Ice Cube Live @Showbox Market 12/12/18

Huge Ice Cube fan and loved the NWA stuff all the way up to Westside Connection. He has the voice you can just know it’s cube without ever even seeing his face. Great movie actor and can put on a show. However I did notice some lip syncing going on which I can’t be too mad at being it’s his own voice but the whole point of live shows is it to be live. We want raw voices that haven’t been in the studio being recorded for hours, we want the flaws and beauty and the realism. Not only that don’t ever push no Vaseline live because we have some Eazy-E fans in the crowd mutherfucker. Because you sure as hell didn’t want to run Eazy-E’s “Compton City G’s’ in YOUR’s and Dr. Dre’s lil movie. The wright family had little to zero hand in that movie from what I heard so that puts you on a No Vaseline restriction until Eazy-E rises from the grave to allow you. So that means never. One of the hardest Ice Cube songs sure but you got others homie and if you aren’t going to include E’s diss track back to you in the movie then remove yours from the history books too, Cube. Still, you a legend and happy to see ya.

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