Dragged Across Concrete Movie (2019)

This amazing movie had mid to higher reviews but still remains semi an underdog or underrated film as movies with such raw hardcore scenes only make it so far in the mainstream movie section. Mel Gibson plays a hardcore cop who has lived his whole life to the book, giving very few breaks to any criminals with no remorse. His partner Vince Vaughn shows his immense range in roles. As you normally see him in comedy Vince is actually playing his real true character in any movie making his character so believably broad you could laugh or watch in fear of his bad side. In this specific film he plays a loyal friend/partner and solid individual you can trust but also will flip you shit like an asshole you hate to love. Supporting roles in this are well thought out and make sense even down to the mysterious villains. The plot is so thick and layered that you are on edge from the build up scenes. Not to mention every character you watch their lives leading up to their ultimate destiny that you had no idea was going to end the way it did. Mel Gibson brought us such classics like Braveheart, Mad Max and ranges of love stories that his Veteran-actor-nature is plausible for his this role. The sound track is intriguing with blues and classic O’Jays songs that make you think you heard the music but can’t place the B-track-esq songs. So many different stories leading to fruition in this film with each story equally as moving making you feel for each character. Watch this and find out what it’s like to see the 2019 era movie that is comparable to the all-star cast and scenarios such as the 1995 “Heat” movie that was staring Al Pacino & Robert De Nero. Strong performances from all characters but Mel Gibson in specific plays a man so beaten by the harsh realities of human nature in the city as a cop that his friend even warns Gibson, slow down or the streets will turn him into a human steam roller lined with spikes& Barb wire destroying anything in Gibson’s path. Which this intense film.

Snow Tha Product Live @Showbox Market 5/5/19

Showbox Market located in the very middle of Downtown Seattle. This view seen from the tables in back which you can reserve in advance for a fee or the entire venue is general admission. Snow Tha Product was a great performer, she brought a bunch of people on stage that she spotted in the crowd including her VIP meet & Greet people as well. They were crowd surfing and dancing on stage which made for a great party both on stage and in the crowd. She has a great voice and kept the audience engaged chanting lyrics. She also had some intermissions talking about her life and how she won’t let any haters hold her down as well as very pro-women and anything empowering women. She also mentioned how she may be looking at another woman thinking they are a beautiful person yet they confuse it with negative-staring in which she said, ” Well then they would have to fight”. Basically letting everyone know that just because someone is staring at you doesn’t mean they are thinking negatively towards you. Great show and lots of fun on Cinco De Mayo 2019.

Kellie Rose “KR” Live @Locol 5/2/19

I saw this artist post that she was doing a show in West Seattle in an area not too far from my home. So I had to check her out. This venue is a smaller local bar next to the Westy which is also a local bar built off crowd funding from the community. Locol itself is a wine/beer bar with good service. KR did covers that spanned from 70’s R&B up to later Clapton and Radio Head songs. She has a good range and what’s always been special about cover songs from any artist is hearing a different voice sing a song you already know but it gives that different twist to it. Almost as if making it a new song or version not yet heard. First time seeing her and I thought it was cool that she took requests from others in the bar which I would assume challenges her for songs she hasn’t yet practiced. Great location and Great voice from a local greater-Seattle artist.

The Caynons Movie (2013)

Independent Film Masterpiece. You may only recognize Lohan in this and quite potentially James Deen a male PornStar but these things are very besides the point. This is filmed in the realist low budget format you can imagine almost placing you right there in the movie. You see flip phones and older cars on the road telling you the movie was filmed maybe a decade back. Robert Ebert gives a review that the film was too low budget & Low Light / un-sexy in regards to a scene where Lohan prepares for her BF to come upstairs with another couple to the bedroom. However the low light and low distant music made you feel as if it was more realistic. The filmmakers are creative by also doing a scene where Lohan speaks to woman direct yet the nearby people are almost muted to where you can’t hear them. Yet when the importance of her conversation is over the surrounding people go un-mute and you can hear them speaking. Genius setup as to giving you the feeling you are there and can’t hear anyone else until your anxiety simmers from the conversation. Next Ebert goes on to say how it’s hard to distinguish between on-screen Lohan and Personal real-life Lohan and how the movie role and her real life seem very similar. My thought on that is who gives a fuck Ebert?! Maybe that IS her life so sit back and watch or just watch a character going through hard times in the rich areas of CA. Ebert also makes a snarky comment of how Lohan has a scene where she tries to black-male her BF into gay sex on camera. Ebert’s response was something like… the film hinted towards homophobia as if he is discrediting the fact that some straight males would lose their minds being caught having any gay encounter on camera especially as Deen is a known millionaire. Which was also a realistic scenario that would never been approved by big budget film makers. Here in independent film making there are no rules & outlaw shit of film making and that’s why low budget films rule. Deen’s role is one of a B-Level Grammy. Meaning, sure the movie was low budget but you don’t know Deen in any other film besides porn so how can you call him fake, terrible, good or bad as this is his only ever serious film. Thus making his performance perfect and believable. He is a real asshole in the movie and shows us exactly what unlimited money produces in a human. Lohan even confesses she is only with him for money and gives an Oscar performance of how she can never go back to the poor life, ever again. One thing to really understand is this movie is about Lohan’s character, don’t ever confuse that and you will be locked in to the movie. Everyone else is supporting roles and living their own smaller paths in the film. Also take note that these are movie stars and though they don’t talk specific movies or other celebrities in conversation keep in mind Lohan and her circle are all celebrities yet unnamed because names only make you think of real celebrities. You want to watch this as if it’s a story you never heard about with famous peoples lives. Plus as Lohan shops and lives the life in her BF’s mansion another ex BF of Lohan’s who is still in love with her is struggling to stay a float. Now here is the kicker, though this EX BF of hers is broke and drives an old car and basic clothing/apartment living…he is still none the less in the vicinity of upscale California not too far from the Hollywood Hills. So the film is merely describing how even mid-to-high class folks think they have drama in paradise too. There are many women in relationships like Lohan’s character leeching rich men for money living borderline disgusting lives they allow -yet there are also some women living those exact same lives completely truly happy. So think about that shit and how crazy it is to think two completely opposite people could live the same style of life and feel exactly opposite. That’s some shit that shows you how different people really are. Make sure going into this film you understand it is a D-List, B Movie, low budget, filmed very bargain style…and that my friend.. is the VERY beauty of it! It’s the fact that you could visualize the low budget and put yourself in the shoes of the movie. Then at that point you are no longer just watching it because you like movies or like certain styles of movies…rather, you are watching it to see someone’s actual life and found yourself inside the movie seeing it right in the drivers seat. When I saw online that not one single person could give this movie more than 1 star rating with very closed minded reviews..That’s when I knew this was going to be a hard to find cult classic someday. Now that I have this review here. I can prove to the world I was the very first to see the beauty in this film before any other critic did. Enjoy.

12 O’clock Boys Documentary (2014)

Take a look into the real life of a young 12yr old kid that is filmed over a course of 3yrs as he tries to earn his street credit to be apart of a local Bike club. The club is inside the rough streets of Baltimore where gangs, violence, crooked cops and poverty are very common. The motorcycle stuff gets the community to put down the violence and just ride the streets. Pug, who this story is centered around just wants to ride with the pack and be known. During this documentary you see how hard it is for him to stay in school, avoid trouble, heartache and to be somebody. The Documentary opens with the truest piece to any motorcycle stunt rider which is, every rider wants to get to 12 O’clock on their bike, which is where the wheelie is straight up down. Just like the hands on the clock. Pug then says if you can get to 12 O’Clock, you the shit, that’s how you know you belong in the pack. He is correct. Brake control on a wheelie is the foundation of it all. During this documentary he grows a little older and finally buys his very own full size dirt bike so he can go make a name for himself and he does. Great look at not only Baltimore but also their bike life.

The Spinners Live @Jazz Alley Seattle 4/28/19

This was my first time at this Venue located near South Lake Union of DT Seattle. Great location for live music and you can reserve seats for dinner and the service is excellent. I would rate the food 8/10 and with the upper deck you have great visual but below near the stage has plenty of action as well topped off with easy parking there. The Mighty Spinners only have 1 original surviving member who is in his 80’s while these newer members are up there in the years as well. Doesn’t at all stop their performance. They came out in matching pink suits, did dance moves the entire show while jam-band-ing out at the end of every song. The gentlemen to the far left can hit the highest of notes as they traded off lead singer roles throughout the show. Every classic song was performed including “I’ll be around” “It’s a Shame” on to “Could I be following in love” and they nailed every one of them. These artists kept the crowd engaged by pointing out to people in the crowd as well as making a point to direct attention to folks with their cameras out on the floor. They introduced each member of the band about 75% into the show and had separate different jam sessions to introduce them. Not only was the venue a great spot but the artists I would see it again. Long live MoTown.

DMX Live @El Corazon 4/24/19

The dawg returns to the stage and hasn’t missed a beat. This venue in Seattle is known for having some good artists inside it even despite it’s very small housing. DMX even made a comment that it was one of the smallest venues hes performed at but was glad to be there and be so personal to his fans. X delivered the mail on all the classic for his “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” tour 2019. You really just can’t fuck up that powerful voice he has which made each song amplified better to hear live. The whole crowd was energized screaming the lyrics to try to match DMX but they just couldn’t talk over that voice. Lot’s of barking lot’s of camo pants was happening at this show. Here in Seattle we have a Ruff Ryder Motorcycle club chapter and he made a point to say wassup to all the bikers in the building. He had a solid entrance and when he left, he said some prayers for all of us ending with “Give me a sign that you’re here!….or at least that you are near” and then he threw a towel over his head and chucked the deuce on his exit. Great show so support this Original when he comes through your city.

Glass Movie (2019)

This is movie is pure genius. We all liked “Unbreakable” unless you were living under a rock somewhere. I wasn’t a super fan of “Split” but that character shines in this film. This 3rd installment to Shyamalan’s film of real life superheros living among us something like comic book beings with super powers. I knew right away when they used the original son of Bruce Willis’s character from the first movie that this was going to be great. Sam Jackson of course continues his power of intelligence which is so believable you are scared of what he is capable of just from the mind. Bruce Willis continues to discover how strong he really is as Sam reminds him of this. James McAvoy exhibits his multiple personalities once again but now you find closeness in certain ones like the 9yr old boy who isn’t there to hurt anyone but curious of the outside world. Together they are all part of Sam Jackson’s plan to reveal his theory exists but can the world see it? Also is there a deeper plan? The ambiguous nature to their super powers is also a power item in the film because you find yourself trying to think of how it’s possible for a average human to do these things but then the movie discredits the actions but then again revives them with each scene. This process keeps you on both sides of the fence of… ..if super Hero’s could be real or fake the entire time.

Laura Pergolizzi ” LP ” Live @Showbox Sodo 4/22/19

I was invited to this show last minute -day of the show and what sparked my interest was that a friend sent a youtube clip of her. Now when you first glance you might not even know it’s a “her” dressed in an Aerosmith-style attire which she resembles the character Caleb Jones in the movie “War on Everyone” but that’s besides the point. LP is a real deal Rockstar with an amazing stage presence. I felt the entrance she made was well built up. It was all dark with all the band mates in position preparing with a slow drum beat them bam, she enters the stage and moves right into “Dreamweaver” belting the lyrics out loudly. Meanwhile in the crowd was the largest convention of seemingly not straight women dancing around like Woodstock 1969. LP has this technique of whistling into songs while giving herself brief solo whistle moments that you wouldn’t believe how musical they can be. She is so talented and gives so much into her music with her unique voice that carries throughout with this low-mid-high pitch chant in and out of her lyrics. Showbox Sodo was a great venue to house her voice which is that of a larger warehouse style venue located in the Sodo District of Seattle. I would for sure check out this artist again wherever she is performing.

Tech N9ne Live @Showbox Sodo 4/19/19

Showbox Sodo is a great venue because even though it’s just a big square warehouse the sound quality is usually good, location easy to get to in Sodo district of Seattle and lots of top artists perform here. Tech9 had some openers before this show that didn’t peak my interest at all which rap shows are really hit or miss for openers but Tech9 himself did a great job live. I did however feel like his vocals were not as loud as they should have been but maybe due to their sound check or who knows. Either way was still worth it to see. you can reserve VIP seating here which will give you seating to the north side of the venue with waitress assigned to the area. Decent show.