Thought of the day 4/10/19

I hear a lot of talk these days about how far we have come but how far we need to go. However I would rather focus on how far we have come than fixate on what we haven’t done yet. Love and respect to each human and the rest will follow. That being said, usually my Blog is only about Music & Movie reviews but I was thinking today, this is my show, I have freedom of speech in this little fuck’n box so I can say what the fuck I want. So let me take you back to young Skoo-B….for years of my young life leading to the present I appear to most as a full Caucasian or otherwise white male. Skin color is all humans have focused on for too many decades to count. However statistics show that blond hair blue eyes are becoming a minority due to how many mixtures we are seeing in the now era. I am actually half Native American (Sḵwx̱wú7mesh) and half Swedish on my Father’s side. However I look lighter skin in the winter and can hold a tan in the summer, light brown eyes and high cheek bones with hair that always stands up. So now that we have that background on me I was in the 24hr fitness in West Seattle today. I spotted a probably mid 60’s man who was clearly in solid shape, big arms, slight belly but otherwise very strong. Wearing baggy sweat pants, sneakers, tank top, baseball hat flipped straight up like the late 80’s early 90’s (fresh prince style) and some thick frame black glasses. I notice he had some faded tattoos on his arms and one had a Eagle or Hawk and read “Hawk Eye” underneath. He was also using gardening gloves for lifting gloves. Due to this guys appearance I stereotyped him to either being fresh out of prison from a 25yr sentence or Military. He happened to be Vietnam Era Veteran with 1 tour as a grunt man infantry and fought on the front line. However the rules back then were if you were the last to carry your birth name to your bloodline you could be honorably discharged not to mention Hawk Eye had a severe case of ADHD and schizophrenia so he was never suppose to be drafted to begin with. However his story doesn’t end like Full Metal Jacket. Not even close. Instead he returns to the US only to be ridiculed, taunted, belittled, judged and slandered for fighting the war. He said the government even turned around and offered assistance to his former enemies to come to the states and start a new life. During this time the great Mohammed Ali stood his ground on refusing the draft and making history. Ali was Hawk Eye’s hero which for Hawk Eye, a seemingly White male adoring an African American during the 60’s & 70’s shows you how much of an individual he actually was, even then. Which was a time when racism was in the streets, in the wars and in every household. Hawk Eye didn’t see color.

He was Originally from San Diego, moved all of over as a teenager after leaving the service. He slept on street corners and under freeways, worked as a laborer to get cash. Although always stayed on his fitness and tried to eat right never touched any drugs and stayed out of trouble even though he was always homeless. He ended up in West Seattle currently, after meeting some church outreach folks that were on a mission to save individuals on the streets. Hawk Eye, who’s real name is Richard Mason is a baby boomer with a glass is half full mindset that feels like God or the Universe has a plan. I told him someone needs and wants to hear his story so write it down. He says he keeps a journal. Another interesting fact is Hawk Eye was nicknamed that as a kid because he had really good vision and always has. However he laughed because he said he couldn’t shoot a target for shit due to his ADD and problem with guidance and authority at a young age. Much respect to this man and can’t wait to watch the movie on his life. So I left that beautiful interaction to the nearby bank and as I walk in I compliment this potentially African American man’s hat. The man replied “Thanks Brotha” and it hit me. Look at me, look at how I look, yet back in the day that man most likely would never have called me his brotha regardless that I do not appear mixed race. Let alone he would never have meant it back then in the 60’s. Look at how far we have come and the little things we don’t even notice because we can’t see the forest for the trees. Increase the love and you will watch the whole picture form. West Seattle for Life!

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