Twista Live @Nectar 2/22/18

One of the fastest rappers to ever grace the stage and I believe at one time was the fastest ever. Twista coming all the way from Chicago to this small but awesome venue located in the northern part of Seattle. Nectar is great venue because down low near the stage is up close to the artists and up top is a perfect view down to the stage at all angles. Also has an outdoor area to the side for summer time shows. Twista had no errors in his show, all the classic songs and even the ones he did with Do or Die except he didn’t imitate their roles in Do or Die songs and instead just rap’n his parts only. He still has the speed but you know all the words to these tracks despite how quick he says them. For sure someone I would see again and I think everyone would love to see Do or Die and Twista tour very soon.

Big Boi Live @Showbox Market 1/10/18

This was a great show and not only was Big Boi on his game but the guy they had fill in for Andre 3000’s vocals did a perfect job. In fact, no offense to Andre but I couldn’t even tell he was replaced the vocals were so money. They did all the classics and Big Boi even performed his own stuff like Shutterbug. This venue is a major landmark for great shows with the ascending downward venue giving every location inside a great vantage point for the show. 3 bars on every corner and all in very back with the option of bar food menus to keep the night going. Located in the heart of Downtown Seattle as well. Big Boi is worth the money to go see. If Andre 3000 can’t make his next tour and they use this same artist to supplement Andre I would see it again.

Bone Thugs n Harmony Live @Paramount 11/14/16

As mentioned this is one of my favorite venues and a historic landmark for Seattle. I went to see this for the Puff Puff pass tour which also Snoop Dogg & Warren G were on the line up. I felt like Snoop was extra lame sauce constantly pointing the Mic towards the crowd to sing his lyrics, like damn muthafucker sing your own shit dude. Warren G I couldn’t tell if he was lip syncing the entire time and you could tell he just wanted that check. However Bone Thugs murdered the stage. Voices sounded as you remembered with every member jumping into their position on tracks with all the hype and energy like they did through the 90’s. They had the look and stage presence to back up their vocals and the message they were re-sending to the audience. I went on to see them a few other times after this show at different venues and every time Bone Thugs N Harmony delivers the damn mail in their performance so be sure to see them when you can.

Funeral Kings Movie (2012)

Cast: Dylan Hartigan, Kevin Corrigan, Alex Maizus, Jordan Puzzo

Most of the movies of kids growing up either pre-teen or teenager are instant hits. You take Stand By Me, Sandlot, Superbad, and Fast Times & Ridgemont High to know that’s a true statement. They do all the usual stuff in this film, dreaming of kissing girls, going to parties with older kids, smoking cigs, drinking alcohol and general best times of their life exploration shit. However this one has such an interesting comedy to it. 3 kids that are Altar boys at the Funeral Home just trying to be older in any way they can. Even arguing with each other about who could pass for an older kid. One of the kids happens to newly moved to their town and joins their friendship but also has a notable past not mentioned right away. Follow them on a journey through a course of one week to see how much trouble they can get into. The endings on IFC films are always my favorite because they don’t use the same theatrics as mainstream big budget films so it’s lights out and roll credits. Leaving you with what was done or said and the screen goes black. I like that.

Butcher Babies Live @Showbox Sodo 10/31/17

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These lovely ladies were opening for Hollywood undead and even though I am not huge metal fan these chicks were tons of fun. You listen to this deep dark almost dude-like voice screaming with gnarly guitar rips in the background but looking at two very beautiful women doing it makes it all the more interesting. They had people riding around in blow up rafts above the mosh pit and the women tamed down their usual attire but we know whats under there. Great stage presence and vocals very loud and raspy. Showbox Sodo was a perfect wide open venue for this all ages show. Heidi Shepherd, bring the red hair back and while you’re at it, come to Seattle for a hang out.

Guns N’ Roses Live @CenturyLink Field 8/12/16

Most of the concerts I can be seen shirtless like shown above here with both my Mom and Dad to the right. They had been divorced for a very long time but still remained friends so I thought it would be cool to surprise them both with floor tickets to G&R “not in this lifetime tour” which welcomed back Slash to perform together with them. Slash hadn’t performed with G&N since the mid 1990’s so this was truly a show to be at. The venue is massive with grandstands surrounding the stage and the floor lined with folding chairs. Also if you choose to head to the mosh pit which is in the very front you have to pay a bit more to be tossed around front row. I have seen them live many years ago at the Tacoma Dome with Mr. Bucket head substituting slash and the energy wasn’t quite as explosive as this. Axle still ran back and forth across the stage like he did back n the day and screamed the lyrics like you were right there in the 80’s 90’s listening to him belt out his signature voice in his prime. Slash was on point with several guitar solos that had your hairs standing up while we all head banged like the true rockers we are. They had Alice & Chains open and their new lead singer to replace the late & very great Layne Staley did an amazing job. All the classics from the chains including “The Rooster” letting us know the music of Staley you know ain’t gonna die. In summary, this legendary Classic Rock group still can rock a joint and my personal favorite “Welcome to the Jungle” sent chills across the arena which that song also is rumored to have some Seattle inspiration for the song from a time he visited here. One fist in the air with pointer and pinky erected out and bang your fuckin head!

Graves33 Live @Neumos 1/18/13

Coming straight out of West Seattle, WA. This is a talented musician and talented artist that has both a rep in the music industry and spreading his art throughout the city. He is the son of legendary Randy Hansen who has toured the globe performing Jimi Hendrix covers. Graves33 has done art murals for the city as well as covered almost every Electrical box you see on corners of West Seattle streets that pay tribute to other Seattle music artists. He has performed at many Seattle venues over the past decade and opened for groups like Wu-Tang Clan and Camp-Lo. The venue Neumos is a cool spot with a popular bar located right next to it and has a passage way to walk to near the venue entrance. Desmond Hansen who is desmondhansenart on Instagram and stage name Graves33 in his music, has a powerful message in his lyrics about not being a puppet for the government. His stage performance is unique as he raps and DJ’s at the same time which not many performers achieve. Graves33 is a man of many talents and artistry so check out both his art and music anywhere online or his IG page. The city of WS is still waiting for him to record a song dedicated to his home town and thus put West Seattle on the map so stay tuned. In the meantime check out his music videos on Youtube, such as; “Waiting for never” as well as many other great tracks to look for so check him out.

Nipsey Hussle Live @Showbox Sodo 6/29/18

Another talented fallen artist victim to the dangerous streets of LA. When I went to see this show it was last min and at the time hadn’t heard a whole lot of his music but wanted to see the show because I liked what I heard and the Showbox Sodo is a decent venue with a large open warehouse with 21+ upper bar area to the far left corner that overlooks the stage. Sound quality is good in this location and if you decide to drive to it parking is not an issue while also close to Downtown Seattle. Nipsey was great live, so at that point discovered a new artist I liked after seeing his show. Most that know me know I don’t have a lot of newer rappers I take notice to but Nipsey is one of them. He was killed recently in front of his clothing store in Los Angeles and his music speaks of being a gang member out of LA which I am noticing there is a handful of rappers claiming their neighborhood colors these days without any fear of who knows in the mainstream music industry. Back in the day rappers seemed more semi private of what their gang colors or neighborhoods were but now a days it seems this era is to let it be known what gang your with on wax. Either way we lost a great one to violence so I send good vibes to his friends and family and hope we can increase the peace rather than killing each other. Rest in Peace Nippsey Hussle.

Kid Rock Live @Puyallup Fairgrounds 9/3/16

Awesome show and great entrance he made. Kid Rock is all about putting on a show and taking his shirt off for the ladies. Everything went down as expected + some and I was appreciative to get the invite to this show as well as the seats we had. That being said this isn’t a terrible venue but more of a summer time place and winter shows you could get rained on while the performer happily is dry on stage. Kid Rock has always been a baad muthafucker to me glad I could see him live because I know I can smell a pig from a mile a way too. Check him out if he is ever touring your city and you might find him at a strip club while he is in town. Muthafuckin Cowwwboyy ….Bayyyyy-be!

TLC Live @Xfinity Arena 7/7/17

The ladies who brought the red light special and educated us not to ever chase water falls of pipe dreams and douche bags before you millennials called them “fuck boys”. These girls still got it and almost tear jerking tribute to Left Eye at the end of the show. For a large arena this place isn’t bad for a show. I had the VIP upper deck and front row with a meet and greet so I was feeling extra. Only problem was I was mostly there to see Naughty by Nature open for them and when they took everyone backstage for the pictures I missed Naughty by Nature and I was HEATED. I even told T-Boz & Chili how upset I was. So when they did red light special I have video of Chili motioning me to the stage which I refused to move due to being so mad that I didn’t see the East Coast rappers I had anticipated. Some other dude jumps over the gate and gets broken off to red light special in place of me by Chili herself. *Does hand jerk motion* as it was about principle for me and who in the hell was managing the meet & greet during the show like that? We put a man on the damn moon, he flew there. We can’t plan a better meet n greet for high paying fans? Either way TLC is great live check em out.