Cruise Movie (2018)

This movie was near impossible to find and I stumbled across a trailer for it on youtube some years back, been looking for it ever since. I never was able to find it and the movie never made it to any theaters in my state. Often some independent films will be limited release to see how they do and from there decide if they should distribute. Also depending on music rights and so forth other things can jam them up down to even the time the movie is released. All that being said this one fell between the cracks and sadly wasn’t mainstream. Set in 1987 during a time those cars; like his mint Grand National, a vehicle still highly desired and fast to this day. Those cars filmed were fairly new to be owning in street drags at that time. They do a great job of finding mint stock basic Toyota’s and stuff in the background scenes. These actors are all B level and you won’t recognize anyone except maybe the main chick which some reviewers said she was a bad actor. I felt she nailed the part beautifully. The main character is a young teenage Italian kid but don’t worry this not another mob movie but does show how active the mafia was in the 80s during that time. Also it’s not another love story even though the guy does meet the girl and fall in love with the girl. The twists and turns to their love story isn’t clear which leaves you engaged. This is a drag race film but don’t expect fast & The Furious CGI and theatrics and cars jumping across the screen, no, this is too low budget even if they wanted it. These are realistic drag races that don’t last 5 mins to race down a quarter mile in slow motion mixed with fast motion. You feel like they actually raced and edited it. So you feel the heat when the cars take off. Although home boys Grand National has a cam’ed v8 motor sound dubbed over his real car sound as we all know Grand Nationals don’t sound like that. You don’t mind the fake engine noise if you are getting into the actual content of the moment. You then appreciate the noise towards the end when his National pulls off. Almost makes it beefier and sounds cooler whether fake or not. Also the type of ways these kids get money and car prowling felt real and raw New York Street kid shit. You knew some of it was theatrical for car theft but nothing you couldn’t look past to get the basic nature of the message the film maker was sending. The soundtrack is amazing and some 80’s classics you know and some you may not know from the B side of UK to just more non mainstream 80’s hits. They never miss on creating 80s background and the outfits were never over the top as some real 80’s folks just wore less bright clothing. Some 80’s folks just wore dull colored regular shit. So you don’t feel like it’s a remake but rather a movie that actually took place in the 80’s. That’s actually one the best art forms of the film is that it doesn’t look and feel like a remake rather it looks like an 80’s film you just never saw before. Released in 2018 however and with a strong story and believable plot this is one to really look for but unfortunately the one way to see it is to buy it through’ Youtube, HULU, Comcast and possibly amazon. Haven’t yet seen a way to own it as I like to collect movies.

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