Terminator 2 Judgement Day (1991)

In light of the fact they are currently finishing an official 3rd T3 movie which will be direct sequel to this excusing the other installments as if they were never made (which the fans are ok with) T3 “Dark Fate” will be released 2019 and will have the return of both Arnold and Linda in it which is something long anticipated if ever to be another. However the uncertainty if Edward Furlong poses a possible loss to making a masterpiece in my opinion. Anyway, back to why T2 was so legendary. James Cameron is genius using trick photography old school film making tricks combined with audio and visual professionals bringing everything together perfectly. T2 was and is my favorite movie of all time. In the film they give so many illusions of the way they want the city portrayed. They even wet the streets in certain shots to give better dark scenes, not to mention audio samples in scenes to create bigger suspense. Edward was cast as a part of open casting and found in a group home with the right amount of street smarts and a bad attitude to make his role super believable. Linda was coming from T1 and her story evolves into a hardened soldier preparing for WW3 against the machines seen in her flashbacks. Those flashbacks were made with real miniature robot models and real explosions not CGI. Many trick camera angles and cameras on cameras to give certain illusions the right clout to the story. If you were living under a rock somewhere the basis of the plot for every Terminator is that machines are secretly taking over and once robots are built they can turn on us. However in each movie you are only seeing a fraction of the potential power the machines have before they “become self aware” meaning they figure out they can kill humans off and take over. Arnold plays the ultimate tough guy/robot in this and protector of John Connor (Edward) but you also see a drama story of a lost/scared yet dangerous woman and a troubled kid who all start to semi have a family. All of the crashes, explosions and stunts are very real in this and lots of budgets went into staging the areas in CA to make it all believable. The story-line makes sense for what story they want to portray and much of the sound effects in the action scenes were thought out well and created to be very very realistic for it’s time of production in the earliest of the 1990’s. They put so much detail into every scene and it’s often overlooked how much the trick photography is used with other techniques like Cinema Verte which is the illusion that you are the camera man right there. I talk about cinema verte in one of my other blog posts. However that camera style is only used in scenes like where Sara Connor holds the medical doctor hostage as the camera bounces around as if it’s on your own shoulders. Also the use of “Magic Hour” right around sunset which gives the best natural lighting for any movie creator. Many scenes James Cameron waited for that exact moment before shooting. This movie is my favorite movie of all time and besides Arnold kick’n ass and Edward being the idol of young kids across the globe AND not to mention Linda being the OG badass chick of the era….it’s just a great film that broke records at the box office for years until The Matrix finally brought in box office dough to compete. Either way the next T3 or technically T6 they better come correct and try to use as less CGI as they can. Go old school for the win James and don’t be a sucka ass bitch and exclude Edward Furlong due to his rough times. Get him together and on the set like the family you all were suppose to be!

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