Mohawk Movie (2017)

What an intense horror film with just the right touch of drama to remind you there is a message in this. Mohawk is based around the War of 1812 involving countries such as french, United Kingdom, The United States, In the midst of all of this madness the Native America tribes such as “Mohawks” are caught into the crossfires forced to fight with hostile Americans because there was no other option, Some critics claim that the low budget film-work was a problem to this film but I feel it gave it more of an authentic/cinema Verte / -real approach. Even some negative feedback was published to the bad dialogues and wardrobe pieces. I think the modern looking wardrobe, with English speaking Native Americans gave it a new age convenience that everyone can enjoy. I felt the story line matched the characters performances very well. You sort of have a flip side to where you see horrifying things done to Natives yet when the script flips you find yourself in a horror movie from the American’s perspectives. Thus making you know feel like your being hunted even if you also do wish for the Revenge happen. Very cool movie, creative and plenty satisfying revenge scenes.

Published by Skoo-B

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