G Perico Live @Neumos 12/15/18

This is the hardest rapper out there. You think different? You go tell him yourself. We haven’t seen an era of Gangsta rap like this since Eazy-E, Celly-Cel, Tupac, Brotha Lynch all rolled into one. Sporting a Jeri curl and some royal blue chucks, it’s obvious what he is representing. The lyrics tell his story and Perico claims the streets of CA can back up his truths. New to the rap game due to lack of options since his release, G Perico is the one to look for if you want that 90’s feel with new updated tracks in your car. This was probably the best rap concert i’ve seen so far. When he goes acapella with tracks you already know, proving he isn’t lip syncing shit nor needing any background noise to prove his point. Keeps the crowd engaged and crip walks in skinny jeans, this is the dude. He says;

” Bitch, I’m a player, gangster, pimp, mac, had a forty squeezed on me and I lived through that
Don’t come around here askin’ no questions
‘Cause I’mma assume that yo’ ass is a detective” .

~G Perico

Published by Skoo-B

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