Celly Cel Live @Brothers Gemini 6/22/19

This is the second time I drove deep to the oddest of places to see Cel perform live. I took this solo drive to deep Port Angeles , WA this time, which is like a hill billy town with the tallest building about 3 stories high. I decided to take the ferry to cut the drive time thru Tacoma but still was hours from the Bremerton Terminal to get to the show. The venue itself had good reviews online but when I got there they had a weird layout with the bar in the middle and the “stage” off to the side which was just a built in platform with railings. Wasn’t terrible but just small area. The towns people all gathered in there and you had to wonder where these people came from. I even spotted an elderly lady at the bar as if someone misplaced their grandmother. The bartender looked like 2 hours after her 21-first birthday and took about 60hrs to pour drinks so I was sure to get doubles and double fist. There was cheap motels nearby so don’t stress where to stay for shows but ZERO uber or lyft out there so you gotta go old school and whistle a cabbie to get around town. As for Celly Cel I was front and center after the 4-5 openers (too many I think) performed and like the last time I saw Cel he walked in with no entourage just hella G by himself walking through the actual crowd. It was at that point it dawned on me that many just have not heard of Cel to need security for his shows and also because he looks built like a line backer if you see him up close. With hands the size of catchers mitts like he could palm a face in Killa Kali. I digress, the show was cool, although you catch some slight lip syncing but mainly because they turn his background vocals up real high so he is rapping over himself almost like tracing a drawing. I noticed that at his last show but the amount of energy he puts into his stage presence along with the fact he recorded these songs himself in the 90’s you can’t complain. He did tracks from G Files, Killa Kali and some new stuff to keep the crowds ears well versed. After the show he hung out a bit, took pics, signed a couple posters for people and he and I shot the breeze outside. I told him to stop doing shows outside Seattle, WA because it’s like an artist doing a show in CA but never performing in LA. I hope to see him in Seattle next time and would for sure support this original at his next show but feel I have paid my dues on the long treks.

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