The Iceman Movie (2013)

Take a look into the most dangerous one man army maybe of all time. Ruthless contract killer who worked for the Mafia by sort of falling into it. His name was Richard Kuklinski and he was not Italian he was Polish. This is a true story with every highlight covered in the movie so don’t think they left much out. Michael Shannon does an excellent performance playing the part and if you want proof wait till after you watched the movie then look up the real life interviews of “The Iceman” talking to psychologists detailing the zero remorse for the killings he did. The film also has great stars like Ray Liotta playing Roy DeMeo who was head of the Gambino crime family in that time which later was run by John Gotti as many already know. M.Shannon plays a mellow killer who shows no feelings for his business, chopping them up, killing people whether in broad daylight or not. He also was known for freezing the bodies to make it difficult to tell time of death, he used poisons, guns, knives, crossbows, rope to choke people and you name it he did it. If Iceman wanted you he would get you. He also had a specific moment in the film which was a true story that a man begged for god to be saved from being killed by Iceman. So Iceman sat down and said he would give him a few mins to pray to god and if anything changes or interferes he would let the man go. After the time was up Iceman said (paraphrased) “you called for god and maybe he was busy, now you die” and shot the guy in the head. After this movie check out his comments about that day in the real life interview. Though he cared about his family he would kiss his kids goodnight then tell mafia soldiers death-goodnights all in the same week. This guy was deadly, standing 6’5″ almost 300lbs and not to be fucked with. Terrible childhood and upbringing lead him to the emotions he was lacking. When you watch the documentary/interviews you can see how on point the acting was so watch it after. The Iceman died in prison serving a life sentence and showed zero emotion admitting he was a killer and it was his time to die. The Iceman, look for it.

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