Nelly Movie (2016)

Cast: Mylène Mackay, Emmanuel Schwartz, Marie-Claude Guérin This shows me how conservative our country is. This legendary movie should be Oscar worthy. A story of a Canadian woman who whores herself for high priced life luxuries. Never needed to work a day in her life, then writes a popular erotic novel detailing her experiences in […]

We Are Your Friends Movie (2015)

Cast: Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski, Wes Bentley There is always a time in every actors career where they do a performance that they can never exceed again. They will go on to have other great roles but always that 1 movie that they can never surpass. This is Zac Efron’s moment. This is a story […]

Manito Movie (2002)

Cast: Franky G, Leo Minaya, Jessica Morales (Baby Jessica 87′) Another, hard to find dvd and several award winner. When you watch this film you need to really allow yourself to get into it. Don’t expect a Hollywood cinematic experience, rather see it raw, real and seemingly unscripted. Boyz in the Hood, Menace II Society, […]