Eric B & Rakim Live @Showbox Market 5/6/2018

Showbox Market is a semi historical venue located in Downtown Seattle with great views anywhere inside. This was Eric B & Rakim’s first tour together in 25yrs and in my opinion Rakim is the greatest Hip Hop MC to ever walk the earth. His lyrical skills are compared to late 80’s Mike Tyson punching you right in your face, backed up with Eric B on the 1s and 2s. This dynamic Duo has been setting the pace for Hip Hop and Rap artists for generations. Back when heavy fur coats and thick gold chains was the thang to do, these guys put New York on the map. Such classics to list but when Rakim first walked out on Stage at this show in a heavy custom fur coat displaying his name on back , I knew it was [ON]. He cut right into the 80’s classics like; how he ain’t no joke, and that we shouldn’t ever sweat his technique but most importantly know the fuckin ledge. Also from his solo album in later 90’s he busted out “Guess who’s back” which is one of my all time favorites of his. Meanwhile breakers and graffiti artists were on stage creating art in the background to his music. After the show I walked up shirtless (how I roll) to get a picture with the GOD himself. Security told me to put a shirt on and Rakim said “nah nah back up let him do whatever he wants” I shook his hand and told him he is the greatest ever to do it and we snapped a pic. Perfect show and will see him again anytime he is in Seattle, WA.

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