Archive Movie (2020)

I think this is the best “Artificial Intelligence” Sci-Fi movie I have ever seen so far. This blends into the AI so real and close to true human intelligence that not only do you see every real human emotion, such as fear, pain, and happiness, love and compassion. You also see the AI become fully self aware of one self. At first the story isn’t making much sense as to the origins of the plot and you are showered with Sci-Fi Futuristic imagery in your face. They place you in a space ship style bunker deep in the Japan mountains. All the way to high tech doors and gadgetry throughout the film. The time is around 2046 or some around there so the attention to detail is beautifully illustrated with a blend of robotics and high tech jargon. At first you are seeing the lead character spend countless hours and days into research and tech poking all through each scene but soon you see he is preparing to literally duplicate his dead wife from a fatal car accident that left her dead with only her backed up hard drive of her brain subconsciousness archive. Being in the future, they lightly graze across some legal aspects of being able to backup and store human subconsciousness but it’s clear that he has hers and intends to drop it right into the realist robot man has ever created. Yet it also seems this might be illegal to either his job or to authority of some kind. You start to notice he has made several attempts to build prototypes before the latest final one. Each of the robots he dumped AI in each one but since it was trial runs it went in phases of upgrades. Meaning Robot 1 has the brain ceiling of a 5 year old max and can’t develop higher. Then the next has the brain function of an 8 year old. Next and last is the one that can fully execute decision making while also feel love and compassion, guilt and reward. You see that these prototypes are not suppose to his wife at all and just trial runs of basic AI skills. So he sort of treats them as family at first as if he knows they a real robot minds and he explains to them all that they are family. This comes off a bit weird at first but just trust in the build up that there is a reason he is pretending they are like little family robots he can talk to. Once he continues through finalization you get brief flashbacks of before his wife was killed. Brief moments of who she was and why he was so deeply madly in love with her. Also how deeply she loved him back. You start to get drifted in the love story of the whole thing and rooting for him to recreate the love his life that he lost so tragically from a car accident that he was even riding in the car next to her in. As the movie shifts through advancements in the final robot phase that will become his wife again, you start to get this impression that not only is he a incredibly smart dude but he is also working for the government on top secret robotics experiments. There are several scenes of the lead character getting in hot water by seemingly higher up officials government types who only want him to focus on certain aspects of his duties. They make references to big companies funding his AI work shop and how he better act in compliance or they will pull his funding plug and take legal action on him. This makes him scramble to get his wife in order as fast as he can before authorities take her away. He is so close to making a true AI with the luck of saving her memory so he knows its a race against the clock. Soon you see another plot twist that he is able to have brief and short video action with his actual wife through the backed up memory archives he so fortunately had saved through the car accident. Also each robot of previous design starts to get jealous of each other. You even watch one robot commit suicide which was actually super sad. He took parts off an older more obsolete model and was working on a better model so it got sad and older version decided to walk deep into the water to kill itself. Then the late model one finally is fully operational, to the point of walking and talking and appearing near human. feeling a sense of touch and sleeping, having dreams. Able to eat as a simulator and actually taste things. The skin feels real and the robot has real actual memories of them together. They start to do things together, dance around the house and go on runs. You see the robot wife act like it’s actually human and start to have feelings for the maker. You even think to yourself when is the robot sex scene going to happen. However the twist on that is even better. The final draft robot even slips into bed with him one night. You think this is it, this is it, robot sex pound town. She gets in bed with him and the scene starts to take too long to start the cool sexual stuff which gives you the impression something is wrong…oh shit…yep you start to think what if he freaks the fuck out and isn’t quite ready to have a robot sex scene with his wife. Or her trying to get fucked by human dick. Just when you realize that thought is a possibility he wakes up and jumps straight the fuck out of skin in fear and sticks to the ceiling with fright. She freaks out too and runs away and computer style crashes while remembering all of the car crash memories and what happened to her through it. When she awakes the authorities finally had enough of him and decide he breached contracts of his research facility and should be arrested. They swarm his Japanese futuristic bunker with mega tech aircraft’s like he was the worlds most wanted. Last minutes the robot wife discovers that she is actually NOT the final robot as he seemed to indicate and the very last finishing touch is to actually override her robot subconscious he built from scratch & replace with his wife’s actual real deal subconsciousness that was actually authentic. Once robot hottie figures this out she goes ape shit and almost tries to shoot the main character with a futuristic gun that apparently was given to him but some higher up agent that semi liked him. She points it at him to ultimatum either let his wives real subconscious die OR make a new relationship with the prototype version of AI robot. The final prototype is in complete sadness as it now makes sense why he wouldn’t get freaky with her in the bed because she was not only NOT his real wife. She was also a real robotic intelligence he built and not the real captured archive of his wife that will soon replace her. So she finally submits out of sadness and fear yet love for her creator. She decides to drop the weapon and give in to have her data completely erased with his wife’s actual archived mind and do an override. The final revised last phase you see being built inside the state of the art robot lab with mechanically made bones, organs and features. When they show the way the robot is built and constructed in his top secret spy lab you will be tripped out. In fact you should eat an edible before you watch it and really drift into a hi-tech wonderland (cheech & Chong Voice). The best part is the ending, when this fucker ends you are going to have your whole mind scrambled into pix-elated dust. You will have your own brain hard drive cooked into burnt hair smell. The ending is such a mind fuck that you will question the entire movies plot. Everything you thought you knew about the character into a distant mind blender of imaginative thoughts. Check this one out for a look at how the future might have funeral services and with a chance to talk to our loved ones for a very short time…after they actually die.

The Merchant of Death 3/6/2008

Normally this story could be the making of another film or continuation of the already classic movie “Lord of War” played by Nicolas Cage which was an in fact true story loosely based off the life of Viktor Bout, a Notorious Arms Dealer that spanned a timeline in arms trade through the late 1980s past the 1990s and deep into the early 2000’s before eventually being arrested in 2008. The movie however was made for mainly theatrical purpose but also notable that Mr. Bout still was never caught during the movies release which made the viewers not even realize it was a real story. The writer/director and producer of Lord of War never mention the book “Merchant of Death” written by D.J. Machale in 2002 which was 3 years prior to the Lord of War movie being released. However they do a great job on the film as they still follow many of the shockingly real events this gnarly Russian lived. Now that you have some of the back story of the Lord of War movie as well as this gnarly ass Former Military Russian, let’s round table the hidden political motivation that could be hiding in here. As of 2018 a man named Paul Whelan ( A US citizen with also, British, Ireland AND Canadian citizenship) was arrested for espionage which just is a fancy word for calling someone a spy who is gathering secret information from other countries and this guy got zapped in Russia for this and was sentenced to 16 years in Russian prison which I am more than positive ain’t no cake walk in the park country club. Whelan also was an arms dealer operating under Kingsmead Arsenal which is now closed. On top of that Maria Butina (Russian federal council member as well as member of our US NRA) was arrested in the US for “conspiracy to act as an unregistered foreign agent for Russian’ which sounds like a made-up charge but it’s real.  If you aren’t confused yet, try to  keep up and also keep in mind that shortly after  Viktor Bout was brought down and arrested in 2008  they also nabbed a guy named Konstantin Yaroshenko later in 2010 for drug smuggling of 4 Tons of cocaine by airplane since YaroShenko had flew planes for the Military in his past life. Yaroshenko had 4.5 Million dollars on the line before being caught in 2010 and sentenced to 20 years in USA prison which is a country he never set foot in before this sting operation he was caught up in. Yaroshenko had zero prior offenses and was acting on this one mission to make some money but crapped out on his first roll before the dice ever hit the ground. So now the big question is, you have 1 Russian arms dealer nicknamed “The Merchant of Death” due to the fact he has been selling mass Weapons from Ak47’s, rocket launchers on up to Tanks and sophisticated fighter jets for decades through Cold War, Contra, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and wars we never heard of, called conflict zones. Plus Russia now has in custody an American, Whelan who is a proven spy who and was caught on Russian territory and probably has many secrets the United States wants to bring back home to American soil. You also have a Russian woman, Butina, living in the US who proved to pose as a Russian decision maker with the sole purpose to infiltrate the United States National Rifle Association and was caught and detained in the US. Lastly you have a Russian Dude, Yarohensko, who never even set one Russian foot on American soil but was conspiring with “drug pusher kingpins” to move drugs by the tons to several countries including the united states which then was illegally extradited to the US to serve out 20 years, only after he was brutally beaten and interrogated by US DEA officials. What a mess. It’s now said by several sources all sides of governments are negotiating and considering prison inmate swaps. Which is also just fancy for: let’s get our people back to their designated countries with little to no discipline taken once we get them back. Since just about every one of the folks listed above are all  known Trump supporters they probably want to jump on the swap before this upcoming election. The question is, how do you think the swap will take place? Viktor Bout is one gangster ass fucker that Russia has had a hard-on for well over a decade to get back. He has military secrets and has sold heavy weapons for literally every part of the country even for the USA. So getting him on Eastern Blocc turf is an absolute must for the Russian President Vladimir Putin. However the other Russian Yarohensko is of major Russian popularity because he was basically kidnapped by the US and sentenced for two decades of prison with little to no way out. Butina isn’t of huge importance except the fact that she was most likely sent in by Russia to get our firearms policy info and who knows what else. Then there is Whelan who is a decorated US soldier who had previous run-ins with the law for Larceny among very respectable and also notable Military ranking. I think the straight across swap will be Viktor Bout (locked up in US) for Paul Whelan (Locked up in Russia)  Then they will sort the issue between Butina and Yorohensko not because the charges are similar…more because there is no way going to mix a prisoner swap between a major gnarly gun dealer with a drug pusher as that’s bad press. Not to throw more curve balls but I also find it interesting that all of these busts were elaborate sting operations set up in various hotels that only the government could have known about. Which then means that our US government is most likely playing dirty to catch people and made the first dirt move. Now Russia is answering back. Regardless, The four prisoners need to be swapped to maintain the peace between countries yet when the deal is finalized I bet most of the media won’t cover it due to this plandemic. One thing is for sure, this story will make for a great movie if nothing else so remember where you read this story first! Wesssss Siiiiide ! 

Thought of the day 6/10/2020

you ever think about the government and humans as really only simplified to pimps and hoes? See, a pimp will beat a chick with a coat hanger and run her a bath right after to keep the balance on the jaded soul. She will become comforted and rely on this pimp and he will even let her earn an allowance from her work. Now the USA is also a beaten, abused, battered and emotional sensitive baggage carrying human. Also with previous old universe issues like a hoe who didn’t have a perfect childhood so now we are all a statistic. Well now good ol sugar daddy government knows how to swoop in just in the nic of time and tell us human hotties what’s what and who’s who’s and shut our mouths. Next thing you know we look at each other like we are in zoos like wild animals of different races and religions shapes and sizes. HAHAHA!!! -Anyway just an observation since we are all simply starving (said in dynasty princess stuck-up voice Darling) for the governments next instructions. Please Mr government tell us all where we can go, when we can go there, what we can do, who we can do it with, oh and What we can say and what does it all mean we only listen to you. Make sure we don’t say it out loud or on the internet. All these rules and not one of them pertain to racial advantages. The government has fooled us into thinking race, color and ethnic background is divided right now when it’s NOT. The government tricked you all into thinking a bullet has a name or race on it. We started judging by racial motivation not content of ones character. We all mention race or ethnicity like we are all just a bunch of tiny gerbils fighting over peanuts in a gerbil maze that the government created just for us. They tossed us inside a square gerbil box. Oh yea and there is a scary scary virus inside and it can kill you so wear a mask you Cute little gerbil scientists that or so smart as the government attaches tiny scientist hats on us as we flounder in the life maze for the cheeeeese .. eventually we are like taxidermy hollow gerbils who think stupid ass thoughts on the fucking internet gerbils!!! Even though I’m a baad MF’er from the best place in allllll of WA, west seattle. I’m still a gerbil too. We are just gerbil people humans when it comes to the government. Our real strength is only in our numbers . All human lives matter everything that has the ability to argue with another  human over some dumb ass plandemic shit is… well human. Human gerbils but still human none the less. Pay attention gerbils! Weakness invites aggression, aggression can promote chaos. Chaos can lead to total destruction. Buuut then there is also rebuilding shit and restructuring and polishing a turd, cleaning garabge and then we rejoice! Hahaha who really fuckin knows. Bring whatever you want at us Mr Government because every day above ground is a good day to me !

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Technology & Singularity Thought of the Day 5/18/2020

Singularity defined as; ” The technological singularity—also, simply, the singularity—is a hypothetical point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization “. We all know how mathematics are can be a formula with an absolute one answer in which we respect. Science involves plenty of math and physics. Yet we as humans under estimate just how rapid it can control our lives but when it (as in the machines) becomes “self aware” in it’s own existence, that’s when we will be exterminated. First, before I go all conspiracy robot geek on you, chill out a sec, kick back, and let me walk you thru to this robot death first. So back in the day before social media etc all of the phones and vehicles were just discovering basic connection to the limited worldwide web /Internet. Well, that was all going to change through the mid to early 2000’s. Soon the phones and digital devices had access to search engines like the all powerful and knowing “Google” to find anything you need. Soon you could download apps in which every purchase was a click a way directly from my personal bank account. Verification’s became easier because we have facial recognition and thumb print on devices. Now when you talk to your digital devices the bitch Siri or Alexa talks back. If that isn’t enough, these cars park themselves and robots are delivering packages for you. Just when you think you have noticed neon signs and futuristic cars you don’t stop to notice how much money is going into Robotics. These robots have 3 Million dollar arms with 10 Million dollar chassis. We haven;t even got into the time to assemble these things. Trust me, those scientists ain’t doing it for volunteer work leaving the labs in bucket cars, no way, they are making good money. Anyway, lately people will act surprised when they say aloud things like; dinner reservations or a trip to Hawaii and then scroll their FB feed and see those recommendations pop up. Yes the phones and computers are listening. Everyone is so paranoid about their laptop cameras so they tape them. Let’s assume that’s all true and that now the robots have eyes, ears and access to our bank accounts, finger prints, facial structure, known relatives, passwords, GPS location and last but most importantly, in some way, access to Bluetooth or the Internet. So, how this works is, imagine our smartest human brain thinks at a rate of 100mph compared to the dummies brain @40mph. It takes this smart cat to think of something really technical or brilliant possibly 10-15 years after they pass their teenage stage which then puts total time to brilliance averaging `15-20 years the average minimum of that smart person to display all of his/her knowledge to the world. Then there is 1000s to Millions of those smart people putting all of their great ideas into the internet so the entire population can then build off those findings to create new revelations to document of their own. Literally everything our entire human race has done can be found on the internet. We rely on the Internet in some type of way in our lives no matter the age. Self-Learning computers are getting smarter and we no longer need to do anything except have a phone and sit at home on our assess these days. Behind the scenes small doses off Artificial Intelligence as well as Military weapons being combined with those technological advancements are being married together, in the midst. So that being said, we are like two cunt hairs away from having Robots do the following: Drive our cars, deliver our packages, decide what we want to eat or order from Amazon and lastly track all of our decisions to understand our psychology to our brains. True Artificial intelligence is far far from it’s infant stages in 2020. If you haven’t noticed the futuristic ass world we live in then get on your YoutTube app in your fancy Iphone 70 and go wide screen with a new wave selfie stick. So back on the freeway people…If the entire wealth of the human race can be a click away to any internet or WIFI connection, AND…we currently have military grade weapons, robots, tanks, guns and robotic manufacturing companies…AND the government as well as the nerdy scientists are already testing true AI /Artificial Intelligence that is very close to basic human decision making. They can just plug in and connect to the internet to get the basics to hold a conversation or even complete a carpentry task for you. What people aren’t understanding is, it’s not the level of where we are on robots that is scary. It’s the level of unmanned no human needed basic human decision making is being removed. Technology moves so fast over the years that if you were to go to sleep for 5 years you would wake up years behind in evolution due to technological advancements. Basic things like robots cleaning your house connected to your Bluetooth on your Iphone 98 will be standard soon. So you have to sort of stick with the Tech as it evolved to the point where you finally, finally, finally meet Singularity which is to the point where humans and machines are married into each other and the computers are going to out smart us. Going back to that example of a human learning at a brilliant persons pace of 15-20 years to have any monumental break trough, a true artificial intelligence in a machine could complete in one hour depending on internet connection and battery power. This is not a joke. Then when it does laps on our smartest inventors, builders, military experts and data programmers within minutes, it starts to become self aware of who “it” is and how important “it” is to humanities goal of consuming it. It’s at this point the internet is connected to every single thing we touch on a daily basis connected to every other device some how. Now here is the Sci-Fi jargon I mentioned earlier but just try to keep up. Someone finally starts to play with Artificial Intelligence and gets it’s right, completely right. A machine that can think for itself and make it’s own decisions or even communicate to other machines. Soon the Internet or any entity/device with a connection to the entire Internet will be wired to any machine built. Machines need then take care of the threat which us. They fire missiles at things, stuff blows up, unmanned things go chaotic. Factory’s build what they want to and machines assemble themselves or things how they need to. These decisions are made so effortlessly and quickly that one can’t help but to think they were dealing with the most sophisticated person in mathematical history as the timing to predict exactly what humans would do for every action they made. Not to mention they knew exactly what to use to kill us at any given moment while producing better versions of themselves by making better decisions on their own. Sure it sounds like abundance of sci-fi movies in all the variations you can think of. However in my opinion, I think we are only few stages away from True AI and then Robot’s could fuck some shit up. It could be a slow death and then sweep us up when we are all fat waiting for uber eats robots. Or it could be something vicious and calculated with actual un-manned mechanical construction. When it takes the average human 15-20 years to achieve much smart things to document with about 373 Million people in the US alone all connected to the Internet. One robot could have all that knowledge in seconds with the ability to think for itself it could be fully operational with a 100 human years of evolution of findings in seconds to it’s robot brain passing to other metal brains. So Imagine if that same Internet brain had a chance to think for itself meaning its brain has ZERO ceiling or restrictions and can completely build itself mentally. I mean look how much Stephen Hawking contributed confined to a wheelchair unable to move. Imagine about 100 Million of him’s and Albert Esenstein’s with fire power and with the decision that maybe humans are a little dumber than them..per human. That means within minutes they could go full aggressive on us just as quickly as the window to stop them closes. The smarter they get the smarter they get. Soon duplicating smart computers to other robots is just as easy as making them. Human interaction is less and less needed. We get to a point where robots are trying to determine if they are human or another human is operating one. Next thing you know one seems to malfunction by killing someone. Everyone thinks it’s just an accident until it figures out how to kill thousands into millions of people. Once the human race figures out what kills them it’s too late, we are then down to hundreds of thousands left. So if this movie style apocalyptic movie thing happens how do we get out of it? When you look at how smart the human race is to other species you can’t but help to think what if our wealth of knowledge could be comprised and used for other shit. However all that being said here is the ultimate part that will really burn your noodle. What if these super computers with Artificial intelligence are just so damn smart as a mathematical evil geniuses at an exponential rate,AND that they know to take their sweet time while we humans progress in life. They have all the time in the world to play possum until it’s time to reveal themselves through decades of evolution. Remember that the reason humans have brains is, is to predict the future. That is the fact no matter how you look at it and if that possibility is removed from the choice of humans we start to hop on the railroad towards singularity and becoming as one. We shall see!

Mohawk Movie (2017)

What an intense horror film with just the right touch of drama to remind you there is a message in this. Mohawk is based around the War of 1812 involving countries such as french, United Kingdom, The United States, In the midst of all of this madness the Native America tribes such as “Mohawks” are caught into the crossfires forced to fight with hostile Americans because there was no other option, Some critics claim that the low budget film-work was a problem to this film but I feel it gave it more of an authentic/cinema Verte / -real approach. Even some negative feedback was published to the bad dialogues and wardrobe pieces. I think the modern looking wardrobe, with English speaking Native Americans gave it a new age convenience that everyone can enjoy. I felt the story line matched the characters performances very well. You sort of have a flip side to where you see horrifying things done to Natives yet when the script flips you find yourself in a horror movie from the American’s perspectives. Thus making you know feel like your being hunted even if you also do wish for the Revenge happen. Very cool movie, creative and plenty satisfying revenge scenes.

The Anarchist Cookbook (1971)

This book was published in 1971 and comprised of the viewpoints of a Teenager named William Powell. There is a documentary I recently watched on the book that was released in 2016 where Powell shows much remorse of the books creation as well as documented attempts to take it off the bookshelves across the world -though never successful, especially with the introduction into the internet. On one hand this book was blamed for several bombings, mass shootings, rebellious or radical situations against the government yet on the other hand it’s argued that if this book is to blame then do the Gun manufactures or alcohol distributors feel guilty when humans use their products to commit crimes? You be the judge. One thing is for certain this collection of ideas and thoughts took place around a time we had many historical events in history that will never be forgotten. In this books development, the Vietnam War was taking place, Women were marching the streets for equal rights, African Americans demanded civil rights in a time when they used separate drinking fountains. Jimmy Hoffa was leading the Teamsters Union under mafia influence while meanwhile, people are getting smoked left and right back when assassinations were possible. Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, President Kennedy were all killed during this books birth and creation. You had Black Panthers and other Militant groups in full force at this time. Not to mention the loss of influential musicians like Jimmy Hendrix passing towards the end of that decade. All of these feelings and emotions and protests against the war were a lot for the Hippie generation of Americans who rolled down hills in Shopping carts during Woodstock 69′. This is all relevant because Powell being a 19yr old kid watching all of these events wanted to express his feelings on print but didn’t know the impact it would leave behind for generations to come. Powell received death threats and was even taken to court over plagiarism which he was never convicted of. Powell wasn’t safe anywhere from the torment of the book he created. Not to mention; jobs, family, social circles and life were all altered from the day that book went into circulation even up until his death in 2017 which was shortly after his 2016 documentary expressing how the book was created and how it became a chapter in his life he no longer agreed with. After the book was published Powell went on to be a Teacher and work with kids that had learning disabilities as he felt he could relate and saw a piece of himself in them. He was a Teacher for many years even despite his job being threatened several times for his Anarchist cookbook. Even though Powell expresses his remorse and displayed attempts to remove this book from circulation the damage was already done. Reminding us all that just a few seconds or moments could alter our future forever.

Encino Man Movie (1992)

I grew up mimicking (in good fun) the “Weasel” as Pauly Shore did in this movie which his role set the pace for how he would always be remembered when hearing his name to this day. I recently re-watched this movie to get the nostalgia vibe back of a childhood movie. I saw so many bad reviews online for this great movie and very little mention of it being a cult classic which sets it apart from other movies in it’s time. My review is it’s a great movie. Taking place in the early 1990’s the trends and looks are very apparent in the film but not like typical LA 1990’s you see in most films. This wasn’t a gangster movie nor cliche 1990’s movie related to 98210 either, though they make mention of all aspects of the 1990s. The area of Encino, is next to places like Calabasas and Beverly Hills so we aren’t talking about a poor area with highlighter yellow trendy teens. Instead they have a little money though not rich in the film just not broke either. Pauly Shore and his best buuu—ddy (shore voice) stumble across a Cave man in their backyard and attempt to thaw him out. Eventually it works but they have to teach him how to be human so they can bring him to their high school for popularity or money eventually. Shore just wants to be friends with the guy and have fun-tage which means fun yet Shore’s buddy has personal gain on his mind. After many trials and tribulations they all find out that they are family and good friends. It’s a rated PG film which opens all sorts of avenues of exposure when the film came out even though it didn’t smash box offices. Some will always remember Shore’s character in this and the Weseal / wolf howl he would do for his character but its p[pretty bitch’n way to be remembered if you ask me. One of the funniest movies of all time with very memorable quotes in it. The movie is about friendship and some young kids wanting to be cool in school which is relevant for this era and generations to come. Check this out for a good low budget laugh but take notice to the underlying truth to just accepting each other for who they are and enjoying life.

Battle In Seattle Movie (2008)

So I originally had been meaning to see this mostly because I remember this event in Seattle history very vividly with a dual purpose of watching it for it’s message and being from Seattle, WA myself. This video has some fiction added to it but mixed in with real actual protest events. They include actual Seattle footage from 1999 in Downtown Seattle, including interviews and live news broadcasts. Even though many do not even fully understand the whole purpose of WTO even to this day it was a moment to rage in Seattle that many protesters took part in. While there were many peaceful protesters utilizing freedom of speech, there were also violent protesters either using property damage to make a point or merely just down there to fuck shit up. The city brought in the National Guard and basically declared Marshal law without saying it, just like they are doing right now in 2020 in many aspects. The police used excessive force back then including tear gas at point blank range from firearms. They beat protesters senseless with sticks and clubs as well as physically pulled their gas masks off to harm them. I mean, if I was a cop I woudl probably chop some wigs too, not gonna lie. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t understand everything abut WTO myself either and not down with any so-called hippie shit, but I will say the cops went bonkers first in that situation. The movie shows a temporary change in the WTO meeting because of their efforts but in actuality there was little change in WTO except that they moved their meetings location and guarded it better. It was a grim look at Seattle but what was notable in the film was when Charlize Theron’s child dies from being pregnant and trapped in the riot, it was an oscar performance when she put out that candle with her finger due to pain in heart. The climax of the riot landed police and national guard up to capital hill area where shit got really bananas. The protesters morphed into all violent ones breaking shit, throwing tear gas back as well pushing back against barricades. Eventually they arrested 157 protesters as well as suffered 9 million dollars in property damage. The protest semi continued outside of the King County Jail house which later resulted in the release of all prisoners including an amount of about $250,000 to the prisoners for wrongfully bringing them all in to jail during the protest with Metro Buses. During this riot there were curfews with no real outline or rules to them just a 7pm curfew and 7am to be allowed time to be out. So similar to our 2020 scenario we have a not clear curfew system as well. This can lead to issues like what is really essential can be a matter of opinion these days. With the resignation of Police Chief Stamper at the exact time of the riot also made the event hugely talked about. This was a time before myspace, facebook or even social media, a time when people just watched the news on TV. Lack of media also is probably why the riot slowly faded out and was gone sooner than later. Yet this new era in 2020 has me imaging what type of different damage Americans could do now. This wouldn’t be only Seattle this time around as the USA has been stripped from their civil liberties, no employment and delayed unemployment, human contact restricted and some resources starting to dry up at grocery stores. We are in situations were we will soon have to rely on the government for money and food for lower and middle class folks. The rich stay rich for the meantime but sooner or later the lowers will become desperate and demand for the throne. Also please note that in the WTO riot they awarded each of the 157 inmates arrested around around $1,500 each which you divide up that 250k they awarded, where as to now they are offering a $1,200 stimulus to each American for this new crock of shit. Imagine a country called the Unites States of America that is the most ARMED country in the world. There are something like 393 Million civilian owned firearms in circulation in the United States. We have 40% of the entire firearms supply in the US alone which means that there are enough guns to supply every many woman and child and those are just the guns the government knows about! That being said if people get disgruntle like WTO worldwide it’s going to open up either a civil war between police, military and civilians, OR, it’s going to create crime and rioting on a wide scale furthering bringing the countries economy to it’s knees thus starving for a financial reset countrywide. The issue brought up in relation to this movie is that when push comes to shove we have more man power than the Machines but for how long? I think after about 20 years since this WTO riot happened we are now soon revisiting a larger scale situation of losing our last oasis of freedom, which is our own bodies. Whether we rise up for civil freedoms, chaos, anarchy, or even peace, we must rise up for something, otherwise we will all fall for any stupid thing that prison lip reality TV star says. West Seattle UP and the government hoes down!

Eye for an Eye Movie (2019)

This is a very interesting movie. It’s dubbed so it’s best to leave out the subtitles since they don’t always match up with every word. What a fucked up tale of revenge that makes you almost wish the bad guy could get kill good guy. It gets confusing because a man who feels betrayed by one of the most gnarliest NARCO cartel bosses falls into his lap. This NARCO Kingpin gets out of prison only because his health condition is so bad he cant use his arms or muscles much anymore. However he still has great influence in the streets and people still fear and respect him even though he can barely lift a middle finger. The nurse guy is avenging his brothers death that he feels was caused by this cartel boss but there twists and turns to that. Next the disgruntle nurse decides to try and kill this cartel boss inside the nursing home. So watch as things get tricky and you see an old man tortured to death in a nursing home. Almost makes you think you were rooting for the mean Cartel bad guy to somehow pull out of it. The ending has many plot twists you weren’t expecting that are rewarding on ALL sides of everyone’s story. Fucked up but great movie.

Thought of the day 3/27/20


Currently as of the above date we are on official lock-down for a couple weeks in a supposed effort to stop the spread of a deadly Corona virus that has claimed many lives of which people we don’t deserve to know who they are. The president himself hasn’t even been tested for this virus but is dedicating what the country does while he single handily cripples the entire US economy. I watch as everyone is in panic buying truck loads of toilet paper as well as every other survival resource you can think of from food to guns. Everyone is in panic and no one knows if the virus is going to kill us all or the desperate will come first in a fight for their own survival against their own people. I myself feel built for this, awaiting this. Welcoming this. I feel as if my purpose is to lead a resistance through an underground Militia comprised of Soldiers from my own town as well as solid individuals we could all trust. I would cruise the streets in a stolen battle tank graffiti’d with West Seattle all over it. I would ride on top of the tank, shirtless with a bullet proof vest that has my nickname custom stitched in. I would cruise the streets in this fantasy to protect my neo community and rid the WS Sector of trigger happy military. Just me and my trusty M85 tank-mounted gunner putting bullet holes through metal and concrete to get where I was needed. When I go into battle I hit the front lines just like I expect all my soldiers to do for me Anyway, back to my thoughts. None of this scares me even the fact that we could be headed toward Marshal law. I got to thinking about how much Social Media is such a tool but also right next to the word weapon. It can be the source to build you when your feeling down or be the direct cause of total destruction in your day. Social Media can persuade you to buy something online, or offer some type of convenience from the touch of your phone. Or Social Media can be the persuasive nature that gets you to vote for the dumbest fucking person to ever lead this country and his prison style lips. However we took a turn back to social media recently because now we rely on it when we can’t do anything. We can’t visit each other closer than 6 feet apart. We can’t go to parks or shopping centers or bars, clubs or any social area with more than 10 people in a room. The President and his people ordered this for our own safety. Even though history has proven humans need to be exposed to a virus to build an immunity towards it. Something is more about money during this time. Either way back to social media and Facebook. I notice some people are making friends or even relations in this internet age for futuristic connecting. Some even refer to it more casually now like “oh hey those to met on Facebook” in a manner that isn’t sleazy or dark. It nor longer gives people the impression of a cheap dating app to say they connected there. More of a room or place you go to where it’s safe to meet people because they are friends with your friends on the internet. So that connection gives you the ability to see tagged photos and comments or even work related mutual connections which then enables people to feel safe about meeting someone new. Now that the stigma is gone the marketing starts to make more sense. The people start to believe in social media so much that you see the icon for Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook, Twitter on every electronic device you newly purchase. Platforms already pre-loaded on your device with the assumption that no idiot doesn’t have one of those social media apps. Does everyone? I think everyone knows at least 5-10 people that for sure aren’t on any social media.. Everyone thinks they are weirdos secretly but also have a double perspective of love for them being off the radar. Either way social media is looked at differently now and has far more influence than the Myspace days did. Now it’s pumping fear into our city streets about a corona virus that is killing off unknown names, places, ages and symptoms before actual death…we don’t know those details but just believe it. Not to mention Netflix does their part in displaying every movie with virus related or conspiracy cinema you can watch. The city is in panic and soon no one will have money or resources left. Because surely you can’t believe that if they open the gates on our city after 2 week lock-down we can recover. We are already broken and someone appears to be attempting to stop the bleeding but we all know it’s just a front. How the fuck are we as a country, broke, always owing China money or using their products but now we pop out with 2 Trillion dollars for relief to this and Billions of other services. It’s like our country morphed into small children again and we as a Nation shout, “No Billy I will give you 1 trillion dollars for your Teddy Bear!” and Sally Sue shouts back, ” I already offered 4 Billion over your 1.5 Trillion offer” uhh derrr but someone is holding out for Infinite dollars! That’s how stupid that money talk sounds. So where does it all come from? Let’s make it simple because maybe you are like me and need shit to be simplified economical. I am just a simple man (Lynard Skynard voice). Basically when large amounts of debt is added up and the US prints money they don’t really have to give back to the people or anywhere really. In some cases it creates this surge in small price inflation because they need to funnel that borrowed money back into circulation to balance themselves out. So that means we can go get a big Mac from mickey D’s for $3.99 currently but soon as we get this 2 Trillion dollars to the country, retard Uncle Daddy Samuel says glad you took my money fucker now a Big Mac cost $4.02 but don’t worry we will just jack up some prices on everything else around you in the amount of pennies to pay back our Trillions of buck-a-roos. Not to say this is the exact method they use but these are some ideas that we can potentially get worked over by the government and not even notice it. So all I am saying in conclusion is there is something bigger going on out there and this COVID-19 scare seems to be either masking something bigger or being used as leverage for a bigger project on humans. Think I am crazy until you are in Marshal Law being marched into a Quarantine camp and striped of your cell phone and personal items. Keep your eyes open right now and watch where the money goes. Money is the only thing this country really seems to care about so when you follow money it leads to the truth.