12 O’clock Boys Documentary (2014)

Take a look into the real life of a young 12yr old kid that is filmed over a course of 3yrs as he tries to earn his street credit to be apart of a local Bike club. The club is inside the rough streets of Baltimore where gangs, violence, crooked cops and poverty are very […]

Glass Movie (2019)

This is movie is pure genius. We all liked “Unbreakable” unless you were living under a rock somewhere. I wasn’t a super fan of “Split” but that character shines in this film. This 3rd installment to Shyamalan’s film of real life superheros living among us something like comic book beings with super powers. I knew […]

Club Life Movie (2015)

This takes place Circa 2008 and even though you may have been on the West Coast you get to see the East Coast club scene here. You have seen the movie “Gangsta’s Paradise” and here is the movie “Douche Paradise” but don’t take that as a complete negative. Rather, many of the club scene /club […]

The Cannonball Run Movie (1981)

Cast: As read below All star cast in this film which almost all of the primary leading characters are now gone from this earth. This a great movie not just for car junkies, it also has a cool story of people doing fun shit just for the fuck of it. Jackie Chan needs no intro […]

Nelly Movie (2016)

Cast: Mylène Mackay, Emmanuel Schwartz, Marie-Claude Guérin This shows me how conservative our country is. This legendary movie should be Oscar worthy. A story of a Canadian woman who whores herself for high priced life luxuries. Never needed to work a day in her life, then writes a popular erotic novel detailing her experiences in […]

We Are Your Friends Movie (2015)

Cast: Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski, Wes Bentley There is always a time in every actors career where they do a performance that they can never exceed again. They will go on to have other great roles but always that 1 movie that they can never surpass. This is Zac Efron’s moment. This is a story […]