Elena Maque Live @Pioneer Square 12/7/18

Smooooth Jazz in the middle of old Downtown Seattle known as Pioneer Square. This venue typically holds art shows with expensive art pieces throughout the area for viewing or purchase. At this show there was wine and small plates served as Elena serenaded the room with her rich and beautiful voice. Originally from Russian, she is both talented and artistic with Jazz / mixed with some funk to it. Her song “chance” is one to look for online or youtube singing of love and how you need to just have the faith and take a chance. Besides her beautiful vocals she is a very captivating human to look at so it compliments her music very well. She can be found in Seattle at various venues including the Edgewater close to the Piers of downtown Seattle.

Citizen Cope Live @Showbox Market 3/23/19

Great artist and always a good show. I have seen him around 06′ or 07′ somewhere in that ballpark at Showbox which back then I was impressed as I never heard of him at that time. Gin Wigmore opened that year which also turned me on to her as well. There was always this rumor that he has some connections to West Seattle/Seattle and always made a point to stop by and see some people at certain places. I never believed it until I was cruising down CA ave in WS and spotted him inside Easy Street Records before the show. He did an Acoustic session there while talking with the crowd in between songs. Very personal very musical. At his actual show his daughter came on stage and danced to his music probably was one of the sweetest things I have seen in a while. He is great to see live and each song he puts a little twist on it to make it new and fun. Check out Mr. Cope for sure.

Metallica Live @CenturyLink Field 8/9/17

Cool story with this one as I never bought a ticket when I should have then the floor tickets went up last minute to $450-500 to be up close and person in the pits. I rode my motorcycle down there on a hot day just to check out the scene. This venue was at Century Link Field which is a massive venue with grand stand seating around the center area. I maneuvered my way into the front entrance area early before the show started. I didn’t have a ticket to get past any of the gate keepers so I scanned the area for the weakest link on their staff. I spotted a chubby young kid in the far corner who looked of somewhat authority. I talked my way into convincing him to give me a floor wristband to go my favorite rock/metal band of all time (which it’s not my favorite but it made it more dramatic to sell) He gives me a free wrist band and I ended up watching the coolest solo-attended show I have seen to date. The Guitar noises ripped through the arena sending head bangers ball heads into a frenzy! Mosh Pits everywhere and everyone running wild like it was the end of the world. Enter the Sandman came on and people sort of remained calm for a quick minute and just bobbed their head to the song we all know all…Then when you heard the drums slam hard everyone went wild again! Great show.

Jurassic 5 Live @Showbox Market 6/15/17

With a total of 6 MC’s rap’n and speak’n in complete harmony to the beat, you just can’t go wrong. They sound even better live as you feel like it’s a rap orchestra into your ear pockets as they rap to the rhythm in unison. This venue is perfect to enclose this musical rappers delight and seen pictured here is a moment the group demanded the crowd to put their fists up and be as one unit. I was happy to see them as the J5 group had broken up about a decade ago and then returned together some years ago. For sure worth seeing these guys.

Dj Quik & Scarface Live @El Corazon 8/12/17

Smooth line up with these originals and even though I got hustled on the VIP meet & great I paid for both performers did well. This venue is always packed and hot as a mutherfucker inside during the summer. However the location is easy to get to and the stage is set up nice for shows. Scarface did his solo album stuff and was flawless, DJ Quik had the place moving with all of the songs we know and love like “Tonite” and many others. I have seen Quik years ago at Crocodile so I knew it would be a good show. As for the VIP that never happened I raised hell about it and one year later in 2018 went back stage through some other connections I had to demand my meet & greet from the year before. Dj Quik was cool as a hell, took some pictures with me gave me a couple T-shirts (since I had no shirt on) and said “aye man we cool? We good? because my debts are paid I have never had someone looking for me like this” and we both laughed I said we good man. Then he proceeded to tell someone else this story of meeting Eazy-E for the first time and how he was so nervous to meet him and that was the end of the show. So in the end, all is forgiven and now I think really highly of the dude for making shit right. Makes his music all the much better and would see him live again anytime in Seattle, WA.

NAS & Lauryn Hill Live @WAMU 10/10/17

I am a huge fan of this duo and couldn’t wait to see them however was never a fan of this venue. It’s a very large indoor location in Safeco field area and sound quality usually sounds like shit. Only time this place is tolerable is if you go to EDM shows then the venue is perfect. I don’t go to many of those but this sounded like a broken radio doing a show. These are suppose to be the greats but instead no one decided to do a sound check before this show. That’s why they call it sound check people. Anyway, I haven’t completely given up on wanting to see them again but never at this venue. Plus the only way to get close at WAMU is to pay baller prices to be front row in which you are just staring up at his ball sweat and that ain’t the business at all. Still happy to have heard “If I ruled the world” and other hits.

Masta Ace Live @Nectar 9/12/17

So I only ever remember his popular song “Get ready to roll” which was an old school classic but I ended up going to this show because I like the venue Nectar a lot. Small but great sound quality with upper deck looking over the stage. Plus just mins from Downtown after any show. Masta Ace did a great performance and I found myself bob’n my head to other songs I never heard before but should have. This guy is for sure worth checking out if he is ever in your area.

Celly Cel Live @Corvallis OR 4/29/12

I have always been keeping an eye out for one of his shows but never see any Seattle ones come up. This one was in booty ass deep Oregon, not even Portland. The Venue was lame and real dive style but not the cool kind. However Celly Cel just walked up casual with no Entourage or crew, all by himself like a G. He was not sporting the Shirly locks anymore but stopped by to get a pic with us before the show. He also waited till about 1AM to get there after we were all way drunk. He was pushing a new album of his so I only remember it’s going down tonight being performed. I noticed they played the track in the background too loud which made it appear to be lip syncing but Cel was rap’n you just couldn’t tell. Still, he is one of the greats and glad to even see him live so I would for sure check him out again. I walked up to him and said, “Dude, when is the Seattle show happening?’ and he says “Next month I will be in Olympia”…haha.. I laugh and say dude what the fuck?! That’s like an hour & a half south of Seattle that ain’t Seattle. Guess someone didn’t inform in that so he invites a buddy and I to the after party in Oregon. We were on our way then someone got stabbed out front so we said fuck it and drove like 10hrs straight back to Seattle mad as hell. So that being said lets get Celly Cel to Seattle for a show where he belongs. One with better sound quality and way better location than that poop one I went to. It’s goin down !!!

Twista Live @Nectar 2/22/18

One of the fastest rappers to ever grace the stage and I believe at one time was the fastest ever. Twista coming all the way from Chicago to this small but awesome venue located in the northern part of Seattle. Nectar is great venue because down low near the stage is up close to the artists and up top is a perfect view down to the stage at all angles. Also has an outdoor area to the side for summer time shows. Twista had no errors in his show, all the classic songs and even the ones he did with Do or Die except he didn’t imitate their roles in Do or Die songs and instead just rap’n his parts only. He still has the speed but you know all the words to these tracks despite how quick he says them. For sure someone I would see again and I think everyone would love to see Do or Die and Twista tour very soon.

Big Boi Live @Showbox Market 1/10/18

This was a great show and not only was Big Boi on his game but the guy they had fill in for Andre 3000’s vocals did a perfect job. In fact, no offense to Andre but I couldn’t even tell he was replaced the vocals were so money. They did all the classics and Big Boi even performed his own stuff like Shutterbug. This venue is a major landmark for great shows with the ascending downward venue giving every location inside a great vantage point for the show. 3 bars on every corner and all in very back with the option of bar food menus to keep the night going. Located in the heart of Downtown Seattle as well. Big Boi is worth the money to go see. If Andre 3000 can’t make his next tour and they use this same artist to supplement Andre I would see it again.