Rainbow Kitten Surprise Live @Paramount Theater 5/31/19

I go to a lot of Paramount Theater shows, great venue, easy to get to with a historical touch makes it a great place to see live music. Lower open standing area as seen below with seating in rows up above. I received an email with this band name on their weekly newsletter and with a name like that I had to check it out. I was amazed at how many people actually knew of the band and were chanting all the lyrics during songs. I felt they were “okay” not terrible not amazing. The lead singer put on a great show, interacted with the audience as well as his band mates. Some decent guitar rips and good lighting effects in back. If you aren’t familiar, they have this indie-alternative rock sound to them with some hints of other musical sound but most of their stuff had me scrolling thru my phone to pass the time. Meanwhile the crowd was going wild so fuck my opinion but just how I felt. The main reason I went to see them was because I liked the song “Fever Pitch” which was the only one I enjoyed at the show. The rest I just couldn’t get with. The band is interesting themselves. The drummer up on a platform doing his thing, while the lead singer looked like a spokesperson for Neighbors night club in Capital Hill with a beard and about 5’4″ tall and some tight hammer pants on. One guitarist was a chubby dude with glasses looked like he was really good at math and leader of the chess club. Then to the right was a tall chick in white bell-bottoms/long hair and wait..nope it was a dude actually and what gave it away was the flat booty, sleek aerodynamic chest, hair line, long feet and hands that really told me…yep that’s a dude. However, in light of the whole LGBT movement the Seattle rainbows were in full effect. Rock on you little colorful souls and I will quote Owen Wilson from Zoolander on this; “I haven’t heard a lot of their music, but the fact that they are still making it, I respect that.”

Published by Skoo-B

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