Coolio Live @Aston Manor 10/8/15

Aston Manor is a night club located in the Sodo District of Downtown Seattle. Cool spot and great venue inside an old warehouse. Everyone was dressed in 90’s themed outfits for this and Coolio didn’t come on till about 1:30AM to perform one song -Gangsta’s Paradise which in my opinion was well worth the wait. Coolio looks to have been hitting the gym and still had the OG hair on his head look’n like a gnarly spider up top. Lot’s of people aren’t familiar with his other tracks on albums like “It takes a thief” but I can tell you that you are missing out. People don’t know but Coolio was an OG in the neighborhood before many of the 90’s rap artists and Gangster’s Paradise is a Gangster song with real meaning not just the commercial anthem for middle class kids to feel hood and mock the lyrics. You aren’t considered an OG until the kids wanna be like you so I can feel it when I know I am the type of G the lil West Seattle homies wanna be like, on my knees saying prayers in the streeet liiiiiiight. Real Shit.

Published by Skoo-B

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