Dragged Across Concrete Movie (2019)

This amazing movie had mid to higher reviews but still remains semi an underdog or underrated film as movies with such raw hardcore scenes only make it so far in the mainstream movie section. Mel Gibson plays a hardcore cop who has lived his whole life to the book, giving very few breaks to any criminals with no remorse. His partner Vince Vaughn shows his immense range in roles. As you normally see him in comedy Vince is actually playing his real true character in any movie making his character so believably broad you could laugh or watch in fear of his bad side. In this specific film he plays a loyal friend/partner and solid individual you can trust but also will flip you shit like an asshole you hate to love. Supporting roles in this are well thought out and make sense even down to the mysterious villains. The plot is so thick and layered that you are on edge from the build up scenes. Not to mention every character you watch their lives leading up to their ultimate destiny that you had no idea was going to end the way it did. Mel Gibson brought us such classics like Braveheart, Mad Max and ranges of love stories that his Veteran-actor-nature is plausible for his this role. The sound track is intriguing with blues and classic O’Jays songs that make you think you heard the music but can’t place the B-track-esq songs. So many different stories leading to fruition in this film with each story equally as moving making you feel for each character. Watch this and find out what it’s like to see the 2019 era movie that is comparable to the all-star cast and scenarios such as the 1995 “Heat” movie that was staring Al Pacino & Robert De Nero. Strong performances from all characters but Mel Gibson in specific plays a man so beaten by the harsh realities of human nature in the city as a cop that his friend even warns Gibson, slow down or the streets will turn him into a human steam roller lined with spikes& Barb wire destroying anything in Gibson’s path. Which this intense film.

Published by Skoo-B

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