The Cannonball Run Movie (1981)

Cast: As read below

All star cast in this film which almost all of the primary leading characters are now gone from this earth. This a great movie not just for car junkies, it also has a cool story of people doing fun shit just for the fuck of it. Jackie Chan needs no intro and he plays a super intelligent racer with a high tech Subaru. The interesting thing about this movie is in 1981 they make semi racial remarks as well as certain stereotypes but back then it was all PC to do on film. Shows you have far we continue to grow as humans from what use to be acceptable. The speed limit was 55MPH and they make several jokes of that which if you notice now the universal speed limit is 60mph with 70mph on long open highways. They also have two hot chicks driving a 1980s Lamborghini Countach which at the time was the most futuristic exotic car you could get, V12 motor and very first to showcase the scissor doors. So these smoking hot chicks had a plan to use their looks to get out of traffic citations along the way during the race. That is the trend for all the racers in this movie, is to find an edge that will help them evade the law racing across the country from Connecticut all the way to California. No prize money is mentioned it was solely for the purpose of having fun. They also stack beers in their cars and drink and drive the entire time which shows you the difference of the era and how films today would never show anyone drinking and driving. Scenes of drivers smoking cigs and drinking in the car was normal back then when DUI’s were even a slap on the wrist. Burt Reynolds needed a Doctor to ride along with him in his vehicle so his racing partner gets some random weird guy to be the doctor and I find his role to be the funniest part of the film. Also staring in this is one of the most Beautiful women to walk this earth which is Farrah Fawcett who we lost to cancer 2009 around the same time Micheal Jackson passed. Because of the timing it was over shadowed but very special she left her money to family as well as the dispute of her expensive Warhol art piece which you can look up online. Check this movie out as it’s a cult classic and piece of history.

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