Lil Marc “Bored,Broke and Armed” (2014)

Lil Marc a young rapper from the South Side of Chicago was gunned down at a bus stop in the middle of the day back in 2014. Lil Marc was a 051 Young Money Gang Member which is part of the Mickey Cobra Set. Gang Set’s are the term used for sub sets or smaller groups associated with the umbrella gang name. So if your set has a name and a leader you are still apart of the larger Gang name. I stumbled across his music on Youtube and did some searches out of curiosity. Gangs are nothing new to any part of the planet and for sure are nothing new to Chicago. Generations of family members are born into gang life filled with violent situations. For most gang members everything comes to death and trying not to be killed. You get respect for who you kill or how hard it is to be killed. If a rival gang disrespects you or your gang you kill them. If another rival gang enters into your territory you kill them. If you need money you would most likely commit robbery, sell drugs or kill mutherfuckers. No active gang members for for Microsoft or have pensions. Sometimes even boredom or drugs can drive these gangs to kill or even retaliation from the death of your homie also produces murder. If you get the picture yet it’s an organization designed for death. Some of the newer generation of gang culture in the music industry have a style called “Drill Rap” or “Drill Music” where rival gangs use grim gritty violent words to diss other gangs. Formally those songs were just called “diss tracks”. Lil Marc was an active Gang Member who had a handful of tracks out before his latest diss track called “no competition” which the song called out rival gangs as well as took verbal shots about rival gangs deaths. The song is probably one of the best diss tracks I heard since the NWA and Ice Cube era. He even includes a facetime video in his music video of him arguing with a rival gang member which puts confusion to most. Possibly because people wonder how they even have each others phone numbers in the first place. It’s letting us know gang culture is complex, one minute your friend from grade school is your buddy then next minute he is two blocks over joining a rival gang. So in the facetime it’s basically them semi threatening each other with death sprinkled with smiles even though they will both actually kill each other. Some neighborhoods this is all they know. Lil Marc released the “No competition” youtube video holding firearms and making threats like “Put your ass on a T-Shirt” referring to -in death most memorial services have dead homie’s faces on T-Shirts. Lil Marc was killed in the same location another friend of his was killed at years prior the same fashion. Lil Marc was standing at the bus stop around 1:30pm 3 days after his youtube video was posted waiting to go about his afternoon. Rival gang members (most likely) pulled up and opened fire. Several shots hit young Marc and killed him at the scene. Spectators driving by video’ed and took pictures that were also posted online. Sadly photos of Lil Marc, laying dead at the bus stop are easily google’able with video as they drive by including him all wrapped up. Not sure why this story interested me but maybe because I am an enthusiast of diss tracks. They can make or break an artist or sometimes get people killed. Back in the day they called violent rap music “Horror Rap” “Gangster Rap” and in some cases “Bang’n on Wax” due to the violent nature of the lyrics. Check out the song “No Competition” by Lil Marc and maybe that’s a way we can all pay respects to the death of a young man killed at only 20 years old.

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