Club Life Movie (2015)

This takes place Circa 2008 and even though you may have been on the West Coast you get to see the East Coast club scene here. You have seen the movie “Gangsta’s Paradise” and here is the movie “Douche Paradise” but don’t take that as a complete negative. Rather, many of the club scene /club promoters are just designed to be those douchey guys wearing a sport coat trying to get a bunch of girls in clubs while playing the field being the connected guy in the city. This movie breaks that down into a profitable story of a young dude (Turtle of Entourage) who is low on cash and falls into a situation of promoting parties due to his skill in talking with the ladies. He first is on the rocks with his GF over it since his life starts to change into the night life surrounded by models and women looking for free dinners and drinks. I feel as if everyone has either lived this actual life or known someone who got them into every club or knows every party going on in their city. I can’t say I have ever promoted a club-party but have for sure known the guys that spanned generations of clubs trying to make the next “spot” in the city. This movie had limited release right around the same time the Entourage movie would be released which gave no reason for anyone to care about this ugly step child side movie but it’s still worth the watch. The co-starring actor does a good job but probably because many of these events are loosely based on his actual life experiences. You get to see how much money is in night clubs if ran right and how big the industry became towards the end of the film as you see Vegas night clubs are massive destinations to this day. The ending credits show real pictures of Night Club Legends who promoted the scene and even though you may not recognize any of them I feel is if some people out there probably love seeing all those throw back pictures roll at the end which sort of makes the viewer interested. In the film one of the club owners is a tough NYC Italian mobster style owner who is not to be fucked with and for sure a B Movie vet worth paying attention to. The plot seems to be cliche from some other rotten tomatoes reviewers on this but I found the ending to be one of the best as you see the evolution in everyone’s roles and how they all did what they were good at. Also, the movie shows you just how disposable club-life people are and how one night of fun in a club is forgotten the next day just as easily as it started.

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