Om Johari Live @Neptune 5/7/18

This voice will change your life. This venue is a historical spot in the North Seattle area and the show itself was a reunion of surviving members of my all time favorite Seattle rock group Mother Love Bone. No matter what you were there for, you couldn’t take any focus off this stage once she approached the air with her voice. She covered a couple of MLB songs and her opener song of Bone China cover will send chills into you and your children’s children for generations to come. I felt so ashamed that her voice actually sounded slightly better than the original and I felt in my heart Andy Wood heard me think that. She is a blend of raspy calculated lethal vocal cords. Ones that probably need a permit for. That’s how powerful she is on the Mic. Om Johari, founder of the Hells Belles an all female AC/DC cover band is the one to look for. She spends more time promoting other artists as well as different roles outside of singing in the Seattle music scene but if you ever get a chance to have her blow out your ear drums into awesome pieces of pleasure…do it…don’t even thank me because I already know.

Published by Skoo-B

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