Blindspotting Movie (2018)

Great movie displaying life in Oakland CA. Many of us reminisce of the golden era of 90’s hood movies but take a ride in the current time through CA with references to modern-time themes. The two actors are real life childhood friends from Oakland who spent about a decade writing this film. It was limited release and written in a spoken-verse-style which is commonly known as a rhythmic poetry. Daveed looks like a version of O-Dog from menace II society and Casal looks like Machine Gun Kelly and G-Eazy made a baby. There is some comedy in it especially the scene of where a young man explains a story he recalls of Daveed and Casal beating up someone but then also much drama and real life struggles that give the viewers full understanding of each persons characters. Also you have realistic trials and tribulations of young men trying to stay out of trouble in a city breeding trouble at every corner. You see clear comparisons of neighborhoods blossoming gentrification including a camera shot of new modern built homes in between older homes. You see racism tackled in multiple different ways including a very different approach I can relate to but never seen on screen much. The ending is interesting and not one you really would expect but the entire film has great engaging scenes to keep you curious of what will happen next. I enjoyed this and each character played a very believable role. Many of us watch movies or hear music of Southern CA but this is a great story of Northern CA worth watching.

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