Uncut Gems Movie (2019)

This fucking movie sucks balls! I would rather jump into a high velocity wood chipper! twice! Before ever sitting through this much of worthless movements on screen mixed with Adam Sandler’s semi Bob Cat with a hint of dirty old man rasp for 2hr and 15 miserable minutes ever again. There! , Now that I […]

Eric B & Rakim Live@Showbox Market 4/16/19

Let the Rhythm hit em and don’t ever sweat the technique! Rakim is in my opinion, by far the greatest Hip Hop MC to ever grace the stage. His lyrics are so precise you would think he had a PHD in wreck’n microphones. I saw them at this same venue some years prior and I […]

Eric B & Rakim Live @Showbox Market 5/6/2018

Showbox Market is a semi historical venue located in Downtown Seattle with great views anywhere inside. This was Eric B & Rakim’s first tour together in 25yrs and in my opinion Rakim is the greatest Hip Hop MC to ever walk the earth. His lyrical skills are compared to late 80’s Mike Tyson punching you […]