Avengement Movie (2019)

This movie is just so intense that you are locked in and glued the entire time. The fight scenes mixed with deep drama to the plot of the story told just thrashes your mind around. You feel the emotions of what is happening and that the character could almost punch straight through concrete or fight […]

Hustlers Movie (2019)

Yea Yea, Jennifer Lopez at 50 owning the pole, yes we know. Just like Demi Moore, Madonna, Sandra Bullock and several others all in great shape in their 50’s so get over that part. This movie is an extraordinary view at what the strip club life is like. Not just the retards these women put […]

Cruise Movie (2018)

This movie was near impossible to find and I stumbled across a trailer for it on youtube some years back, been looking for it ever since. I never was able to find it and the movie never made it to any theaters in my state. Often some independent films will be limited release to see […]

You Can’t buy me love (1987)

Brilliant movie and I like the part where she has Patrick Dempsey’s back says he sits in the visitor seating to fuck with the other team , it’s physiological warfare. This movie is 80s but so extremely 80s but most of these actors never make a big break anywhere else. A film about superficial lives […]

The Iceman Movie (2013)

Take a look into the most dangerous one man army maybe of all time. Ruthless contract killer who worked for the Mafia by sort of falling into it. His name was Richard Kuklinski and he was not Italian he was Polish. This is a true story with every highlight covered in the movie so don’t […]

Springbreakers Movie (2012)

Wow….this movie…before you go judging the idiotic DVD cover looking like a Bikini Barista stand crashed into Malibu’s Most wanted. No sir…open your fucking mind to something real. Remember when Scarface first came out? No! Of course not because most of my generation were shitting in their diapers when it was a brand new box […]

Blue Hill Avenue Movie (2001)

This movie had great reviews and a decent soundtrack but not a movie you hear many people recalling or talking about. It takes place from the late 1970’s through the 80’s up into 1991 and rumored to have some loose ties to an actual true story of 4 friends in Boston. It shows the guys […]

Blindspotting Movie (2018)

Great movie displaying life in Oakland CA. Many of us reminisce of the golden era of 90’s hood movies but take a ride in the current time through CA with references to modern-time themes. The two actors are real life childhood friends from Oakland who spent about a decade writing this film. It was limited […]

Terminator 2 Judgement Day (1991)

In light of the fact they are currently finishing an official 3rd T3 movie which will be direct sequel to this excusing the other installments as if they were never made (which the fans are ok with) T3 “Dark Fate” will be released 2019 and will have the return of both Arnold and Linda in […]