Nipsey Hussle Live @Showbox Sodo 6/29/18

Another talented fallen artist victim to the dangerous streets of LA. When I went to see this show it was last min and at the time hadn’t heard a whole lot of his music but wanted to see the show because I liked what I heard and the Showbox Sodo is a decent venue with […]

Kid Rock Live @Puyallup Fairgrounds 9/3/16

Awesome show and great entrance he made. Kid Rock is all about putting on a show and taking his shirt off for the ladies. Everything went down as expected + some and I was appreciative to get the invite to this show as well as the seats we had. That being said this isn’t a […]

TLC Live @Xfinity Arena 7/7/17

The ladies who brought the red light special and educated us not to ever chase water falls of pipe dreams and douche bags before you millennials called them “fuck boys”. These girls still got it and almost tear jerking tribute to Left Eye at the end of the show. For a large arena this place […]

Caela Bailey Live @Triple Door 3/12/18

What a cool show in an awesome venue. Caela is coming straight out of West Seattle, WA and is a genre not quite defined yet. She is a mix of deep R&B, with a rock mix yet classical touch and a bunch of other splendors not quite put into a box yet. This venue is […]

Dru Down Live @Sam’s Tavern 2/25/18

The Pimp Playa of the year himself live in Kent, WA. This venue was small but adequate to house a lot of people. No stage just a small 6 inch high platform for Dru Down to have a slightly elevated place on. He walked in sporting a motorcycle biker club colors which appeared to be […]

Russ Live @Marymoor Park 7/9/17

I stumbled across Russ looking at Youtube video of another artist which lead to a music suggestion of Russ. I ended up searching for tour dates and went to this one. First off, this venue is great, almost a Seattle center vibe with the risen grass vantage points leading downwards towards the stage. The entire […]

Macklemore Live @Puyallup Fairgrounds 9/21/18

Coming from North Seattle, WA this guy exploded into the scene with a catchy song like “Thrift Shop” and always letting his inner weird out. Mack is a popular dude and his music would be considered rap but not tracks you wanna go do gangsta shit too, rather songs you go hit the city and […]