Michel’le Live @Xfinity Arena 5/26/18

This was part of a huge line up (Ladies Night out Tour) that included artists like; Ginuwine, Bel Biv Davoe, Next, Troop, High Five, Nate Jackson & DJ Funk Daddy. Ginuwine felt lip syncing was his new talent at this show but the girls still went wild for Pony per his Karaoke session but whatev. […]

Blondie Live @St Michelle’s Winery 7/10/17

At the Winery out in Woodinville, WA so try to get there early for good parking as it gets packed for summertime shows. This was the Rage & Rapture Tour that Garbage opened for her at. Blondie still had it, which for a 70+ yr old woman nailing her songs and thrusting the air on […]

Garbage Live @St Michelle’s Winery 7/10/17

Part of her Rage & Rapture Tour along side Blondie she performed at this Winery. Great venue for summertime shows but try to get their early for good parking. I was of course familiar with “stupid girl” & “Only happy when it rains” which is a Seattle anthem for it’s time. However this woman is […]

Earth Wind & Fire Live @St Michelle’s Winery 6/20/2012

Performing at the Winery out in Woodinville, WA which is a great venue for summertime shows. Try to get their early because parking can be a bitch and they use bus shuttles just to get people in & out if you aren’t parked close. It was my understanding there was only one original member performing […]

Isley Brothers Live @Showare 6/1/12

When I say OGs to the music world, this family has done it all. They are considered one of the longest careers in the music industry ever and one of the most commonly sampled artists for decades. From Ice Cube’s “Today was a good day” sampled The Isley’s “Footsteps in the dark” or to B.I.G. […]

Lords of Acid Live @Showbox Market 10/7/17

Showbox Market a now semi historical venue located near Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA. I wasn’t too familiar with this group besides the Pussy song and a couple others but the show brought in new interest of other songs. Great live and they were bringing girls on stage throughout the later part of the […]

Talib Kweli Live @Nectar 8/4/18

Nectar, is the venue home to many 90’s artist bookings so not a surprise to see this artist here. Nectar has two floors and an outdoor area to the side for summertime shows so it’s well versed in accommodating the audience for shows. Talib Kweli was great live and my personal favorite song ‘The Blast” […]

The Pharcyde Live @Nectar 5/31/18

For their 25th anniversary tour they were at Nectar Lounge in north Seattle. This venue is known for lots of 90’s artists performing here and easy to get to location, plenty of good viewing areas as well as great sound quality. I remember the first time I heard one of their songs it was about […]

George Clinton Live @Neptune 7/29/17

Legend to the game is the man that brought funk to our ear drums for decades. I have seen him many times at different venues but this show had the notable chick with the body like a boflex commercial as seen pictured. Neptune is a historical spot located in North Seattle with an upper deck […]