Lil Marc “Bored,Broke and Armed” (2014)

Lil Marc a young rapper from the South Side of Chicago was gunned down at a bus stop in the middle of the day back in 2014. Lil Marc was a 051 Young Money Gang Member which is part of the Mickey Cobra Set. Gang Set’s are the term used for sub sets or smaller groups associated with the umbrella gang name. So if your set has a name and a leader you are still apart of the larger Gang name. I stumbled across his music on Youtube and did some searches out of curiosity. Gangs are nothing new to any part of the planet and for sure are nothing new to Chicago. Generations of family members are born into gang life filled with violent situations. For most gang members everything comes to death and trying not to be killed. You get respect for who you kill or how hard it is to be killed. If a rival gang disrespects you or your gang you kill them. If another rival gang enters into your territory you kill them. If you need money you would most likely commit robbery, sell drugs or kill mutherfuckers. No active gang members for for Microsoft or have pensions. Sometimes even boredom or drugs can drive these gangs to kill or even retaliation from the death of your homie also produces murder. If you get the picture yet it’s an organization designed for death. Some of the newer generation of gang culture in the music industry have a style called “Drill Rap” or “Drill Music” where rival gangs use grim gritty violent words to diss other gangs. Formally those songs were just called “diss tracks”. Lil Marc was an active Gang Member who had a handful of tracks out before his latest diss track called “no competition” which the song called out rival gangs as well as took verbal shots about rival gangs deaths. The song is probably one of the best diss tracks I heard since the NWA and Ice Cube era. He even includes a facetime video in his music video of him arguing with a rival gang member which puts confusion to most. Possibly because people wonder how they even have each others phone numbers in the first place. It’s letting us know gang culture is complex, one minute your friend from grade school is your buddy then next minute he is two blocks over joining a rival gang. So in the facetime it’s basically them semi threatening each other with death sprinkled with smiles even though they will both actually kill each other. Some neighborhoods this is all they know. Lil Marc released the “No competition” youtube video holding firearms and making threats like “Put your ass on a T-Shirt” referring to -in death most memorial services have dead homie’s faces on T-Shirts. Lil Marc was killed in the same location another friend of his was killed at years prior the same fashion. Lil Marc was standing at the bus stop around 1:30pm 3 days after his youtube video was posted waiting to go about his afternoon. Rival gang members (most likely) pulled up and opened fire. Several shots hit young Marc and killed him at the scene. Spectators driving by video’ed and took pictures that were also posted online. Sadly photos of Lil Marc, laying dead at the bus stop are easily google’able with video as they drive by including him all wrapped up. Not sure why this story interested me but maybe because I am an enthusiast of diss tracks. They can make or break an artist or sometimes get people killed. Back in the day they called violent rap music “Horror Rap” “Gangster Rap” and in some cases “Bang’n on Wax” due to the violent nature of the lyrics. Check out the song “No Competition” by Lil Marc and maybe that’s a way we can all pay respects to the death of a young man killed at only 20 years old.

Dj Quik Live @Nectar 12/6/19

Nectar is located in north Seattle in the Fremont area, very easy to get to and parking isn’t too bad near Fremont studios. This is one of my favorite venues, smaller and intimate. Outdoor area with heated lamps and lower main stage with dance floor. Then upstairs is the VIP area with a small bar, couches and bar top tables etc. Great view of the stage as seen here. I have seen Dj Quik live many times and he is always on point. He delivered the classics including played an old Prince track while he DJ’ed briefly on stage. He was up there with Hi-C doing collaborations with him keeping all the energy alive. One thing that sort of bothers me is some rap shows they have too many openers or wait too long to come on. I think Quik didn’t come on till about midnight and by then everyone is hammered trying to make out the songs. I think 1 opener is fine for shows and ending a bit early gives everyone a chance to hit some spots after the show. Either way still worth seeing and would check him out again if he is ever in Seattle again.

Dark Crimes Movie (2018)

Probably one of the most underrated movies of 2018. This movie had so many bad reviews that youtube’rs were even knocking it. Ebert gave it a 1 star and no one really felt like they understood it so I just had to review it myself. Jim Carey pulls of a perfect accent, you couldn’t even hear the voice you heard in his many comedy movies through this thick accent. It’s perfect. His acting is very serious and not one single thing has any comic relief. It’s pure realism to what the movie wants to portray. This is a love story and a drama with a mix of crime mystery and suspense. The twists and turns in this you would never expect. The type of dedication Carey’s role plays with the undying pursuit for justice and conclusion. His character plays a man that will stop at nothing to uphold the law. Yet this works against him. Yes there is some background needed like as to why Carey’s character is this way. We don’t know his characters origin or why he seems failing and on thin ice. We just know this is the big case to change things around. Or is it. The intense build up in this movie is well worth it and it keeps you engage throughout. The critics talk of thinking the scenes were too slow or not fast enough. Well the mutherfucker is investigating a death, I think in real life it doesn’t move from room to room like FLASH. You take your damn time uncovering the truth in a death. You have to let the slow build -ups take you and have the faith in each new corner. Great film and check this shit out don’t ever read stupid reviews of small minded people.

Shot Caller Movie (2017)

Some might think G’s don’t cry or are looked at as a bitch for crying. That’s not true, real men cry and this movie made me cry so many tears at the end of it. Because knowing close friends that I considered close family have gone through this and lived it. They got caught up in the system. This film is brilliant. We all have seen many gang movies as well as prison movies. This one rolls it all into one artfully. First off your lead character (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) goes through an entire transformation not just on film for his specific role but even by testing his acting abilities and ranges. He goes through such a drastic change you become soaked into the realism to the reality of folks that go through this end up just like him. Even if you never seen this lifestyle yourself first hand you feel vastly knowledgeable through the film of what life is like on the inside. Several former gang and prison movie icons/stars reprise their roles as slightly different influences to this movie. For instance one of the cops is played by Benjamin Bratt who was a co-star in the classic prison movie “Blood in Blood out” then along side these roles are actors like Evan Jones who played “cheddar bob” in the movie 8 mile and was seen as not very serious in that film. He is introduced in this movie as no joke and a person of importance. Also familiar faces like Jon Bernthal that have played other similar roles to support his demeanor in this film. If you ever have been apart of a Biker or actual gang or even a tight group of friends that swear on certain oaths you can relate. Gangs have rules, order and brotherhood to everyone associated with your crew. The entire film is based around the fact that inside the prison the only rules are the ones the inmates make. Those inmates serving part of their life or all of their life in there so it makes they control the politics. You keep grown men locked away long enough you turn them into survivor beast animals numb to feelings or remorse living only by the code of who is the King of the hill. Once the King of the Hill is established he reigns as shot caller for either where is area is or if the highest he calls all the shots even if he gets sentenced to many extra years in small confined solitary areas. You can only punish an human so much to the point where they don’t care anymore. You can only threaten them with so much. Next they get smart, they form gangs and brotherhoods to take control of with little life they have in there. Make sure you are aware that the smallest of luxuries like a book or place to sit become guarded like wild hungry creatures. They swear by the same Italian code of omerta which means that one thing is for sure… Regardless of the standard rules it’s the universal rule to any gang that NO ONE snitch’s. If you do you are marked until you are dead. Or green light’d is what they call it on the inside. The film covers all of the real lingo and weapons built and made in prisons. Shows the money system as well as the methods used to disguise contraband. However not just how it’s moved around illegally but also extended scenes to see just what an inmate has to do to move drugs or weapons around. Also has a brief facts on what prison tattoos mean as well as how it stamps and brands the individual. It shows the hierarchy of the prison system and even how far it stretches into some control over the guards. Because after all, some of these inmates could kill a guard with their bare hands without any weapons needed. This story is a new twist, it’s got your gansgter and prison scenes sure yes but it also has an entire story that is right in front of you the whole time giving the answers but doesn’t come clear to your dome unless you have lived this to some degree or someone close to you has or you watched the entire film. It really brings the dark culture of what it means to represent you are apart of gang and what’s more daring is it covers a lot more of the Aryan Brotherhood which consists of all whites that oppose any other race that isn’t pure white. Which most movies only give you smaller snibbets of those types of gangs. Usually in film as they are seen as some of the worst most hateful prison gangs that live in a prehistoric hate world. Even in American history X you see how Norton once racist all of a sudden wants to change his ways. This movie is a whole new twist on how you see in prison it doesn’t matter what you think or what your racial opinions are. Whatever your color is or looks like is who you “clique” up with. If you come in as a Mexican you are only accepted around the Mexicans and so on. If you want to communicate to other gangs it must be approved by the higher in commands. Same goes for biker gangs, street gangs and even military gangs ..also on over to Militias. Check this movie out and if you know anyone drinking and driving as it shows the message very clear Have them check this movie out because they might think twice always thinking they can get away with a few drinks which then quickly risks their whole life. Every action as a consequence.

Tesla Cybertruck (2019)

I have seen the buzz about this on every website, social media and youtube channels. So I wanted to give my opinion on it for a complete outsider looking in. I have never touched it but this feedback is from what I have read and seen on it. Some features look to be in production so here is what I think of it so far. So first off, most people will bash the look of it because that’s typically why we buy any vehicle we like the looks of it. Then after we test drive it we decide if it’s functions meet our needs. However trucks are meant to have purpose not so much looks. I happen to think this truck looks fuck’n awesome and would be proud to take it anywhere. The next part that really moves me is the fact that it’s a very comfortable 6 passenger massive vehicle with tons of glass. I like to pack my fun cars with tons of people so I see the merit in the space. You are riding down the road in a giant fish bowl able to see everything and roll over just about anything. All the lighting packages look well done, with complete LED style illumination with daytime and night time brightness. The entire interior functions seems to be run off a big ass 17″ tablet style center that also looks to have every option you need at a finger tip away. No need for staring at various gauges as it’s all right there in the center. The fact that it’s electric has many perks but without getting into the differences between the options you can order, whether you buy the intro 40k version or the 70k decked out version your maximum potential is to have a decently powered machine with up to 500 miles of drive time. I mean really wrap your head around 500 miles and how far that is. Typical cars do an oil change every 3,000 and 6 charges it will drive all the distance and never need to see a jiffy lube or a gas station, OR a service tech at a Mercedes dealer for those upitty bitches…Also the fact that they are considering adding solar panels to the back which would mean when you park it you will actually add juice to it. This vehicle has plenty of storage space. The front acts as trunk to store belongings, as well as a flip up compartment in the rear truck bed in addition to a full truck bed. The rear comes factory with a bed liner that electronically opens up with a built in ramp in the tailgate to load other 2 wheel apparatuses like ATV or bikes onto. As well as self leveling air suspension to eliminate the need to battle load and unload situations. The wheels are straight forward and black. No need to get your panties in a twist over cleaning your chrome truck wheels as they these cybertruck wheels have a purpose to just go round and round, that’s it. The visibility looks great from the front seat and keep in mind your exterior is made of some space shit that can be hit with a sledge hammer and not dent. Meaning shopping carts, door dings, crazy bitches keys, rocks thrown or slight encounters with debris are a thing of the past. Multiple basic colors will be offered but keep in mind when AMC rolled out the Delorean it’s raw metal look was cool and was also stainless which had it’s benefits as well. In the demo of the cybertruck seen on youtube they threw some type of metal ball at the windows causing a dent which might have made people second guess the windows. Wake up you dumb fucks, if you threw even a rock at our standard window it would go straight through and blast you in your stupid head. So even if that demo was 1 of 100 tries that it actually damaged the window I would take that demo’ed window over a metal ball in the face on my own car. Also back to the looks of it, it looks like how cars will all look in the next 10 years so get over it. I think the price will win anyway so looks really don’t matter when most people buy trucks more about what it can do and how much it costs. This vehicle beats out any other full size truck with these features, You even take the Hummer H1 which is a military based vehicle with crazy strength. However the interior of those are 4 seats maximum with smaller bed space if you have one. Plus the H1 has much smaller windows. They also still burn gas or diesel and you get about the same clearance over things. This Tesla truck is gnarly and looks cool but I will say the only cons to me are the steering wheel and where the basic controls might be. I don’t know if I can get use to touching the center of the dash every time I need to do something but I imagine much will be voice activated for that car. We haven’t talked self driving or self parking as I haven’t seen that demo’d but even the idea of a self driving vehicle just slaps you in the face with FUTURE SHIT. The steering wheel looks odd but I am a guy that owns a Right Hand Drive Vehicle and I have zero issues with it after the first test drive I did. I think this truck will do well and many concept cars never make it very far but Tesla seems smart about this one.

Cardboard Gangsters Movie (2016)

A deep insight into Gang Culture in Ireland. These young early 20’s adults are rising through the drug trade with some vicious consequences. The lead character “O’Connors” plays such an intense role of a certain anti-hero that can go 0-100 at any moment something tries to compromise who he loves. The entire story is genuine and engaging. The accent was hard to keep up with at first so make sure to use subtitles so you can pick up on the slang terms they use which are much different then US jargon. O’Connor’s surprises you every time he is called upon. The film captures everything from a love story, to a drama, light light comedy where needed and has realistic action with sort of a cinema verte feel to it. Also a very touching movie about friendship and how good it can feel to have brothers from other mothers. Check this one out on any of the platforms.

Nahko & Medicine for the People Live @Showbox Sodo 11/21/19

I always have liked Showbox Sodo with it’s large open floor plan and great sound quality. You can pre-reserve seating when you buy tickets in advanced under the “emerald Package” otherwise it’s all standing room only. Nahko is a mixed/Native American artist who is a cross between some hip-hop / reggae with a hint of rock music. He has some deep songs with important messages. I noticed he doesn’t have the mohawk anymore which is too bad. He sounded great and had a very cool entrance on stage with segments for each band mate to play their instruments as openers. He did an encore at the end and this show was a good mix of old and newer songs of his. Second time seeing him and well worth the ticket.

Zhavia Live @Columbia City Theater 11/17/19

Columbia City is a great venue, smaller and intimate with bar located as you first walk in with sunk in dance floor and good sound quality for it’s smaller size. Located in Columbia City easy to get to but you will need to park a few blocks away. This show was put on terribly as I paid for the meet & greet and was emailed strict instructions to be at the venue by 6PM sharp otherwise I would miss out. When we all got there on time, there was two lines outside one for VIP one for GA and VIP was just as slow as we sat in the rain waiting over an hour after 6pm to take pictures. Once inside I have the picture shown here, Zhavia is very nice and friendly and her BF was there who took some additional photos for her. I then went home to drop my car off and uber back to the show thinking I had plenty of time after the opener. Nope, I got back to the show around 8ish and grabbed a drink at the bar as the venues stage is a room next to the bar. Around 8:30pm everyone walked out of the show and it was over and done. So I missed the entire show because they didn’t let us know any set times or anything. So I have this one picture but never got to hear her live. Next time!

Lil Eazy E Live @Tony V’s Garage 11/15/19

This is my second time seeing Lil Eazy-E perform live and he didn’t disappoint at all this time either. Pretty cool seeing DJ Yella up there spinning for his late homie’s son as well. This was my first time seeing a show at this venue and I really liked it. Easy to get to in downtown Everett as much as I dislike Everett it was setup well. Long hallway with a bar as you walk in with pool tables to the side. Also a chain-link fence area for the VIP side where the opening artists were at. The stage is easy to see with the dance floor sunk in which is how it should be. They had about a million openers before he came on which they should not do that as people are hammered by the time the headlining artist comes on. Either way Lil E demanded attention as he came on, doing all of his Dad’s famous classic tracks including Fuck the Police and Boyz in the Hood. His last show I attended he did “Real Motherfuckin G’s” along side BG Knocc out so maybe without him he didn’t want to do that song again. Still his presence was on point as if the real Eazy-E never left. Lil Eazy E himself looks exactly like his Dad only bigger and probably a much more smiley attitude. Lil E was a nice guy last time I met him and I showed him the picture we all had together with his Grandma (Eazy E’s Mom) which seemed to really impact Lil E seeing a pic of all of us. Genuine guy and DJ Yella played his OG style in the back like he always does. I told Yella he looks younger since the last time I saw him and he laughs as my friend shouts black don’t crack. I think it’s always a nice compliment for people to hear that. We all kicked it for a bit backstage talking stories of music and future venues. All in all well worth the drive to whack ass Everett. Lil Eazy E is well worth seeing at any venue as he is the son of the Godfather of Gangster Rap.

TroyBoi Live @Showbox Sodo 11/14/19

The was one of my first times seeing a show like this. I was at a Kaskade show some yrs ago that had electronic dance music but I still feel like this was more a first for a show like this. Showbox Sodo is perfect for EDM style shows as it’s a big venue but not overly huge with plenty of area to get up front. I never heard of this guy but went with a crew of friends all in light-up glasses so we could find each other if we got lost in the crowd. (I was the only one to still have my glasses on/working and intact by the end of the night). What was cool about this TroyBoi artist was that he had a hip-hop influence on his music so even though you had sections on a loop of hip-hop noises it was blended into dance music in a really artistic way. I was also happy with the crowd because everyone was so nice. I usually go to hip-hop/rap shows and when you bump into people or step on shoes it could be your face that pays the price. At this show we bumped into many folks in the mosh pit as we walked through the crowd like the movie “belly” when they walked into the nightclub with glow-in-the dark contacts. Meaning we walked through everyone as a unit of light-up faces that even EDM heads had to look and stare. I am very certain about 90% of the folks were on some type of drugs there to produce such care-free joy but if you are drinking alcohol you are on a drug too technically. Either way it was a fun show and I would do EDM shows again as well as see this artist again. We ran into him at Trinity Nightclub after the show and exchanged a few chats about the show. I was surprised to hear a UK accent but equally impressed of how humble TroyBoi was and thankful that I tried a new type of music genre to attend.