Akira Movie (1988)

 Forget that it’s Japanese Anime and you assume it’s for computer geeks. No. This movie is about the original biker bad ass “Kaneda”, who is the leader of his NEO Tokyo biker gang in a city that was blown away by a WW3 nuclear blast. A city ran by military, biker gangs, street punks and city militias protesting under Marshal Law. A story of best friends protecting each other since grade school in a futuristic city. This is a Sci-Fi genius for its time of 1988 and at that time the most expensive anime movie budget ever, of 9M. The story of Akira, what it means, what it represents and who or what it is. Check this one out to have a whole new take on Japanese Anime and how it can manipulate things regular film can’t. 

Published by Skoo-B

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