Boosie BadaZZ Live @Welcome Palace 12/14/19

Now, so I originally wanted to go see this show for X-Raided because I like his new music and of course his classics. X never went on stage because they didn’t want to pay him up front so I feel him on that aspect. Back to the show. This venue is a hall you can rent out over in Seatac and previously was an Auto Parts store or something at one time. Large open area with main stage setup and they used metal barriers for the VIP dance floor area. Each side also had VIP arrangements with small homemade bar areas and drink tickets to buy drinks. The ticket thing has been around a long time to avoid issues with state liquor boards and lots of biker clubs have been doing that style for a long time. The openers were decent and pleasing to the ears. X-Raided didn’t come on and that started some uneasy feelings during the show. As we waited for Boosie to come on stage I could tell everyone was getting anxious. This was probably one of the most hood shows I have been to out of Brotha Lynch, Lil Eazy E, Do or Die, X-Raided, G Perico, and so many others to name and this one topped all of that. Tattoo faces people with hoods on and dark clothing in the shadows, gold chains, flannel shirts and other attires that shared correlations to hoodlums. Either way it was all love in there as I passed through in a large fur coat, no shirt, light up glasses and pleather pants. I left all my fucks at home. When Boosie came on stage I thought the women were gonna rush the stage. Security was having issues keeping them big bitches back. Boosie was great live and sounded authentic and you could hear his actual voice sending the lyrics out, not any lip syncing. He performed great and performed like he was really pleased to be there. After the show all of us VIP members were to get a picture taken. They had no organization at all to this and everyone piled around one door to get in. After about an hour wait some fuck stick comes out and tells us it’s another $100 for a picture. Fuck that we already paid $100 for our VIP ticket and GA was $50 so you know damn well they already made their money. So I left and walked outside. I noticed not even a joke 17 police cars and cops everywhere. Not sure if -or what went down but the entire Seatac police force was waiting outside. I came out tipsy with no shirt and my phone out-snap chat ready- as I waited for my uber. All in all a great show and X-Raided announced on his IG he will be back here 2020 with brotha Lynch for a show. The very last great moment of the show was that I met a chick who also does music by the name of Holly Michelle. Awesome stuff and I hope to do a blog on her once I see her live.

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