Thought of the day 5/13/19

I know the Seattle homeless situation is at an all-time high never seen before in all of my years living in Seattle, WA. We have homeless camps throughout Seattle, under interstate 5, across downtown streets, tents in greenbelts across 509 freeway and general pan handling at every intersection. So without going into what should or shouldn’t be done I spotted this Jamie Fox clone off 1st ave in Downtown Seattle the other day and got to thinking…every time I walk by one of these individuals I think the exact same thing in my mind as I ignore them and walk by…they ask for change or money and I stare blank as I walk by. However in my mind I think the same thing every time as I step over whatever debris or human piss is streamed near them. I pass by thinking “Survival of the fittest mutherfucker, no one gave me shit either and no matter the circumstance we were both born and only the strong shall survive. ” but hey.. clever sign though, brah. That indicates no mental issues if you still got a sense of humor.

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