Mad Max Fury Road Movie (2015)

I was a huge a fan of the 1980’s films of these and this was made with the intention on doing another trilogy but the director is having issues with Warner Brothers for the sequel. Rather than reviewing the entire movie which I think is a masterpiece of open road mayhem. I want to just review the dynamic between Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy. Both are big names in the movie industry but as you may or may not know Mad Max has always been the center of attention in the previous films rising through the ranks of his name as well as bad ass-ery accomplishments in a post apocalyptic world. She gives him a run for his money in this one an rumor is they argued a lot on set making this. In this film Max starts out by being captured then crossing paths with Theron who has one arm and is a vicious woman. They get into fight and probably arguably one of the most intense fight scenes ever filmed. She does all of this with 1 arm. Then when Max eventually takes control and then he later once again needs her so they have a semi truce on their voyage. You see parts showing you how tough they are which seems to go back and forth exemplifying how each character is not to be fucked with. However when shit gets real wild Max is still Mad Max and they don’t have a chance without him. The car madness scenes and the fact that they have a rock concert going on while they are killing shit is amazing. The bad guys are instant cult classics and the vehicles they drive on death missions are ones to be remembered, heavily modified. The bad guys all run by a code of honor willing to die for their leader at any moments notice if it means they did it for their King. Very cool movie to watch.

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