You Can’t buy me love Movie (1987)

Brilliant movie and I like the part where she has Patrick Dempsey’s back says he sits in the visitor seating to fuck with the other team , it’s physiological warfare. This movie is 80s but so extremely 80s but most of these actors never make a big break anywhere else. A film about superficial lives to the fullest and his younger brother is a G cooler than him. Also the scene where he jumps into the clean ass white VW rabbit. No half jump either. What a believable nerd that rises to popularity and the story takes place in AZ which is different from most California teen movies. Also most every teen movie the guy likes the girl he cant get her but this one the girl cant get the guy even though she usually gets whatever she wants. Very different idea. They two even have a pretend break up but he doesn’t realize he took it way too far in public. The girls like him for being an asshole for it which is also kind of a different theme to show on film so openly. Very dark version of most teen era movies. Dark but not bad just in real form. When he comes in to school pretending to be the new kick ass guy the scene is over the top but with NO entrance music as he walks in. That just gives you the Independent film feel which makes scenes feel so unique like it really happened not a theatrical movie. Brilliant work! After he is deemed “cool” for paying the popular girl to pretend to date him he can finally take girls out in his weird-dads car that gets flipped into a cool shag’n wagon to his peers. Extra 80’s arcades that look like more actual footage than a movie. Now he is suddenly hangin with the popular people, the jocks, and pretty girls. Even to the point where the girls are open to sharing him something never seen in a breakfast club movie or 16 Candles. Again how a darker real high school movie goes. Every TV in the movie is old but really small giving you a different cinematic look at the 80s because it wasn’t a remake but actually filmed in the 80s. The actors are so unknown so they are more believable. Also the younger brother is hell bent on figuring out why his brother is now the cool kid all of a sudden. At the school dance they have a live music singer which at the time was a far out cool school dance for it’s time. Watching B style movies like this you just couldn’t place who they were or who they could have become. Dempsey drinks for seemingly the first time spiking the punch bowling something always known and talked about but rarely shown on film. The girls laughing thinking he was in special ED dancing like an idiot but then they try to make him feel better by mimicking his dance moves. However as they do it, soon it literally turns into a cool dance sequence. Very artistic dance scene with super funky music playing in the background. The entire soundtrack is amazing with Paul Mccartney singing the opening soundtrack theme song. Alantac star , living in a box and cutting crew but more of the B side songs in my opinion. Comedy you have never heard or scene making it all fresh and new. This movie plays between serious drama teen soap opera to Fast times & Richmond high comedy. PERFECT BLEND. It exploits rich communities but interestingly it shows richer people within rich neighborhoods and how their dynamics clash into social layers. Genius script in my opinion. The clever comebacks and witty remarks shine through the entire film. She later walks into new designed Ronnie who is no longer Ronald in the bathroom kissing some girl which would never been shown in that way for mainstream teen movies, too real for the time of 1987. also the movie taking place during new years as opposed to most movies displaying summer time and good weather was different. The scene with the longest speech ever by Amanda Peterson revealing the lie her and Dempsey had seemed really authentic like it was based on a true story. What will he do next you think. This is actually a real drama but also a comedy, dramatic, dark but unforgiving about its content or delivery. Makes you love it more. Probably the best ending a teen movie could have giving you everything you anticipated for all into great visuals. Petersen lived a troubled life in her real life ultimately to her death. Many of the others besides Dempsey did not go on to do many other films. Check this one out if you loved all the classic high school movies.

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  1. Awesome 80s flick!!! I watched that growing up and decided there on out I didnt want to be a lawn boy lol!!! Great review brotha👊🏻

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    1. HAHA! Dude thanks for keeping up on my blog and he sure made mowing the lawn some cool shit. I saw lots of negative reviews so had to set the Ebert straight. Sometimes these un-remembered classic flicks never made it big for various reasons but this is classic. Glad you have seen it and agree.


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