The Occupant Movie (2020)

Since we are all restricted to our homes for COVID19 I thought I would check this one out even despite the fact that it’s a dubbed film. Original filmed in Spanish so my advice is to not pay attention to the subtitles because it’s off on what the character actually says as well as what […]

What Happened To Monday Movie (2017)

What an interesting Sci-Fi experience. So the plot is about a set of septuplets which consists of 7 identical sisters that were born in a world that outlaws any siblings. The reason for that is in this movie at the year 2043 the population is out of control and the food is diminishing. So in […]

Polar Movie (2019)

As most movie enthusiasts know, Siskel and Ebert are known as the holy grail of movie reviews. Well this particular film has many bad reviews everywhere including by the remaining critic Mr. Ebert. RIP to Siskle. Anyway so I think it’s only fair I send a RIP also to Ebert’s review on this film. I […]

Uncut Gems Movie (2019)

This fucking movie sucks balls! I would rather jump into a high velocity wood chipper! twice! Before ever sitting through this much of worthless movements on screen mixed with Adam Sandler’s semi Bob Cat with a hint of dirty old man rasp for 2hr and 15 miserable minutes ever again. There! , Now that I […]

Ad Astra Movie (2019)

Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones, how can you go wrong right? Great Sci-Fi film about a few topics. One, is the question of is there life outside of Earth? What does time alone for months really do to humans and what would the world be like in the future, how would it really be? […]

Good Kids Movie (2016)

Forget that this movie can confuse you with the more recent movie called “good boys” which follows a completely younger crew. This movie was about high school best friends trying to live life to it’s fullest before being shipped off to different colleges that they all had scholarships for. They are smart, reserved and never […]

Indian Horse Movie (2018)

Movies like this, remind me of how proud I feel to be a Native American. Also knowing Clint Eastwood had any involvement in this movie gives great confidence. First things first, this movie is amazing, powerful and realism to it’s ugliest truth. Watch it, love it, know it. Ok, So myself, I am Native American […]

Shot Caller Movie (2017)

Some might think G’s don’t cry or are looked at as a bitch for crying. That’s not true, real men cry and this movie made me cry so many tears at the end of it. Because knowing close friends that I considered close family have gone through this and lived it. They got caught up […]

Cardboard Gangsters Movie (2016)

A deep insight into Gang Culture in Ireland. These young early 20’s adults are rising through the drug trade with some vicious consequences. The lead character “O’Connors” plays such an intense role of a certain anti-hero that can go 0-100 at any moment something tries to compromise who he loves. The entire story is genuine […]