort of like a self motivation tactic where I imagine a certain song playing in my head like theme-music. It feels good to back up every word that I say whilst living up to the thick reputation I portray. It’s like pressing a bright red button that can cripple anyone to your will but then suddenly forcing a flower to go full bloom right through hard concrete. Once the flower opens up you can do what you want with it, and flowers represent beauty. Flowers and humans can be similar as they grow based on how we treat them. You need to water this flower and give it sunlight and who better to cut those sharp thorns off that flower than a man. Women can achieve this goal as well but nothing compares to a man preparing a bouquet of bright proportions, nor does anything compare to man rearranging your whole damn bouquet. Some flowers can be needy and require lots of water to stay happy. A rose is an interesting flower that starts as a seed that you bury deep in most fertile dirt but then grows into a bright colored flower, opening up full bloom for someone to enjoy. There is some caution to be aware of due to the sharp thorns leading up to to pretty arrangement. If that flower gives away too many petals the thorns tend to take over. So we should be nice to our flowers and respect each petal that still hangs on. Refractory is a cool word, it can be ambiguous in nature, sometimes resistant to heat or stubborn to elements by definition. Removing this word from the equation can be good or bad depending on the oppositions threshold. If I lost you, good. Proving myself is just entertainment for me and you really would have be there to truly know what I am capable of. Stay pretty all you bright red rose flowers out there but just keep in mind to only give petals to those who deserve them. Otherwise all that is left is thorns. If you end up with only thorns, I can still strip them off and make the flowers bloom again, that’s my skill and why I consider myself a connoisseur of the arts. I am not just a mere participant because I pay attention to every detail. Turning everything I ever did into a menu of explosive options to indulge in. Like a space shuttle being armed with switches, lights and buttons being turned on with only one ultimate goal of lift off into space. Exploration into a blackout trip you will come back to next time with a bigger overnight bag. You might even pack a lunch or a king size bottle of water for this trip because whatever leaves the body has to be replenished. Or think about when someone uses a hammer to drive a steel nail into wood. Each swing gets better and better but when you come across me, it’s more like a nail gun with an infinite PSI compressor powering it. No matter where my nails hit, I am going straight through something. I’m like a race car running on high octane gasoline yet you could still use pump gas with me at the regular station to get the job done. Enjoy every day, because every day above ground is a good day.

Advantageous Movie (2015)

What a trippy sci fi movie. This one is a deep story about a woman who will do anything to give her daughter the best life which includes financial security. Basically even if it could also be a 50/50 for disaster . She takes the risk. Although you hear the mother give some really solid advice to her daughter at the same time. Also in turn the daughter answers back with exploits her intelligence at such a young age. The mother intends to volunteer herself for this risky procedure because she is promised to be able to take care of daughter through this procedure because of a job loss. At times the movie is hard to follow as it has sort of Mind bending visuals with odd camera switches that have you asking yourself where you are at in the movie. Either way it builds up as expected and gets more twisted as it unravels towards the end. I think there is a level of fear for the main character in some scenes which keeps you on your toes. Just be sure to pay attention to flashback memories to blend into current time. Gives you that “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” style of a film. This one challenges future tools that may have benefits if used properly yet obstacles are always soon to follow technology advancements. For sure check this one out to expand your sci fi mind a bit.