Bumbershoot Live @Seattle Center 8/31/19

If you aren’t familiar this is a music festival held in the Historical Seattle Center area which the area has various live music locations with different stage setups and musicians of all genres. Over the years the ticket sales have gone up and the artists seem to have lessened in popularity meaning they haven’t had really any super big names in their lineups in past years. Usually there is a about 20 or so artists at different time slots and different locations. This can be difficult if you are intending on seeing certain artists that come on at the same time in different spots. The venue is large and all ages so don’t be surprised seeing teenagers wearing rave-esq clothing walking around. This specific year I went to catch LP and Two feet. Both played amazing and I have another post about LP as she is a very great live performer. I was impressed with Two Feet as well, great delivery and you can choose the option of VIP tickets to have better areas to watch as well as no lines anywhere. I recommend this if you are choosing to do all 3 days of the festival just makes it easier to move about the areas without the need to push through larger crowds. This year I only went Saturday but I arrived shirtless which is frowned upon in the beer gardens. Some ask you to wear a shirt but I don’t take no fuckin shit so I threw on some electrical tape over my nipples I found at one of the bars and refused to wear a shirt. Why is it the nipples matter so much? As if the rest of my skin isn’t a problem but the small area of nipples changes things. I waiting for Jai Wolf to come on and a metal barricade fell on someone and they were seriously injured. The next day they honored a free entry to anyone who missed that show that got moved to the next day. I was also really impressed with H.E.R. as her music has a very deep R&B vibe but when she did a stellar Prince Cover rocking the guitar like she built the song herself I was really amazed. Overall I would say it’s worth going to any Bumbershoot if you are a music head since they have so many artists each day for 3 days you are bound to like someone performing. Also being centrally located in a historical spot in Seattle with views of the SpaceNeedle it makes it not only pleasing for the locals but also tourists.

Published by Skoo-B

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