Akira Movie (1988)

 Forget that it’s Japanese Anime and you assume it’s for computer geeks. No. This movie is about the original biker bad ass “Kaneda”, who is the leader of his NEO Tokyo biker gang in a city that was blown away by a WW3 nuclear blast. A city ran by military, biker gangs, street punks and city militias protesting under Marshal Law. A story of best friends protecting each other since grade school in a futuristic city. This is a Sci-Fi genius for its time of 1988 and at that time the most expensive anime movie budget ever, of 9M. The story of Akira, what it means, what it represents and who or what it is. Check this one out to have a whole new take on Japanese Anime and how it can manipulate things regular film can’t. 

We Are Your Friends Movie (2015)

Cast: Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski, Wes Bentley

There is always a time in every actors career where they do a performance that they can never exceed again. They will go on to have other great roles but always that 1 movie that they can never surpass. This is Zac Efron’s moment. This is a story of Millennial poetry, love, TRUE unconditional friendship, music and the entire mechanics of being a DJ broken down into a science in how you move the crowd. As well as to why the highest paid DJs exist. This is a bold statement but this is Boyz in the Hood meets Boys in the San Fernando valley yet you engage and feel it. The ending is equally as powerful as all of the top cult classics because you allowed yourself to be open minded to the digital world.

Bomb City Movie (2018)

Cast: Dave Davis, Glenn Morshower, Luke Shelton, Henry Knotts, Logan Huffman, Dominic Gabriel, Maemae Renfrow

Limited release & True Story about the major rivalry between Punk Rockers & School Jocks in the 1990s. They say that revenge is the sweetest joy next to getting pussy but I say revenge over ALL. Taking place in a state known for Its missile silo, you have never seen such heartbreaking realism of a true story. Reminding us all to be human, love humans and treat each human equally no matter what the humans look like. There is a character in this film that I can relate to, that says in anger “I’ll never stop!”….and the rest you will just have to see for yourself. Even though you could google the story before you watched it still doesn’t take away the events leading up and how it all transpired. Check this one out and it’s semi closing statement by someone you may know gives up some things to think about.

Morris Day & The Time Live @Snoqualmie Casino 9/22/17

One of the best shows I have been to. I had been looking for years for this guy to tour. If you aren’t familiar, this band was put together by Prince himself and many of the songs you can’t tell Morris & Prince apart very close in style. Morris Day & The Time have hits of their own and the stage presence Morris brings keeps you having fun. Down to him using a mirror to do his hair during songs and jokes about how smooth he is between songs. We were all lucky to have one Prince tribute song from him at the end. This is one of the classic guys you must see and this was my first Snoqualmie show. I didn’t mind it, big flat open auditorium with folding chairs and a basic stage at the end. Check this guy out for sure.

EMI Live @Columbia City Theater 7/1/17

Her album is Planet EMI and coming out of Seattle, WA. She is a blend of hip hop & R&B, great vocals and lyrics you might think are told from a mans point of view but nope, it’s all her. She is still up and coming so finding her shows you usually gotta know a guy who knows a guy and I knew a guy. Her music is larger than the venue she performed in but she sounded great live with a venue I am personally a fan of. Columbia City theater is smaller spot with a bar located in the front entrance and usually a smaller mini bar in the stage area. The back of the theater area is slightly elevated with a lower dance floor area close to the stage giving you the choice of either close up front or in back with a good view. As for EMI, she is currently working on new music so stay tuned for her enjoy listening for lyrics that talk about Seattle and other places she has been.

Manito Movie (2002)

Cast: Franky G, Leo Minaya, Jessica Morales (Baby Jessica 87′)

Another, hard to find dvd and several award winner. When you watch this film you need to really allow yourself to get into it. Don’t expect a Hollywood cinematic experience, rather see it raw, real and seemingly unscripted. Boyz in the Hood, Menace II Society, American history X, American Me you name it, all rolled into one. Washington Heights was/is a very dangerous area -Yet the most powerful aspect in this is movie was that It was filmed in (my opinion) in the legendary “CINEMA VERITE” camera style. Which is sometimes called “truthful cinema” or “observational cinema” either way you label it, it’s the most honest way to feel you are right there in the movie. This style of filming is usually used for documentaries to give you the “real” experience. Almost grainy/semi choppy at times as if the film actually was filmed years ago by a low budget camera but that’s the whole trick to this type of cinematography. Also please note: “baby Jessica” is the little girl that fell into the well in Texas and survived so look that up. The movie itself is touching, genuine and about a young man doing what he can to survive the streets, lack of options but exuding strength. I will end this review with what Edgar Morin once wrote:

“there are two ways to conceive of the cinema of the real: the first is to pretend that you can present reality to be seen; the second is to pose the problem of the reality. 
* – – -In the same way, there were two ways to conceive cinema verite. The first was to pretend that you brought the truth. The second was to pose the problem to the truth.  

Billy Idol Live @Moore Theater 3/5/19

One of the GREATS! Although sadly he didn’t play much of the classics except “Rebel Yell” and “Dancing with myself” he still had is Rock-Star charm and even saw him step back from the end of the stage and fall over the front speaker yet he kept singing on the ground so you almost thought it was on purpose. Even though he didn’t give some of the classics I am still amazed this guy can even still do music. Couple times he belted out lyrics real loud to give us that classic Idol yell…but I wouldn’t pay top dollar for a show again now that I can say I have seen him live already.

Widows Movie (2018)

Cast: Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki

Never has there been such a powerful cast of women since “Set it off” that delivers you into a believable scenario of women doing what they can to survive in a world of powerful men. Creating the realism of how these women can’t trust anyone after feeling so lost, alone, broke and betrayed. This film takes place in both the up-scale sides of Chicago to the rough parts not many desire to walk through. Although the plot seems simple as Widows are stuck with the debt of their dead husbands after they are all killed in a fatal robbery gone bad. Yet the group soon learns how complicated things were and are as they prepare to complete endeavors that their late husbands attempted to achieve.

Bryce Vine Live @Neumo’s 3/9/19

First off, Neumos is a great Seattle venue/ location in a lively area and the venue, though smaller is very wide open with multiple vantage points. Also one nice thing is if you get there really early you can get prime seating for free on the upper deck railing area. So the first time I heard of Bryce Vine was on a motorcycle stunt video edit. Basically he was just background music for a wheelie. Anyway, I looked him up and he is this New York artist who has an attire-style straight out of the late 80’s or early 90’s. His music however is like a mix of many genres with super catchy lyrics that have valuable messages of life, relationships and things he is passionate about. If you see him live he has tons of energy and interaction with the crowd. Quick little shout outs to the crowd then you see him jumping everywhere as the next track kicks off. You will enjoy seeing this guy and I am fortunate I was able to see him live at a small venue in Seattle before he blows up.