Machine Gun Kelly Live @Showbox Sodo 6/25/19

First time I seen this guy was at the AVN awards in Vegas some years ago and never had heard of him. It was a quick 1 or 2 song intermission show and I was hammered so didn’t remember too much of it. Then I heard the song “Till I Die” and I was like this guy is cool. Then the whack ass Eminem beef starts and I thought…who is this slim shady guy think he is? Some type of dope relic from a mystical fake past he dreamed of? Eminem has never ever had play in my cars and he is a great lyricist who can think of witty little rhymes about his mom and living in a trailer park but BITCH , MGK is FROM THE LAND! Plus I just really think MGK’s long arms would knock the EBT card out of trailer park boi M&M. Anyway, back to the show. Showbox Sodo isn’t as good as Market but still a good venue and large open good sound quality. You can pay extra for the VIP section and have reserved seating with a dedicated waitress. He had a solid entrance rising up behind the stage in a tan khaki suit which he went shirtless halfway through the show. This was a great mix of Rock and Rap /some alternative that reminds me of Aerosmith and Run DMC when they did their collaboration “walk this way” back then. He even went up & played the drums, tore it up then hopped on the guitar while doing lead vocals proving this guy has talent. This was his very first sold-out show and he thanked the crowd a few times for it thus Seattle, WA showing their support. He even said he did a show with about 3 rows of people before and now it was filled and thanked us. MGK coming straight out of Cleveland tattoo’ed everywhere sporting died hair you can tell his is an individual just being himself. We use to think people of color were the only ones representing the hood but MGK says in his lyrics “in the hood hes good, till he dies” and the Showbox crowd went crazy for him. Also here to let you know people with lighter shades of skin have been out here in the hood so throw your stereotypes in a sack. Towards the end he did the song 27 which is a deep song about dying young but dying a legend, great track. He climbed on the rafter at one point so someone could throw him a joint. This guy is a real entertainer and if you on that Eminem shit remember MGK has that reach and will physically beat him up so stop listening to a guy that will lose to the opposing artist in a fist fight. Haha JK M&M alright. Check MGK when you can he is worth the money to see.

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