Bhad Baby Live @bumbershoot 9/1/18

Better known as the “cash me outside girl” which was an internet sensation that everyone and their mom wanted to quote followed by “how bow dat” which made her famous. She is also a rapper and surprisingly not terrible at all. She speaks of growing up poor and happy to be able to buy Gucci […]

Morris Day & The Time Live @Snoqualmie Casino 9/22/17

One of the best shows I have been to. I had been looking for years for this guy to tour. If you aren’t familiar, this band was put together by Prince himself and many of the songs you can’t tell Morris & Prince apart very close in style. Morris Day & The Time have hits […]

EMI Live @Columbia City Theater 7/1/17

Her album is Planet EMI and coming out of Seattle, WA. She is a blend of hip hop & R&B, great vocals and lyrics you might think are told from a mans point of view but nope, it’s all her. She is still up and coming so finding her shows you usually gotta know a […]

Billy Idol Live @Moore Theater 3/5/19

One of the GREATS! Although sadly he didn’t play much of the classics except “Rebel Yell” and “Dancing with myself” he still had is Rock-Star charm and even saw him step back from the end of the stage and fall over the front speaker yet he kept singing on the ground so you almost thought […]