Talib Kweli Live @Nectar 8/4/18

Nectar, is the venue home to many 90’s artist bookings so not a surprise to see this artist here. Nectar has two floors and an outdoor area to the side for summertime shows so it’s well versed in accommodating the audience for shows. Talib Kweli was great live and my personal favorite song ‘The Blast” was performed reminding me of the first time I saw the music video of the dude break-dancing in the rain. Probably one of the last times I even watching music videos in the late 90’s.

Published by Skoo-B

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  1. crazy. At nectar huh? I’m playing there in May with The Pharcyde. You gotta get tix to that scoo-B


    1. They are alright live but for YOU, i will get tickets to see my homie. However the great city of WEST SEATTLE is stillllll waiting for you/us to put WS on the map with a track dedicated to the best place in WA


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