Stunt Bikes & Booties DVD (2015)

Many of you may not know the history of the motorcycle street bike/stunt life. You’ve seen people do wheelies or tricks but in the 80’s it was just a standard wheelie, then on through the early 2000’s you had to at least scrape the tail and stoppie, maybe occasional burnout. Now in the current era you better scrape on the freeway, do 100s of feet long in stoppies, circle wheelie, drift and jump everywhere on the bike while you wheelie for miles. Well that is if you want to be noticed on the internet and social media zones. See because back before 2005 youTube didn’t even exist home boy, and even when it did people just got started. Back then video devices were only in handheld camcorders or maybe digital cameras thru the 2000s. Now a days we have GoPros and camera phones at every disposal. Even drones! The most likely started out with very old tapes used in the old school big cameras. You can tell in the editing that they were limited which gives the DVD a much more intensely real feel. The music they probably have zero rights for but it all works well in the background. The ending even has 10 mins of completely dead screen as the music plays which makes you feel like you stumbled across a rare artifact of stunt bike history that was never finished. Anyway back then it was stock bikes too, factory made un-modified OEM bikes doing stunts similar to know but not as intensely smooth with safety nets or crash bars or 3rd Hand brake control. Not to say the skill hasn’t increased greatly it’s just to say the OG’s did it when it was all or nothing to learn and forcing stock bikes to be manipulated into tricks. In this video I 100% feel these guys, Ruthless Tactics str8 out of New Jersey, straight out of the hood! No bullshit, no helmets no verbally or visual fucks given. The bikes might even be borrowed in some cases, ha! and the cops are ignored throughout the rides. The amount of Skill these guys have is way ahead of the stunt-game time. Circle wheelies using just the factory foot brake where is now there are sold hand levers to compile with your foot lever for added control. Back then if they dropped the bike that could mean serious damage. Not in the now where there are specialized cages on the internet to protect everything after years & years of research. Not to mention bike parts and replacements pieces all on the internet now. This DVD is the Boyz in The Hood version of every freestyle motorcycle “street” stunt video. Basically the Scarface of biker stunt era videos. Enjoy the culture we grew up in, enjoy the intense raw fury of fighting the street on motorcycles.

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  1. Remember when you used to do wheelies on front of the nail salon whenever I got my nails done? I got a “kick” outta that every time! Miss you, son:)


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