A Scanner Darkly Movie (2006)

One of the greatest movies of all time that didn’t get bad reviews but also wasn’t all over every headline. I first seen this years ago and enjoyed it with the same medium view point you can find online. I re-watched it now in 2019 and it shows me all new meaning. For one it was filmed in Rotoscoping which is where the movie is filmed then traced over with digitally digitizing each frame of pictures which also gives the director the chance to manipulate scenes. Manipulate reality more or less because it’s now digital but not like a cartoon. Yet this style has been around since the early 1900s this was one the first to have the ENTIRE film in rotoscoping as opposed to just scenes in other films. Not to mention the films message about a drug epidemic and how it can be as simple as a pill. Which over a decade ago was not as prominent as it is now. Now you hear about adderal or Xanax, percocets,fentanyl even along side traditional cocaine. People have this vast fascination over drugs and how quickly things can get them high. I have never used a hard drug in my life so maybe I am bias but I really don’t see the point in taking things to the level you could lose your life over being high . Which then makes this movie was ahead of it’s time coming out back in 2006. Not to mention the movie plot is that the government is secretly doing it to our own country. Which Keanu goes deep deep cover to the point where he gets addicted to the drug himself to eventually be checked into a care facility that makes the actual drug addicts who are half brain dead harvest and crop the illegal death drug for the government. Basically a conveyor belt of getting their own country of people high and addicted then using them to create massive farms to harvest move of the drug. A crazy concept that really doesn’t seem that far fetched with the way over-the-counter drugs have been being sold the past decade with little restraints on providing limits tot he public. Robert Downey Jr plays a guy addicted to the drug yet he is seemingly very smart using $5 dollar words with every sentence as if he is an a astute professor. Woody Harleson is whacked out high energy when he is on the drug while Roy Cocrane plays the weirdest of them all never sitting still thinking bugs are on him all the time. Keanu plays a lost individual overly calm and distant. Get all these guys together in a room and watch them argue the logic, reason and physics of a bicycles gears and how many they should have and if missing any gears they are orphan bicycle gears. The amount of trippy brain twists they have in each scene is unreal having you feeling like you are high as a kite watching it. Keanu must get inside and infiltrate the government rehab facility to reveal the governments diabolical plot but how can he snap out of the brain damage from the drug to carry out his mission? That’s the best part of the whole movie so pay attention.

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