TroyBoi Live @Ministry of Sound 2/9/20

What an amazing trip to see this DJ. This venue was located in the United Kingdom and specifically in London. It took a 9hr flight to make it there and the flight was a breeze. This was my first trip to this magnitude and first ever time in London. I went with 2 friends and one of which has a severe flight anxiety but with our help this passenger made it over with minimal issues. We stayed in a hotel out there and saw all the sights while in town. I noticed the folks were very standoffish to Americans due to their leader “Boris” who is similar to that fuck-tard Trump. The venue itself reminded me of a local club here in Seattle called “Trinity” as the club has various rooms playing different music in each room. Ministry of Sound has an upper and lower area with VIP area up top overlooking where TroyBoi would be playing. We had VIP which enabled us to be close to the stage and I worked my magic to get us all gold bracelets to do meet and greets with the DJ’s including Troyboi. He seems like a nice dude and we had ran into him while he was in Seattle last time so he was impressed we all came to London to see this show. Once the show started I was blown away with his entrance, high energy and confetti shot out everywhere as he walked in and shouted “Welcome to London” and then the music opened. His sounds have a hip hop influence to his sets. So even if you aren’t an electronic fan I think us rap and hip hop heads can appreciate the mixes. The entire room was high energy and people from all different races and backgrounds were head bang’in to the music. All you could hear were UK accents and music blast’n with pretty go-go dancers all around the perimeters of the room. The show was great and worth the trip worth the experience. If you haven’t ever been to the UK before, you really need to go.

Lane 8 Live @Showbox Sodo 2/21/20

Showbox Sodo is a great venue for electronic larger shows like this. Easy location to get to in Seattle with a small dive bar across the street to pre game before shows. This specific show had a line about a block long from the many people who wanted to see it. I was invited to this last minute from a very good friend of mine who had an extra ticket. Now I wasn’t actually familiar with the DJ but seeing how packed it was made me realize how popular Lane 8 is. When I arrived to the entrance the security wrapped our phones around the camera because video and pictures were prohibited which was a first at that venue for me. The electronic music felt techno-esq or I think maybe they call it “trance” for it’s category. As I said I am not too familiar with this DJ or electronic music in general but I liked the show. Good laser light show backed up by good rhythm in the sounds. I snuck this photo just to make sure I can have at least one picture. As you can see in this picture a bunch of balloons fell from the ceiling during the show. I just imagined them popping and glad I wasn’t on the main floor near them. It’s odd how gun fire and other loud noises don’t bother me one bit but the unpredictability of a balloon popping always annoys me. Anyway, great show and worth the time with my best bud there.

What Happened To Monday Movie (2017)

What an interesting Sci-Fi experience. So the plot is about a set of septuplets which consists of 7 identical sisters that were born in a world that outlaws any siblings. The reason for that is in this movie at the year 2043 the population is out of control and the food is diminishing. So in an effort to prevent world hunger and over population they have a rule under the “child allocation bureau” to enforce the one child per family law. In this future you notice small details like cars and various digital billboards and such. Also all of the firearms are digitally coded to specific law enforcement agents. So that means they can only fire when that specific person uses their finger recognition on the weapon. Back to the story, so these 7 sisters have one name one identity yet in the privacy of their home and under the strict supervision of their grandfather they refer to each other as a name for each day of the week. Being 7 of them they go from Monday to Sunday for their names. Each day of the week the sisters plays out the day as the role of one person and the next sister which is named the next day of the week plays out her day under the same identity. This creates many complications throughout the movie as often times some things are not shared between all of the sisters. They must wait until it’s their day before they can go out in the world and act out their identity. Now you get the plot right in the title which Monday goes missing. Each sister has drastically different personalities and I really think Noomi Rapace does a very excellent job in showing us entirely different characters even despite how much green screen she is acting with. Green screen is used to manipulate duplicate people. Rapace even interviewed saying she would listen to different music as well as wear certain perfumes depending which character she was playing to help her morph into that person. So you don’t get that cheap CGI feeling when you see them all together, they actually look and appear like different people. One of the CAB Agents that they have a run-in with is kind of a bad ass. There is this scene where he hops out of military vehicle to go handle business and sticks his arms out wide while soldiers lower armor fatigues over him which clearly displays his importance. The sisters have different styles and one of them is very tough, always working out and hitting punching bags while others just seem like ordinary women with different personalities. I read Brian Tallerico’s review which he seemed to like the intense fighting scenes which is an under statement, these bitches get down when they need to. To paraphrase Tallerico, basically he felt like there wasn’t enough character development and holes in plots even though his dumb ass should understand they had to build stories of 7 individuals in under 2hrs. Also certain pieces really didn’t need to get explained especially when the story already has so many good twists and turns leading to the climax of it all. Plus many of the aspects are relevant to the world we are living in now. One thing I would have liked is more intense phrases in revenge scenes. For instance when she over powers the doctors and sticks the one doctor with his own needle, she lowers him down and appears out of breath. I think as she was poking him with the needle they should have focused on her face as she declares “How the fuck does that shit feel?!” or maybe she could have said very sternly “Go to sleep” as the body drops to the floor. Instead you are left with too many intense scenes that needed the cult classic lines. However when she has the bathroom scene and goes HAM sandwich on the soldiers, that was done beautifully and you could feel the revenge fill the room. All in all this is a movie very worth watching with that black mirror esq feel to which makes the viewers think.

Polar Movie (2019)

As most movie enthusiasts know, Siskel and Ebert are known as the holy grail of movie reviews. Well this particular film has many bad reviews everywhere including by the remaining critic Mr. Ebert. RIP to Siskle. Anyway so I think it’s only fair I send a RIP also to Ebert’s review on this film. I want to set the record straight but also describe the film in my opinion. Ok, Let’s ride….So Ebert claims this movie is so disgustingly bad and obviously filmed, trivial and basically just a terrible film, he even goes on to say something like it’s just another retiring assassin movie with extreme gore almost hinting like it could never be as good as the John Wick series. This is a whole new story you dip shit Ebert, this is an entirely a new tale with different things in jeopardy for a retiring world class hitman. A hitman so fucking dangerous that some other hitman won’t even try to fuck with him. To the point where you can torture and mangle him and he is literally a fuckin battle tank! Like if the lead character played by Mads Mikkelsen, were to actually punch Ebert in the face with full power it would literally snap his no good critic-ing ass into neck folding chair, that action would put him back the 1990’s when he was highly respected. Like really dude? The fight scenes in this movie are next to none. You watch Mikkelsen fuck dudes up until he uses them as human body shields. He does this in such a major degree that you are cringing at the amount he can damage in a blink of an eye. This dude does such crazy hitman work that you are convinced if he had to go up against John Wick, Leon the professional and Bruce Willis, you know damn well Mikkelsen’s character would wrap all their bodies into rubberband ball of death. That being said you see action in here that isn’t cliche or boring like fuck stick Ebert says in his review. You see shoot outs so realistic you wonder what training he had to do to pull off that shit on film. You Mikkelsen having a dope ass sex scene but switch into kill mode at a moments notice in the middle of it, to the point where dudes are getting erased while he is still in the Birthday suit. So Ebert is very incorrect claiming that you see cheesy sexual content in this film because this shit is some sexy artistry with very well evaluated/pretty casting. Very beautiful female actors in this. So good you could probably rub one out too this screen-type flavor. Next is the story line, it’s touching, moving, believable and with just enough of a twist that actually explain the characters origin really well and why this ruthless killer moves the way he does. He is an ice cold killer but searching for a soft spot within himself that he doesn’t even know if he has. The man is older yet so deadly it never slows him down. Mikkelsen plays a smart. ruthless yet very calculated on his retirement. The movie even has an almost legal organisation of hit men including pensions, rules and high pay. What if they were all to turn on this OG hitman? Will it be worth it or will he kill too many of them to make his death worth it? Why have him killed anyway? All these questions create suspense and connectivity to the scenes. Also Ebert refers to its association to a graphic novel which is why you see lots of quick shots and almost animated hallucinations the lead character experiences about past mistakes. We saw how great Watchmen was as “un film-able” style of movie that originally a graphic novel, Yet Ebert seemed like he would have sucked Zach Synders dick he loved Watchmen so much. Oh but this adaptation ruins your little panties? Well go ahead and love Watchmen as it’s a greta film indeed but Synder doesn’t want your little terrible critic bird lips on his dick. For POLAR, we are given some old English font captions to describe who characters names are as they become introduced but what is clever and not cheesy about that is when the new hitman is introduced in a scene with old English lettering on screen, you don’t get any origin or duty of their character. Instead you gotta just watch each hitman’s character develop for themselves in front of you. Ebert is over there bored as fuck trying to watch shit like 2014’s the guest, or whacking his meat to brokeback mountain OR new trash like “uncut gem” type movies while ignores Mikkelsen putting his foot so far up bad guys assess that you wonder if Mikkelsen really is a worldclass bad ass in real life? The other characters wear extreme outfits at times and they are clearly rich as fuck from their all of their contract killings. You see one of the worst torture scenes done to Mikkelsen but it also shows how he would never be broken no matter how much you mangle him, fucker just won’t die and never gives up. You see him clear out armys of master killers and hentchmen alike who are trying to kill him and if when they even try to catch him off guard his murderistic instincts are so sharpened you just have to count out ever trying to go against him. This killer also is very kind and caring to anyone he isn’t suppose to delete from earth. Including a scene where he shows a soft spot for a small animal and later a woman. I believe these scenes were done with the purpose to show the audience he is a rare killer that never grew up hurting animals. Lot’s of people might not have caught that perspective, but I did. As most killers in real life show animal hurting tendencies, but not Mikkelsen. However keep watching because our killer also makes mistakes of getting those he tries to protect in bad situations just from being around him it’s a risk. Yet this killer is soft spoken, apologetically real. So many crazy action scenes, I mean this fucker got caught in the moment while he was fucking a chick and then killed 4 seemingly tough rival hitman while he was butt naked in the snow. Not sure if Jon Wick is even willing to get butt naked in any of his trilogy work. Mikkelsen owns that shit and when he takes over the situation he warns many people not to fuck with him in so many words yet they learn the hard way as he shows no mercy. This movie was intense and it has scenes filmed in my hometown of Seattle, WA which was a trip to see current shots of Seattle not knowing that I was going to see familiar monuments in the background as he bounces around a few states. Check this one out for sure on Netflix and do us all a favor and leave a flaming pile of poop on Robert Ebert’s front door, just so he has to stomp it out like his shitty critics review of this film.

Uncut Gems Movie (2019)

This fucking movie sucks balls! I would rather jump into a high velocity wood chipper! twice! Before ever sitting through this much of worthless movements on screen mixed with Adam Sandler’s semi Bob Cat with a hint of dirty old man rasp for 2hr and 15 miserable minutes ever again. There! , Now that I have your worthless ass attention from anyone who EITHER watched this garbage and liked it or anyone who wants to be saved from certain brain and eye death. So, for starters, Adam Sandler is known as our comedy guy that we will forever always remember telling a stupid Golf ball to go in a hole in which was the ball’s home & accompanied by getting his ass kicked by Bob Barker. So a serious role isn’t that he couldn’t pull it off, it’s more that he can’t tone down his whining rasp even for 10 minutes the entire movie. All you hear is a dying Yak with thick gravel in it’s mouth -rusty-screeching the entire movie. The plot to this makes no sense, what is Sandler’s origin? How does he seem to have lots of money but too broke to pay any of his debt collectors? Why is he so shady to everyone? Why does his jewelry shop seem to have some type of clout yet Sandler is a universe away from playing a tough guy in the film. In fact Sandler’s role gets pushed around so much that you almost beg any god to grant him the one chance to stand up for himself. If that’s not enough, you get failed climax’s and the fact Sandler plays a shady cheater who has a side chick and a Wife who seems neither in love nor cross with him leading you to think maybe they are just accepting his characters actions. Next you have important roles played by real celebrities such as The Weeknd and Kevin Garnett. The weeknd’s ridiculous ass hair stands out so bad that they couldn’t even cast him as anyone else but himself only to be written in as himself to depict Sandler going to a private party to watch a performance. So stupid. Yet not stupid enough so how about Sandler getting into a fist fight with The Weeknd on top of that? Which is totally NOT plausible seeing how Sandler’s role gets kicked around the entire movie except for that one moment. Who cares though since the two just roll around on the ground only to be broken up in seconds anyway. Then you got Kevin Garnet walking into scenes taller than the ceilings like they had to raise each room just to clear his dome. This, along side his monotone deep voice that just smells of the movie was only a payday for him and nothing more. Kevin walks around like a big ass dumb tree with no believable acting abilities yet has the audacity after this movie to go onto a local talk show and claim he is open to new movie opportunities as an actor if they come along. You dumb ass 50ft human, you couldn’t be a believable actor in any fucking movie unless it was a basketball one! Fuck outta here mountain lump! Anyway, next Sandler’s dip shit role has this bright idea to get some uncut gem million dollar stone shipped inside a fish for cents on the dollar and no real idea of it’s true value. Not only are the origins of the uncut gem not really explained but why Sandler also lends it to Garnett for a game is bizarre as fuck too. Even more stupid that they wrote in a scene that Garnett thinks it gives him super human playing abilities. Garnett bro if you are reading this…remember Shaq trying to do kazaam and it was so terrible that not even kids would skip school if they knew they had to watch that stupid movie. So Garnett, ya pointy mountain lump why not just follow biggie’s advice and stick with your wicked jump shot. So next, Sandler lends this suppose-to-be expensive fine uncut gem to a Basketball player who is playing himself in a dumb ass movie for good luck or to just simply to floss cool shit only to discover it’s his good luck charm. It’s like hey story writers, dumb fucking fairy tale and that’s also suppose to be like a million dollar gem street price, yet you script Sandler to lend it out like it’s your 1987 Toyota fucking truck. No worries, the movie lets him lend it out gladly so long as he can hold Garnett’s championship ring as collateral. Only to pawn that ring hours later to build capital to pay other debts off which he keeps going deeper in the hole on.. The Sandler character is in his ears in debt from various collectors, mafia looking men, street people, old people, young people yet somehow he has gold jewelry on, a beautiful home,, beautiful wife, nice car, nice clothes and seemingly his own successful jewelry shop. So why…in..the….fuck…is he running from all these debts?! The movie decided that reason was a secret besides the possible assumable bad decisions he seems to make. The writers did however show us that Sandler’s character also cheats on his wife who he also has several-several kids with. This situation seems to not phase Sandler as he moves through the city evading more debt collectors in the presence of his wife yet living on a hope and a dream he can sell the uncut gem for a large fortune. They also show year markers every so often to show you what year the movie is taking place in. For instance it said 2008, then 2012 or something in a couple screen shots to give you this impression maybe it’s based on a true story. However it’s not at all and completely fictional which makes you hate the film even more for ever thinking Sandler’s scumbag body really existed in real life. I read some reviews on this movie about it being good and some type of brave attempt by Sandler with other quality supporting actors. This was not my perspective at all. I felt the plot made no sense, the scenes jumped around with no real direction. What would happen if he sold the uncut gem? Would he pay his debts off and suddenly not be a piece of shit anymore? Because the audience wasn’t led to that type of direction as he kept his shady role all the way up to a bullet in the head which made you jump for joy at the end. So it made the entire story cheapen into a boring camera man following some spastic fuck stick with a fucked up voice into various New York locations and call it a movie. When Sandler talks to any person in this movie he sounds like a raspy old child molester that is talking with infant voice at volume 4 -to- volume 10 at any given moment. You want to take pencils and stab your ears listening to him squawk through every scene. Then these mafia guys look like casting found them at a NYC construction site and just decided to dye some white into their hair & slick it back and throw them in slacks…call it a guido. No we ain’t really buying that. However Sandler is afraid or avoids anyone so who cares. His wife plays a seemingly smart and to the fucking point style Brooklyn chick. Yet she also appears to be at the end of her line with him as the movie plays out but they keep interacting together with the same rhythm leaving you unsure of whether she cares or doesn’t. You never really see that he has any friends except the hood as O-Dog lookin cat who comes in and out of his jewelry shop to sell stolen goods or bring referrals. Yet quickly this o-Dog Wanna Be seemingly turns on Sandler mid film in a way that makes you think they were never really friends. There is no rise or fall or direction in this movie. Nothing crazy about the uncut gem, no origin of why Sandler is such a cock sucker. No shiny carrot dangled for what happens if Sandler pulls off a hole in one or oops I mean becomes the movies hero to save the day. Nope just mindless bitchery with shady deals and no amazing cinematic scenes to speak of. Worst movie I have ever seen. The only kick ass part was to see the new actor Julia Fox display great angles of her perfect wagon on the back of her frame she calls an ass. Her booty was looking so juicy you wanna slap your neighbor in the theater. I feel like if you throw a quarter at her great ass you don’t know whether it will ricochet off our absorb into the juicy fest. You just know no matter what miss Fox’s ass will be printed on a quarter some day or it may replace our own American flag so that we could salute her Ass for the rest of our living days. The movie however, was a pile of worthless dog shit and the fact that anyone with normal human motor-cortex’s gave this garbage ass movie a good review should be executed immediately by using the weapon of their own damn terrible critic hands. Rest in peace to that 2 hours and 15 minutes I lost sprinkled with the brain damage to my eyes for watching this horse shit!

Thought of the day 12/20/19

I watched a movie the other day that reminded of the freedoms of being young. I had this overwhelming sadness that came over me. Questions like, did I make the right choices, did I choose the right paths or would I change things if I had the chance to go back. I imagined running through Hiawatha Park around 10yrs old without a single care in the world except that it was sunny and the heat was on my back. Everything felt golden and tomorrow was no fear because I would only be adding one more day to being 10 years old. 10 is such a great age for me personally because I had no regrets at all, how could I? Because I had so few years of life at age 10 how could I care about what’s behind me. So then in present time I got to thinking, many people say things like “you only live once” which is used to remind us to live life to its absolute fullest. I decided I don’t like that saying. I prefer to say you actually live every day and you only ever die once. So every day is this blessing. I was in the store the other day feeling stressed about certain things and thought of how lucky I was to be walking down the aisle. On my own two feet, articulate, intelligent and with plenty of friends. So this message goes out there to anyone feeling down. You live every day you wake up and you only die once so breath every minute like it’s glorious because it is. The picture above is of West Seattle, my home town. I love West Seattle.

Ad Astra Movie (2019)

Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones, how can you go wrong right? Great Sci-Fi film about a few topics. One, is the question of is there life outside of Earth? What does time alone for months really do to humans and what would the world be like in the future, how would it really be? What I really like is the subtle details of rooms and devices that they don’t focus on. Minor things like the rooms climate control show a futuristic presence that are very plausible in the near future. Also the way we think of traveling state to state become the norm traveling to say – the moon. No longer is it a place for astronauts it’s just a destination with living people on it. Our technology would make that trip like traveling to Florida time wise. There is also major conflict in the future which we are not surprised about. You get short glimpses of what futuristic battles could look like and what’s at steak if you run into space pirates. The scenery and CGI is profound as Pitt travels throughout our solar system looking for his father who was previously on a mission to search for intelligent life at the edge of our solar system. His father becomes lost in space without contact but the question is, is he hiding or is he lost. You also see right from the start of the film that Pitt is not your average space man. He is a fearless bad ass who stares right at death without ever flinching. He gets the job done and removes emotions from every action. This becomes another important aspect to understand about the film and how emotions have no place in military teams. The story is special and whats even more realistic is the climax of this film that asks if we are alone or not but if you watch till the end its a result that really feels most realistic to answer that question. No one wants to believe it but this movie shows just one possibility of what is potentially at edge if our solar system.

Good Kids Movie (2016)

Forget that this movie can confuse you with the more recent movie called “good boys” which follows a completely younger crew. This movie was about high school best friends trying to live life to it’s fullest before being shipped off to different colleges that they all had scholarships for. They are smart, reserved and never do anything bad nor hang with the cool kids. Not this time. They are going to push themselves to any limit they can find. This movie is hilarious but sprinkled with some touching serious scenes. Which quite simply creates the greatest “high school comedy” film of this era. I saw so many bad reviews on this I had to set the record straight. You take Superbad, Fast Times Richmont High, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller, Breakfast Club, say anything, 10 things I hate about you, the Wild Life and with these hints of raunchy American Pie , Nation Lampoon’s type humor in it. Also the scenes have great music choices like their entrance to a high school party with Dead Prez “Hop Hop” blastin in the background giving you that office space feel when they break the printer. They cut out a lot of the corny cliche scenes replaced with more authentic scenes. Like when one character smokes a cigarette for the first time she doesn’t cough like every first cinematic smoke scene happens. No instead the humor is why she was smoking not because of her first ever drag. Also one character is abnormally tall like 6′ 9″ but total nerd with that Michael Cera style humor. They make references to his height in the movie to basically announce the tall elephant in the room so you that you can move on with the story. The humor is drool and near heart attack laughter that made me feel like each scene was thoroughly thought-about before shooting. So each comedic moment a joke happened it’s nailed into time for the movie. Lots of surprise scenes in this too that don’t really fit into the films style but keep you engaged to what will happen next? Great plot and story all the way through to the end. Check out this soon-to-be cult-classic.

Boosie BadaZZ Live @Welcome Palace 12/14/19

Now, so I originally wanted to go see this show for X-Raided because I like his new music and of course his classics. X never went on stage because they didn’t want to pay him up front so I feel him on that aspect. Back to the show. This venue is a hall you can rent out over in Seatac and previously was an Auto Parts store or something at one time. Large open area with main stage setup and they used metal barriers for the VIP dance floor area. Each side also had VIP arrangements with small homemade bar areas and drink tickets to buy drinks. The ticket thing has been around a long time to avoid issues with state liquor boards and lots of biker clubs have been doing that style for a long time. The openers were decent and pleasing to the ears. X-Raided didn’t come on and that started some uneasy feelings during the show. As we waited for Boosie to come on stage I could tell everyone was getting anxious. This was probably one of the most hood shows I have been to out of Brotha Lynch, Lil Eazy E, Do or Die, X-Raided, G Perico, and so many others to name and this one topped all of that. Tattoo faces people with hoods on and dark clothing in the shadows, gold chains, flannel shirts and other attires that shared correlations to hoodlums. Either way it was all love in there as I passed through in a large fur coat, no shirt, light up glasses and pleather pants. I left all my fucks at home. When Boosie came on stage I thought the women were gonna rush the stage. Security was having issues keeping them big bitches back. Boosie was great live and sounded authentic and you could hear his actual voice sending the lyrics out, not any lip syncing. He performed great and performed like he was really pleased to be there. After the show all of us VIP members were to get a picture taken. They had no organization at all to this and everyone piled around one door to get in. After about an hour wait some fuck stick comes out and tells us it’s another $100 for a picture. Fuck that we already paid $100 for our VIP ticket and GA was $50 so you know damn well they already made their money. So I left and walked outside. I noticed not even a joke 17 police cars and cops everywhere. Not sure if -or what went down but the entire Seatac police force was waiting outside. I came out tipsy with no shirt and my phone out-snap chat ready- as I waited for my uber. All in all a great show and X-Raided announced on his IG he will be back here 2020 with brotha Lynch for a show. The very last great moment of the show was that I met a chick who also does music by the name of Holly Michelle. Awesome stuff and I hope to do a blog on her once I see her live.

Indian Horse Movie (2018)

Movies like this, remind me of how proud I feel to be a Native American. Also knowing Clint Eastwood had any involvement in this movie gives great confidence. First things first, this movie is amazing, powerful and realism to it’s ugliest truth. Watch it, love it, know it. Ok, So myself, I am Native American and Swedish ethnicity, and back in the 1980’s it wasn’t unheard of but it was still semi taboo to date a Beautiful lil Indian girl at West Seattle high School, but hey, my Dad was an innovator, a rebel and a Baad Mutherfucker in his hay-day(s). So he went for it, then oops here I am. In the Film Indian Horse they show the lead character go through several chapters of his life while he narrates the story to help you really grasp what the character is feeling. You see how Hockey is his way out of the life of Neglect, Abandonment, Abuse, Fear and oppression. Hockey in Canada is very popular how Football is very popular in the United States. However Hockey is much rougher as in Football fighting is strictly prohibited and can get you thrown out of games or fined. Hockey you can knock a guys teeth out and only receive minutes in a penalty box before returning to the game. The character goes through double the abuse during games as being Native American is double-hate time for other sports players. You see in the movie how this was an era when folks would openly taunt or hurt Native Americans just for being alive or enjoying a beer with friends. It makes you sick but also sort of reminded me of our History and how far we have come. First it was man VS Animal, then it was racism, then it was the type of race that mattered. Next humans realized women needed their rights, then our next milestone was gays deserved rights and soon after, Transgender can’t be left out and somewhere in the mix Animals deserved rights the whole time too. Soon the computers or robots will demand rights. Maybe that’s too far off? We digress, back to the film, there are some notable scenes like when the crowd applaud and adore the Lead Characters Hockey skills and congratulate him by throwing miniature toy Indians with Native Headdress/warbonnets on them. You see him lay on the ice staring at the the toys as land near him with this indifferent yet intense focus in his eyes. Leading us as the audience to think two things, one that he is highly offended to see a mockery of his people but also it could be a moment of shock that everyone praises him to make toys of him like a rockstar. One thing is for sure that OG Native Americans don’t appreciate mockery or toys with Warrior Chief Headdress’ on. The culture of the Native American Headdress is that it’s rarely given to anyone and only chiefs and warriors are among those to be given such a great gift. Few can proudly wear them and are to be defended at all costs. I remember the first time my Mother saw me wearing a warbonnet on my head that I bought from an online store. I wasn’t sure how she would react being a proud Native American herself. She takes one look at me and says “aww my lil Chief of West Seattle, cuuute, I love it” and it was at that moment I felt like the daughter of a Baad Mutherfucker who produced a Baad Mutherfucker for a Mom knighted me the power to wear this War Bonnet proud and to defend it against any opposing enemies. Not too long after that my Uncle (who is younger than me because the Natives don’t have an [OFF] switch, HA) Anyway my Uncle defends me to another Native from my own tribe or in Canada they call tribes “Bands” and the other member was offended by my War Bonnet. Said they are only earned. My uncle says this to him “If it’s drowning in the tears of his enemies or going through life full of Trials & Tribulations, then yes, My nephew has earned that. It’s not his fault he was sent to white washed schools without his Grandfathers guidance but at this point it’s important we as Native Americans hold onto whatever we got left.” and when I read that I felt like my Uncle did a giant upper cut punch right through any cultural appropriation comments brought on by anyone Native American OR not Native American. It was beautiful to know that he is my family. My uncle is a wise but gnarly Indian and I love him and the rest of my family just the way they are. So with that being said about how OG Native Americans not appreciating any sort of mockery of their culture you can see in the film the lead character never ever loses who he is no matter how far he goes in life. He carries his pride throughout the film into a victory lap around the scenes. You see how close he is to the family that helps him. Even though the character is taken in by other Natives who are not his direct bloodline he realizes family is who you choose. The movie covers a time when Native American language was removed from the schools and you would be strictly punished if you used any Native tongue or names in school. They successfully deleted much of Native American culture from the history books. Though some of the people he meets are great some are also bad but not revealed until it’s usually too late. You get to see an era on film before the civil rights movement with some harsh looks at our own people being harsh to other living breathing people. In a time when humans didn’t even know what humans are suppose to look like, yet it’s a trick fucking question, we are all humans so this is how we all look. How the earth was growing and like how human growing pains they can hurt. Our lands were so broken that we couldn’t even see the human race for the human and instead focused on only the race. This is a great movie for anyone that enjoys seeing a character never give up and never give in. Happy endings with true events makes it even all the better.